Date: 23rd February 2006 at 11:26am
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1. First of all – the Saints are surprisingly close to the relegation zone – is there any danger of you going down?

bexy: I don’t think so. We’ve had a terrible run and goalscoring has been a major problem but the last few games we have played really well and I just can’t see any of the bottom three teams making up the 9 point gap on us right now.

lloydie: I’m not going to deny we are closer than we would like to be to the relegation zone, taking in consideration we are pretty much expected to be in the play-offs at least! So yes, there is an unavoidable feeling of how the really-unthinkable may happen!

2. What are your opinions on George Burley?

bexy: Very happy to have him as our manager. He clearly knows what he is doing and what he wants to do and seems to be getting the support he needs to do it.

lloydie: My opinion on G.B is that he could just be the man to turn us around, and help us wake up from the nightmare we just can’t seem to wake up from! He has certainly proven that he can make poor teams good (�la Derby, Hearts.) But this time I think it’s more of a deep rooted problem so naturally will take longer to sort out. I didn’t origianlly think he would come here considering how he didn’t like Hearts interfering chairman there and we have Lowe, which puts me on a good platform for the next question…

3. And Rupert Lowe?

bexy: Twisted Evil Dont get me started!

lloydie: Oh Rupert Lowe, Enemy of many, friend of few. He did help us get the stadium, the great youth academy and also, the catering/hospitality facilities that are the envy of all the Premier League clubs! Rolling Eyes
But he has failed to invest wisely in the first team, and it really showed last season! ie, we collapsed out of the prem. for the 1st time in 27 years.. Thanks for the few good times Rupert, but hopefully not long now ’till you depart from this club!

4. What did you make of Paul Sturrock’s time down there?

bexy: His record was actually quite good and I thought we played some good stuff under him. The 3-3 with Newcastle at the end of the 2003/04 season was one of the best team performances I have seen for many years. A shame that internal politics forced him out, but I’m not entirely convinced he would have been a long-term success with us though.

lloydie: Sturrock did okay here I reckon, I feel Rupert sacked him as he just didn’t fit the image of the club (To be fair, the time he spent in plymouth rubbed off on him!) and he got a few results for us, come to think of it I believe the last game in-charge he had with us we won against Blackburn 3-2! Best of luck Luggy!

5. And while we’re on the subject of manager’s – what do you think of Sir Clive?

bexy: Personally I think he has an awful lot to offer us as a club but it will take time for us to see the fruit of his labour. A lot of people have already decided he is a bad influence and should go, but I think the idea is worth sticking with.

lloydie: I one of a small minority who believe that S.C.W will actually bring some god to the team in the long run, if he concentrates hard on the details, brings in the right coaching staff etc, gets his coaching badges we could just be on to a winner here! Hopefully.

6. Did you sign anyone in the transfer window – if so, who?

bexy: Well we did bring in a few players and the ones that have had the most impact so far are Ostlund and Chaplow. The two strikers – Rasiak and Madsen – have shown a lot of promise so far as well and will score goals for us – I hope!!

lloydie: Bartosz Bialkowski = Good solid keeper, young too, like what I see from him – shame he’s out for the season from the injury he recieved against Newcastle.
Darren Potter – Loan until end of the season from Liverpool, not the most impressive player I’ve ever seen in a saints shirt, could be better but hasn’t really been able to settle as he’s been moved all over the pitch and hasn’t played consistantly enough games I reckon!
Alexander Ostlund, aka ‘JESUS’ = Looks like Jesus. From Feyenord for an undisclosed amount, he is one of the best rightbacks we’ve had for a long time, I appreciate his ‘no bollocks, never say die’ style of play… and that beard!
Jim Brennen = Seems like a capable left back, have liked what I’ve seen of him overall had 1 below average game early on, but who doesnt from time to time – has settled well.
Peter Madsen = Loan until end of the season from FC Cologne, this lad looks like a quality striker for saints an once he finds the net, im sure the goals will follow!
Rasiak = came up with the goods at Derby, Moved to spurs – wasnt given a chance ahead of Defoe, Mido and Keane. Origianlly sigend by Burley back at Derby so knows how to use him. Good player, same as above, needs a goal to get him going.
Jeraine Wright= another one of G.B’s old boys, seems like a solid midfielder, fitness may be a problem with him though, has been on off at leeds for a while now.
Richard Chaplow= On loan from WBA, if I could sign any of the loanees now, it would be him. Why WBA arent using him I have no idae if he was playing for them, Chelsea would have a problem – or a new player Wink ! Quality midfield player!

7. Theo Walcott – right or wrong to sell?

bexy: You make it sound like we had a chice in the matter. He was never going to stay at Southampton for his whole career but I was sad he decided to go so early. I hoped he would give us a couple of seasons before leaving. Don’t blame him though. I would have done the same in his shoes.

lloydie: Theo…. hmmm would have liked to have kept him for another season, or at least untill this one is up, but hey he wanted a move to one of the top clubs they offered a fair bit of cash so it was a no brainer for Lowe! I however reckon Lowe could have made an extra 20mil on him if he was allowed to be developed here abit longer and learn his trade better, still a very raw player. Myabe Wrong for the player, but right for the club as it allowed funds to bring in some players.

8. Who are your danger men?

bexy: Madsen and Rasiak up front will cause problems to the wednesday defence. And you already know about Kenwyne Jones – although so far this season he has not lived up to the potential he showed while on loan at Hillsborough last season. Watch out for Richard Chaplow in midfield as well.

lloydie: I would say Rasiak and Chaplow will be your main concerns at the game, keep chaplow under raps, the midfield should be yours and Rasiak can be a handfull for most defences!

9. If you could take one Wednesday player to the Saints who would it be and why?

bexy: I would probably have to say Chris Brunt. He’s got a bright future ahead of him.

lloydie: I would say wood, looks like a good solid defender and we really can never have too many of them at saints, they usually get injured!

10. If you could send one saints player to the Owls, who would it be and why?

bexy: Well we already managed to palm Rory Delap off to Middlesborough so you missed out there. Laughing
Seriously though, you can have Ricardo Fuller. A man who will forever be mentioned in the same sentence as ‘Cow’s arse – Banjo – couldn’t hit’.

lloydie: Erm… Fuller if he hasnt gone to Ipswich yet, seriously any takers on that feller? Should have been better but injury has gotten the better of the lad, not really liked by a large section of fans which is quite harsh IMHO. Given an infinite amount of time, banjo’s and cows arses – ricardo would not hit one. Not even close. So therefore goal threat would be zilch for you!

11. What are your thoughts on Leon Best and Yoann Folly?

bexy: Not really seen enough of Best to make any kind of Judgement but I think Folly has got a lot of potential. He just needs to toughen up a bit because he gets out-muscled far too easily. Skillful player though.

lloydie: Both of those two young lads have been given chances here and there, have performed on some occaisons, have failed to impress on others, both quite promising though. But haven’t seen enough of them to form a solid opion except that they need more of a chance/experience, perhaps you could help there again?

12. What’s your most memorable Saints Vs Wednesday match?

bexy: Realistically it would be the game at Hillsborough this season. It was bloody obvious that Kenwyne would score the winner really – I believe he made a lot of your fans richer with bets placed on that. No other games really stick in my mind except for a 2-2 draw at the Dell in 1989/90 when Matt le Tiss scored both for us and I believe Peter Shirtliff was one of your scorers that day.

lloydie: Back at the Dell when I was a wee nipper, san evening game I think. Can’t remeber what the score was or what year it was, but I know i’ve only been to one, like I say I was a nipper! We probably drew though, 0-0! They’ve been few and far between though for a long time if memory serves!

13. Kenwyne Jones did brilliantly for us last season – how’s he doing this term?

bexy: As mentioned above – he hasn’t really lived up to his potential. He is big and has strength but his control lets him down far too often and he doesn’t hold the play up well enough. Needs to learn to shoot properly as well.Having said that, I think he could be one of those players like Beattie was for us – if he gets a couple of goals and the confidence rises then he could go on a decent scoring run like he did for you last season.

lloydie: Until the Newcastle game of last week on tele, he really hasnt impressed for us, which has been a dissapointment, scored a hatrick in pre season against Anderlecht! But should really have hit the net at least once against the Magpies!

14. What are your thoughts on the Owls this season – do you think we’ll stay up?

bexy: I knew you would struggle a bit this season – but as I said to an Owls supporting workmate of mine at the beginning of the season, I really think Luggy will keep you up. Brighton, Millwall and Crewe are fooked if you ask me – they don’t have the quality to catch you up, and having Stece Maclean back from injury is a massive boost to you. Look forward to playing you again next season (only because it will be my closest game next year if Utd go up Wink )

lloydie: I think if you guys found a good striker who will score a few goals, you will be much higher up in the table, much like ourselves – both of us could do better. As for whether or not you will go down, I really don’t know, but would rather you lot didn’t stay up at our expense! Nothing personal, but it’s a dog eat dog world out there eh?!

15. Finally, what do you think the score will be?

bexy: I think you will be on the end of what we have been threatening to do for a few games now, I’m going for 2-1 to Saints.

lloydie: I reckon one of our strikers will finally break the duct and score! I’m feeling positive! Hard luck, but I think you will make it hard for us – take heart from a battling performance! 2-0 Saints!


Cheers lads! – Good luck on Saturday and for the rest of the season!