Date: 19th September 2011 at 11:17am
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GARY Madine grabbed his seventh goal in five matches to help Wednesday to their first away victory in League One this season in a five-goal thriller at Yeovil.

In a see-saw encounter which saw the Owls lead through a debut goal for David McGoldrick, Town came back to lead 2-1 in controversial circumstances before strikes from Julian Bennett and Madine gave the visitors three points.

Owls boss Gary Megson rung the changes following the midweek thrashing at Stevenage, with new signing McGoldrick making his debut in attack, while Reda Johnson returned in defence and James O’Connor started in midfield.

And the changes had a positive impact on Wednesday, who were desperate to bounce back following their 5-1 loss. The Owls controlled much of the opening ten minutes and were rewarded with the opener.

Ben Marshall was the provider, producing a fine deep cross for McGoldrick to steer in at the far post and score to make the perfect opening to his time in the famous blue and white stripes.

Wednesday were looking comfortable, boosted by the goal, but things soon changed in controversial circumstances when the hosts got on terms in the 25th minute.

Play was stopped to allow treatment to Yeovil’s Paul Huntington, but with Yeovil seemingly returning the ball to Wednesday from the restart, Kieran Agard stepped in to pounce on confusion before Richard O’Donnell, the Wednesday goalkeeper, and Rob Jones, to level the scores.

The goal sparked a furious reaction from the Wednesday players and bench, and for some time, but the officials awarded the goal and the hosts were on level terms.

Things were made worse with Jones being taken off injured, Bennett taking his place, and just 12 minutes later Terry Skiverton’s men turned the game on its head when Agard netted his second to put the hosts in front.

The Owls were clearly shocked by the events that were unfolding and struggled to get back into the game in the first half.

Half-Time: Yeovil 2-1 Wednesday

The next goal was always going to be crucial and the hosts almost got it as they kicked-off the second half as they finished the first – in control. Former Owl Steve Maclean, relatively quiet in the first 45, tested O’Donnell early on.

Wednesday weren’t prepared to go quietly though and Reda Johnson almost got the Owls on level terms but he saw his effort cleared off the line. Marshall then saw his shot well saved by Jed Steer in the Town goal.

The equaliser wasn’t long in coming and it came from a set-piece. Marshall was again the provider with the corner and Bennett was well positioned to make it 2-2.

Yeovil had their chances to take the lead for a second time, with Maclean having the best opportunity, but it was Wednesday who were to go on and grab the winner in the 73rd minute.

Marshall, on-loan from Stoke City, whipped in a free-kick and Madine made no mistake with his header to grab his fifth goal in seven and give the Owls three vital points.

Full-Time: Yeovil 2-3 Wednesday

Yeovil: Steer, Ayling, Jones, Huntington, Blizzard, Upson, Maclean, Edgar, Ehmer, O’Brien, Agard. Subs: N’Gala, Massey, Gibson, Haynes-Brown, Belson.

Wednesday: O’Donnell, Johnson, Jones, Batth, Buxton, Semedo, O’Connor, Prutton, Marshall, Madine, McGoldrick. Subs: Bennett, Jameson, Reynolds, Palmer, Sedgwick.


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  • Good result after a nightmare at feckknowswhere. We’re still relying too much on set pieces but I was pleased to hear Megson’s postmatch interview saying he’s FINALLY getting the players to focus on passing and possession during training. He’s obviously been reading these posts 😉

  • good fightback the wednesday of old would have crumbled at 2-1 down after the last away result need to get marshall signed that lad can cross a ball megson needs to focus on the defence as we are leaking to many soft goals but i think once we get a few players back we will be quality

  • Retford I agree with your comments regarding sorting the defence out which includes ball watches in midfield but who exactly is the Wednesday of old (Last Tuesday)

  • thats 16 goals conceded in 9 games now and 16 scored.Thought we looked good at the back come end of last season with Jones and Batth but far from it with the same 2 this year.

  • I think the issues with our defense ollyowl that makes them seem different to the tail end of last season is fairly clear. This season Jones and Batth are seen as a reliable pairing that will stop the other side playing with the assistance of a more defensive midfield pairing. Bennett and Buxton are being asked to push forward a lot more than the full backs were last season… up until recently Buxton had put the most crosses into the box this season which is showing the change. I don’t think though Prutton and Semedo have the legs to be everything on the pitch and I think there aren’t many players that could. Most of the goals that should have been prevented are a simple case of closing down and players not picking up who they should. This isn’t helped by often Buxton and expecially Bennett being out of position in open play. I think that with more time they will get it however and our Faith will be rewarded!! WTID (The other thing is I think merely the point of the season – the players aren’t in a relegation battle and they aren’t leaving it all on the pitch, this is however what we all expect – nothing less than 100% will do!)

  • I would so love for Wednesday to Sign Marshall up in Jan but I know it couldn’t and maybe shouldn’t happen, he’s not likely to want to move and drop from a Prem teams squad but I can dream. He shows what a genuine good player can do in our leauge though and he’s still not 100%. If he’s not staying for the season the search has to start know for quality out and out wingers!!

  • a good result,a bit worrying about goals conceded though!
    I think people are forgetting its a new team and will take time to gel right.
    a better view of us will be at christmas.

  • Hes a well respected American Business Guru who, out of the blue, has tweeted that Sheffield Wednesday are the club to watch, fuelling rumours of a take over. Here are a couple of the tweets. The guy is well repected and there are rumours of Russian Billionaires etc. Its even been mentioned on the radio as it was such a rndom tweet. Obviously after the ALF debacle I am the wrong person to be discussing rumours:
    maxkeiser maxkeiser
    Sheffield Wednesday is the club to watch. Up The Owls!!!!
    maxkeiser maxkeiser
    @utiger1966 I’ve got inside information… The Owls are close to making some amazing announcements…

  • Obviously, after the ALF debacle you’re most definitely the wrong person to be discussing rumours and I reckon you’ve truly excelled yourself this time!

  • the name Nasser Al Khelaifi is also getting mentioned a lot. i’l shut up now because I know no one takes me seriously at the minute bu definitely worth a discussion. We no longer have a complicated ownership structure and MM is great at finding sugar daddies – now i will shut up!!

  • Besides, if this character thinks Sheffield Wednesday are the club to watch he obviously hasn’t been reading M_O’s posts!

  • This alleged buyer obviously read my post the other day…..”WE ARE A MASSIVE club with a massive fan base. If we were bottom of the Premier league we’d still be in the top 7 for attendance. We have every feckin right to expect big things for this big club but instead too many Wednesdayites like you (Our_Maurice) have gotten used to settling for beating teams that weren’t even in existance 10 years ago”

  • I suspect my comments have been misinterpreted yet again but what the hey! Research suggests this Max Keiser happens to be coming to do a ‘show’ in Sheffield fairly soon so a cynic may be forgiven for taking this story as some kind of publicity stunt. Saying that though, he’s clearly well informed. I mean, there’s no mention of the Pigs being the club to watch and that’s because he knows their fans can’t read!

  • Radon Barrier. you garunteed we would sign Adam Le Fondre. you said it was done and if it wasnt true youd change your name to bladesforlife or something. you chat absolute sh1*, shut up

  • haha Radon is alright Wrighty he just gets a little excited. Glad to see M_O still can’t recognise OurMaurice’s sense of humour. Sorry OurMaurice I had a busy weekend starting a new job so I couldn’t make the game. When we play away at Exeter expect a detailed full match report. Like Megson’s press ups and passing scheme and think we should actually continue it into the games! That really would keep concentration levels up. Interesting points about the defence. I can’t quite work it out either but I think we can sort it. Roll on Exeter on saturday and lets keep that 100% home record up!

  • Wrighty a lot of what I say is tongue in cheek. I didn’t garunteed anything – I guaranteed that he was coming as a source very close to the Rotherham Manager told me the fee was agreed – and it was – the only issue was Wednesday wanted to pay in installments rather than up front which is why the deal didn’t happen. I never thought seriously that this would be a problem but it was. I’m quite happy to change my name but didn’t realise any particular name had been chosen for me. I personally would never be abusive to anyone on the site for any reason. You obviously have difficulty understanding the concept of a fans forum – in particularly the word forum where people chat on a related subject. I can see both sides to MO and magic our maurice. I have also had interesting discussions with other people too – for example with Hirstys shidpads about what a rubbish manager Francis was – but he won’t have it!! I think this Kaiser guys comments are very interesting especially when you consider he has no link to the club. Almost certainly nothing will happen – but if it is true it would be quite an event. Things like this are possible now that we have just one owner – who we know will sell for the right price. I don’t think it is a done deal but how can this NOT be worth dicussing? It seems strange that MM seems to be doing the minimum to keep us in the promotion chase without spending much money. His behaviour and relatively low profile may speak volumes. Lets hope so. I will keep my fingers crossed that there is some truth – but if he buys Reading i’m gonna be well upset!! Anyway whats the name change folks?? AND dare to dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So no I won’t shut up.

  • Was it Howard Wilkinson who once said he didn’t care if it was an own goal deflected off the back of a passing dog as long as it was the winner?

  • Nasser Al Khelaifi isn’t he the owner of PSG? Not really bothered about the take over rumours, were in a good place now finacially but if I was MM what a profit you could make on this club if he was to sell. However you can only attract the same calibre of player in this league so don’t need millions, also heard that this maybe to do with a possible merger between the 2 clubs to become Sheffield steel fc. How American does that sound.

  • Do they still lynch people in America? Drag ’em out and hang ’em in the street? Sheffield Steel fc? Their lamp post or ours?

  • OurMaurice, I know you didn’t mean anything buy it, but the term “lynch” packs a pretty powerful punch over here, so I’d appreciate it not being used lightly. Again, I know you didn’t mean anything by it, just want to give a heads-up.

  • Apologies Colorado, I’d no intention of exceeding the boundaries of ‘good taste’, ‘decency’ or whatever else. But the very notion of merging our great club with that other shower from across the way is always likely to evoke a pretty powerful response over here.

  • I didn’t know that either Colorado, but then again mosts things I know about American culture I’ve learned from the Simpsons. Is it true canadians say oot a lot?

  • I’m a Family Guy man myself, which probably explains why I’m always likely to put my size 10 right in it. Besides, everything I know about Canadian culture I’ve learned from Ren & Stimpy.

  • Not at all OurMaurice! And thanks. When I was living in Sheffield I told a group of elderly church ladies that their biscuits were “bl**dy delicious!” Hadn’t a CLUE what I was walking into there *laugh*. And that’s right, Radon, our friendly neighbors to the North (of which I’m a dual citizen) tend to say -out endings (like about, shout, clout) with “-ooot.” The “eh?”s are what we take our pride in… eh? But, yeah, the idea of joining with the Blunts makes my skin crawl! Some things are just far more important than money, or business sense.

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