Date: 29th March 2011 at 10:40pm
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Wednesday’s woeful home form continued on Tuesday night as Brentford completed a league ‘double’ over the Owls with a convincing 3-1 victory at Hillsborough.

It took just three minutes for Michael Spillane to fire the Bees ahead but Rob Jones responded with his first goal in the blue and white stripes just ten minutes later to get the hosts on level terms. Loanee Jeffrey Schlupp restored Brentford’s lead and Sam Saunders’ strike with eight minutes to win sealed the win for the visitors.

The defeat piles more misery on Wednesday, who’ve failed to bag a league win at home this year, and leaves them just four points above the npower League One relegation places.

Despite being pleased with Wednesday’s performance in the 1-1 draw at Dagenham & Redbridge at the weekend, Owls boss Gary Megson made four changes to his starting eleven.

Lewis Buxton and Tommy Spurr came in at the back, in place of Michael Morrison and Mark Reynolds, whole Isaiah Osbourne replaced Tommy Miller in midfield and Paul Heffernan joined the attack, with Chris Sedgwick making way.

Megson also emphasised the importance of his side defending set pieces well but his men were behind after just three minutes from a Brentford corner kick.

Nathan Byrne swung the corner over and Spillane rose highest to power his header beyond Owls stopper Richard O’Donnell and into the back of the net to give the Bees the perfect start to the game.

Wednesday needed a response and they got one, with Madine smashing a header just over the bar from an Osbourne cross before Jones grabbed the leveller in the 13th minute.

The tall centre-back, on loan from Scunthorpe, had seen an effort deflected wide for a corner, but he made no mistake with his second effort as he beat Brentford stopper Trevor Carson to get the hosts on level terms.

Wednesday had the momentum and they needed it to continue to get their noses in front, but, in almost typical fashion at S6 in recent months, Wednesday let their hard work go to waste as the Bees swarmed in to restore their lead.

It came after 18 minutes as Byrne produced a fine ball for Schlupp, on-loan from Leicester City, to bury for his third goal in two games for his new club.

The Owls were dealt another blow just five minutes later as Jones was forced off following a clash of heads and Jon Otsemobor came on in his place in defence.

The visitors were content to sit back on their lead and hit the confidence-sapped Wednesday defence on the break, and their plan was working well.

Wednesday did have more of the ball as the first half wore on but they lacked any quality in getting through Brentford’s stubborn defence.

The closest the hosts came was a Darren Potter free-kick which flew harmlessly over the bar and Brentford looked good for their 2-1 lead at the interval.

Half-Time: Wednesday 1-2 Brentford

Wednesday no doubt got a half-time hammering from Megson at the interval and it seemed to work, for the first few minutes or so at least.

Keen to get back on level terms, Carson had to be alert to deny Madine with a fine save and then Craig Woodman was the hero has he cleared Gary Teale’s resulting effort off the line.

It was a big moment in the game, with Brentford then settling back into their game and allowing their opponents few chances in front of goal.

It forced Megson into a double change before the hour mark, with Clinton Morrison and Jermaine Johnson coming on to replace Heffernan and Potter respectively.

Megson will have wanted a more attacking threat from his men as a result but it hardly came.

Johnson did look lively in parts and saw a shot well blocked by Karleigh Osborne, but he too struggled to find a way through the Bees defence.

He zipped another effort wide of goal but chances were coming too few and far between to cause the visitors any great concern, while the 14,797 Owls fans, one of the lowest gates in recent times at S6, started to stream out of the stadium.

If their mind hadn’t been made up, it probably was with eight minutes to go when substitute Sam Saunders came on and added Brentford’s third to seal their victory and make it another painful 90 minutes viewing at S6 for Wednesdayites.

Full-Time: Wednesday 1-3 Brentford


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  • owlswfc pretty much says it all. if we dont win one of our next 2 home games i think super milans trigger finger might start getting a bit twitchy.

  • The trouble is dezzy mandaric has made some moronic decisions. Prob the first was investing in us. Though seriously Irvine should never been allowed cash spend terrible signings esp lad Reynolds he is awful was skinned to bits sat by a dag+ red player everytime. Then to sack him after allowing him to spend money never made sense and hiring megson. Well if sat and tonight and most other performances are to go by then we have clearly got the wrong man yet again. Mandaric, sack him let him take the majority of the squad with him put mcauley in charge or boothroyd impact till end season go from there. These lot are bloody pathetic a disgrace I except low confidence but come on this is beyond a joke now. Mandaric make wrong right and do it tmrw morning.

  • i couldnt get down tonight, glad though now. listened to it on player, even the commentaters said it was turd. never in my life have i wanted a season to end before until this season, roll on summer time.

  • He’s had what 13 games now? We are worse than when Irvine was here, the players are clearly not playing for him, prob due to the fact that he has done nothing other than slate them from the minute he came in( admittedly they have not given him anything to praise them for but sometimes you have to make them think they are better than they are) I am normally the last on a managers back but I think MM has made a mistake here.
    Irvine didn’t know his best team and got the boot, megson has now played 24 players since being here and we are still no nearer to knowing our best 11. Irvines football was dire to watch but this is worse. IMO we have gone backwards and we now face a massive week, one team allways ends up in the sh@t and it is looking increasingly like that team could be us.

  • I left at the showing of the board by the fourth official as I’d waited for the mass crowd exit to subside!! The pain was all to familiar and I was left with those around me on the brink of Hysteria. I can’t believe the complete change from the weekend, I understand you may need to swap your style of play home and away if you aren’t good enough to play the same for both but why swap so much. While driving to the ground I heard the team sheet and I was already fearing the worst! The justification was that Megson wanted more quality on the ball to play more attacking football front to back and he promised a fast paced attacking start to the game… That is almost confirming that we’ll be scored against first and early on! I’m starting to feel like a confused prozzie I’m paying my hard earned cash to get violated over and over again! WTID

  • awful right from the start why the hell was potter on the right wing ? Osbourne was terrible and teale is useless the games vs walsall bristol rovers swindon and tranmere are must wins am worried we are that poor league 2 looks very likely anybody want a season ticket for the remaining games ?

  • The irony is that we nearly went under, nearly got the big point deduction, instead we were saved, things looked promising, and then we let a baffoon spend money on crap and now were staring relegation in the face!! Really all I can do is laugh, Ive shed enough tears and time on this club, no more now, I’m gonna laugh all the way to league 2 (division 4).

  • Think its all been said. Wjat more to add. There is always a team that makes a late run for the playoffs, and there’s always a team that drops like a stone. We are that team.
    Never seen a less committed side in my life. Lack of ability is something else, but just not putting every ounce in is just not acceptable. I would make an example and sack a few players and take it on the chine when the PFA stick their noses in. If I performed like they have, week in, week out, I would expect the sack. Start with? God this is difficult, it could be any one from 18. Cant believe that Manderic, not known for his patience has not had anything to say. Like, “your playing for a contract lads”
    Dont understand anything to do with SWFC any more. Got my 4 season tickets paid for and feel gutted. Its like going to see a sick relation on their death bed, you want to say or do something that will make things right but you just see them slipping away. This is desperately bad stuff. Stayed till the end, the traffic had gone by the time I got to the car. In Milan we trust

  • Just had a look at the table, then at the fixtures. Fear the worst. Absolutely going down. No hope at all.
    3 points gained in the last 8 home games since our last league win on December 11th.

  • I feel for you all, i said that this man would bring pain you need to get rid asap. I 100% guarantee that you have a mr Wednesday on the back room staff, he does not need badges all he needs is the respect of the players and his peers sack the muppet and give the job to this man, I suspect you know who fits the bill, you have enough quality around the place to survive you just need a respected man of the club to take a grip until the end of the season. GM’s approach will destroy the confidence of all around him, you need these players to believe they are quality and then get behind them. That was the first thing St Owen did when he joined us with the same players he turned the club round inside 10 days. since that point we have been back on track major changes only happened this season. Keep the faith.

  • It’s looking very bad at the moment, the players are very nervous at Hillsborough and cannot perform. It’s up to Megson to lift them but by the sounds of the post match interview last night he sounded as depressed as anyone. Think he needs a lift.

  • A lift?? Wheres he wanna go, I’m in my car and would gladly take him anywhere he likes??wp
    Not be bringing him back though

  • Agree with your earlier post Wedtillidie where you said he’s done nothing but publicly slate the players. A good man-manager would praise players in the press but only criticise them face-to-face. It shows a distinct lack of trust or faith speaking up all the time in the press and all it does is distance himself further from the squad. You’re all in it together GM, sooner you realise that, the better!

  • i’ve never called for a managers head before but I think we need to start again this summer and just say sorry gary it hasn’t worked out before anything else bad happens

  • I got slated for saying he should go, but it’s just not worked out. I don’t dislike Megson just his tactics. He has said everything about the players we’ve been wanting to say to them, but that’s not way a manager should go (slating them to no confidence) I think the fact a side like Brentford in all respect came to Hillsborough and had 60% possesion and absolutely played us off the park. Its got worse and I think Megson needs to go.

  • I think he should play 451 till the end, none of this 442 attacking, we don’t have the talent!!! and I think it would be suicidal to sack him now.

  • I would be happy if we finish one place above relegation, we can then sack Megson and bring in Sheridan, cant see Milan getting rid of megson this season.

  • The site poll says it all, a few matches ago you were looking at the play offs now you are looking down at the foot of the table. This man is a nightmare for your club, find your saviour in house and boot this turnip out.

  • Catte we were doomed b4 megson came in, Irvine has alot to do with where were at now, all though he’s not doing himself any favours at the moment, I think if he can bring his own players and build his own squad he may do somthing, if we survive and there’s no change in the new season, then fine, but to sack now would be suicide!

  • Im sorry OWL25 but in my opinion I think we would be top mid table if we kept Irvine. Megson has not got a clue. 1-3 against a Brentford team that never got out of 3rd gear say’s a lot. Tuesday’s performance as a club was not acceptable. End of season regardless Megson should go.

  • Agreed with Bolton fans from the start. Irvine wasn’t the man and certainly Megson isn’t either. He had a very good team at Bolton and they were fighting relegation with his own players there, regardless of if he gets his own players we will pick up under par results untill he is gone.

  • When Irvine and Purse were here we took 34 points from 23 games – an average of 1.51 points per game. Since Irvine left we have taken 11 points from 10 games – an average of 0.92 points per game. If we had taken 1.51 points from all 38 games we have played so far in the League we would now have 57 points and be one place away from the play-offs. Irvine not good enough, eh? That average was with a collection of no-hopers that other clubs had rejected because Irvine had no money to spend! What could he have done if he had been given time to build a side with players that he could have bought? You guys that helped get rid of Purse and Irvine have got just what you deserve. Unfortunately you have dragged those of us that said we should support those guys into the same dreadful position! We miss Purse very, very badly and we also miss Irvine almost as badly! And I said it at the time too! When will those dreadful supporters of ours (and it is no doubt a minority!) finally learn a few home truths.

  • Dont agree Sivadam with purse but maybe right with Irvine going wasnt the fans that got rid of him tho.

  • Purse left because he had high wages, wasn’t really consistent as a player and Millwall the club he supports offered to take him I bet Purse was jumping at the chance to play for them, in a higher league too as for Irvine I agree it was better with him than Megson but he was bound to leave because it was never Mandaric who hired him, he’ll have wanted his own man.

  • Purse was awful just like the bunch we have at present maybe this lad from Scunny can do it seams ok with a good header on him and experience.

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