Date: 13th April 2006 at 7:17pm
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Former Owls legend Nigel Worthington isn’t see as a great down at Carrow Road at the moment, as he brings his Norwich side to Hillsborough desperate for a win to ease the pressure. The Owls of course, are just as desperate for a victory so it shoukd be an eggcellent (sorry) match this Easter weekend.

We went over to the ‘Pink Un’ website – a site dedicated to Norwich City – to see what the City fans had to say about Nigel Worthington, Dean Ashton, and The Owls….


1. Have you given up hope of the play-offs now?

Play-offs were the very least we could have hoped for. We had some of the best players in the league going into the start of the season and expectations were high. Unfortunately, the new players that were brought in to fill the gaps were way below standard, and have bizarrely stayed in the team despite this.

2. Is this season a big dissapointment to you after being in the Premiership last term?

Yes – the worst part for me is the fact we are uncompetetive in far too many games and fail to make the most of skillful players by marginalising them and relying on a long ball game that plays to our weaknesses and not our strengths.

3. What are your thoughts on Nigel Worthington?

A decent bloke but the wrong manager to take the club forward to the next stage. His limitations were exposed last season and magnified this – how any manager can hope to go through a season with just 4 midfielders is staggering in its naivety and incompetence. Thanks for all you have done Nige, but you should have left in the autumn. The fact he can tolerate a performance like that at Preston last week as acceptable when it was another away day embarrassment show how far out of touch he is.

4. Were you right to sell Deon Ashton?

Given the respective league positions of Norwich and West Ham at the time, I don’t think we had much choice. Dean is a fantastic player with fully justified England ambitions, and wallowing in mid-table of the Championship was going to do his career no good. And considering we got twice what we paid for him just one year ago, it makes good business sense.

5. And hows his replacement, Robert Earnshaw, doing?

He’s something of a panic buy once Worthy realised he’d done nothing with the Ashton cash, but there’s no doubting his quality. He’s scored a few so far, but been on the bench for tactical reasons far too often for a £3m striker. Could unfortunately just be a case of the right man at the wrong time.

6. Your away form doesn’t seem too cracking – any reason for this?

The managers away record is shocking – something like 30 wins in 5 seasons, with 10 of those in our champs year. Whether its motivational, phsycological, prepartion or tactics is impossible to say. We had 6000+ fans at Fulham on teh last day of last season yet once again the boys in yellow simply did not turn up. Given the number of changesin players over that time you have to suspect the manager for failing to get the players to perform away.

7. Who are your danger men?

Clearly Huckerby who can scare any team on his day, and Earnie can also score given a chance, but our problem this year has been getting the ball to them. The injured ‘We love you’ Paul McVeigh has been influential this season too.

8. If you could take one Wednesday player to Norwich who would it be and why?

Chris Brunt because he’s a right-winger (ED – he’s a left winger, actually but sometimes plays on the right!) and we need one. Franklin Simek because he’s a decent right-back and we don’t have one of those, oh, and Graeme Coughlan, because we need a solid defender to partner Jason Shackell, not someone like the inconsistent Gary Doherty

9. If you could send one Norwich player to Wednesday who would it be and why?

No surprise to the posters on this site I would say Captain Clapper himself – Andy Hughes. Appalling distributon all season, runs for ever yet as capable at tackling as Paul Scholes, yet remains a first choice.

10. What’s your most memorable Owls V Canaries match?

I wasn’t there, but the 5-0 away win has to feature highly. The game at Carrow Road this season is nothing short of instantly forgettable, from our point of view. I saw better football at a Sunday league game the day after…

11. Do you think Wednesday will stay up?

Yes – with Brighton, Derby and ourselves to come I think you will get too many points for Crewe to catch up.

12. What do you think the score will be?

0-0 or 1-1. Too much tension from Wednesday players while city provide an improved performance now playoffs have finally been lost. (ED – most of the City fans went for a Wednesday win! But this was the most constructive answer, as you can probably imagine!)


THANKS LADS! Hopefully you won’t turn up on Saturday and we’ll get the three points we need – and by the sounds of it you won’t be dissapointed with the result if it means seeing the back of Worthington!