Date: 16th March 2006 at 10:46am
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This week ‘Who Are Yer? takes us to promotion chasing Preston North End, who have just lost their key man for the season. Season ticket holder Richard Tomkinson answers our questions…


1. So Richard, how big is the loss of David Nugent?

Of course it’s been a massive blow to the club, especially at this stage of the season. Had it happened earlier we could have brought someone in, but as you probably know it’s a bad time to go looking for players to help out, as they’re all needed at their own clubs for their own promotion push or relegation battle. Nugent hasn’t been as prolific as he was last season, but adds so much more than the 10 goals he’s bagged for us this season. He’ll be a big blow to the promotion push.

2. Do you think you’ll go all the way to the Premiership this time?

I hope so. Last season was a big blow to us losing to West Ham. To see how well they’re doing in the top flight is pleasing for the Championship clubs hoping to join them next season, but it also reminds me that it could have been us up there playing the likes of Man Utd Chelsea and Arsenal. Hopefully we can go to Cardiff and come away with a smile on our faces this time. It will be tough, but we’ve got a great record this season, and it always seems to be the team that just sneaks in that goes up – hopefully us!

3. What are your thoughts on Billy Davis?

Legend here so far! Brought a great stability to the club and will hopefully take us a step further than our previous managers have. Rangers had shown in interest in taking him north of the border after they revealed McLeish would be leaving but thankfully they’ve now filled their vacant managers position so he’s stopping with us! We’ve got a winning mentality back at the club which has seen us go on a great unbeaten run, which will hopefully continue until the end of the season. The only problem is we’ve not been banging the goals in. As you probably know from when you came up here on Boxing Day.

4. You snapped up former Owls target Simon Whaley – hows he doing?

I was delighted when we signed him. Rumours were he was on his way to Hillsborough but the deal broke down at the last minute if I remember rightly. The Bury fans rated him very highly – as they had done with Nugent, so I wasn’t dissapointed to hear we’d got him! He’s only made one start for us and six substitute appearances, but he’s only young so I’m sure he’ll break in to the first team next season. We could have sent him out on loan to you really 😉

5. Hows the old boy Danny Dichio doing?

Well he’s not scored so far this season out of 15 starts, and a lot more sub appearances! You can see where our problems lie! I was a bit worried when we signed him as I thought he was over the hill but despite his goal drought with us he’s still a problem for defences up front and provides a lot of chances and goals for others. He’s a player with great experience and will be of great use if, and when we get in to the play-offs / premiership!

6. Who are your danger men?

Well I would have said David Nugent before Tuesday night but now I sadly can’t! I suppose this is a good thing, but I’d say we play as a team rather than individuals, so other than Nugent I can’t really give any ‘danger men’. Graham Alexander and Paul McKenna always put in 100% and are a vital part of our team. I suspect that if we lost either of those through injury we’d be in trouble. So I’d have to say they are our two key men. Luckily we have replacements for Nugent!

7. If you could take one Wednesday player to PNE who would it be and why?

To be honest mate, I’ve not heard many good things about your side a late, sorry! I know you just need to stay up this season and then build a strong squad in the summer. I’ve heard a few good things about Chris Brunt, but then checking on this site there’s also a lot of bad things said about him. Steve Maclean was obviously in the goals last season and I’m sure he will be when he gets a few games under his belt. I’d maybe say Scott Carson, but he technically isn’t your player is he :p

8. If you could send one PNE player to Wednesday who would it be and why?

Ouch. That’s a tough one, and harsh. I can’t answert this one……..Hang on, if I have to then I’ll say Adam Nowland. Nothing against the lad but he isn’t really a first team regular and we have better in our squad. Another lad you were after once upon time I believe! Sorry Adam he forced me into it!

9. How do you think Wednesday will do this season?

It looks like its going to be a very interesting finish at the bottom. Only one team out of four will survive and although I havent seen the fixture list for each club, I think you could be the one to survive. You’ve got a decent squad together to stay up, and I just think that even if you don’t win many games, the other clubs around aren’t going to be winning any either. Will be a shame if you go down again as Wednesday deserve to be in this league at least and could even be near the other end of the table next season knowing how this division works!

10. What’s your most memorable Wednesday Vs PNE match?

That’s a tough one as there havent been many crackers that I can remember. The first year we came up to Division 1 as it was then and you just come down from the Premiership was a good year. 3-1 at a stadium like Hillsborough was fantastic back then and I’d settle for the same on Saturday! We took loads of fans that day and to leave with a 3-1 win was unbelievable. As you probably know, the boxing day clash wasn’t the best this season!

11. Finally, what do you think the score will be?

Tough one to predict as you will be battling for every ball, as will we to get in the play-offs! We don’t score many, and neither do you by the looks of things so I’m going to either go for a 0-1 to PNE or a 0-0 – sorry!


CHEERS Richard! It’s nice to know what our opposition will be like at the weekend, hopefully you’ll bring a few fans and create a decent atmosphere – something that has been lacking at Hillsborough recently! Good luck for the rest of the season (apart from Saturday of course) and I hope you finally make it to the promised land, you deserve after the numerous near-misses!

NEXT UP – Wolverhampton Wanderers….