Date: 24th October 2006 at 12:00pm
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Vital Sheffield Wednesday contributor Mark Hollins has his say on the sacking of Paul Sturrock, and the runners and riders for the Hillsborough hot-seat…


“It is characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.”

“The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”

“Arise Sir Paul, you are king my friend, you are King”; anyone reading that last quote will probably remember a piece of commentary which sent glorious shivers down their spine. Rightly so.

Paul Sturrock was, is, a Wednesday legend. The most likeable manager I`ve ever known in my 15 years as an Owl. He dragged us up from the League One mire into the championship in record time, ‘ahead of schedule` some say. I could fill pages with a testimony to this man who gave us hope for the first time in years; but I would just be repeating what so many have said this last week.

We`ll miss KPS but one thing I`ll have to say, in all honesty, I have had my doubts more often than not this season. My worries were 80% financial and 20% Managerial. Ideally we would like someone who runs with only financial worries, but there is no one out there; I`d be surprised if anyone could do it – the keeper situation sums us up.

The worst thing about Wednesday is you never know exactly how bad things are behind the scenes. I`m 99% sure given all the information my worry formula would be even more in favour of Luggy, but you just never know.

DA is quite simply a ruthless businessman who despises the essential business component? the customers. Managers are sacked either for gross misconduct or poor results and fan pressure. Sturrock was experiencing a bad run, not the worst in his time, we still sang his name during the drab derby with Barnsley; a silly defeat at Colchester was enough to hang him – thanks to Steve MacLean for one of the costliest misses I`ve seen?

The bad run could`ve gone on forever though and Sturrock could have fast become a villain had we gone down, so maybe now is the time for a change?. Got to give it to big Dave for being so brave (poet but don`t?)? Haven`t we?

Thanks for a wonderful time either way Luggy, you are a Wednesday legend.

So, as we head into another foggy season and a continuingly misty future we must begin the search for a crazy person who wants to come and work for Mr Allen.

The candidates?

Nigel Pearson – Unproven and the curse of the ex- player? I`d say 5/10

Nigel Worthington – Proven(ish) but cursed? 6/10

Dave Penny – Not too costly and worked wonders with our neighbours, no experience at this level? 7/10

Steve Cotterill – Experience and working wonders at Burnley, costly severance? 7/10

Bryan Robson – Experience with WBA but would cost and is used to working with that foreign element? Cash ?. 5/10

Peter Shirtliff – (see Dave Penny) minus much success ?. 3/10

Andy Richie – Another Dave Penny style? just not as charming?. 4/10

Graham Taylor – anyone who watched The Match will probably back me up on this assessment? HAHAHA

It seems there is an abundance of ‘could be goods` for once, but I am struggling to see who`s going to let the good ones go and which of the better one`s would take it?

If there was ever a time Mr Allen could do himself a favour it is now – bang some cash towards a good manager and strengthening or give someone else a pop?

At least we owls are never bored?.

“Uncertainty will always be part of the taking charge process.”?.

Let`s hope something big and better finally “takes charge” down S6

Thanks for Listening.