Date: 5th October 2007 at 3:12pm
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Gary Megson returns to Hillsborough with his Leicester City side this weekend, we talk to Foxestalk member Bric-ktop about his beloved Foxes and their chances on Saturday…


1. Gary Megson – what are your thoughts on him?

Was absolutely furious when I heard he was being appointed. Then I digested the news and looked for the positives. He’s got promotions to his name, he has a fantastic Assistant Manager alongside him who he didn’t have with him at Forest and he’ll always make sure we’re tight defensively. I just hope he doesn’t sacrafice the attacking element in our team because some of the football recently has been grotesque, but I know there’s some decent football can be played amongst our players. He has to tap in to that or he’ll be gone within a few months.

2. And what about the Martin Allen scenario?

I was fairly happy when Allen got the job, he’s different. I liked his ideas at first, but could tell that there’s a fine line between being innovative and being a damn right lunatic. I imagine Mandaric saw signs of the latter and he had to go. I’ve heard the reasons what Allen did behind the scenes and he was right to be gotten rid of. It’s a shame it happened, as he’s a motivator, which is what we badly needed here.

3. Have recent events made you question Milan Mandaric?

I’ve become a little disillusioned in recent weeks, but this is part of the Mandaric Rollercoaster that the majority of the fans bought in to. We were all willing to experience the adventure, so i’m taking it in my stride. It’s too early to start barracking Mandaric, the one’s that are doing need to look at where we’ve been. Milan was the only chap willing to takeover us and give us a slightly better chance of success. It’s not happening yet, but it’s far more entertaining than recent years. The one thing that irks me is that Megson isn’t the sort of manager i’d have associated Mandaric with. Martin Allen is, I was hoping we’d have an erratic set-up that shipped goals but also blitzed them in the other end and we were seen as entertaining. I think we’ll see that at some point during Milan’s reign here.

4. How do you think you’ll do this season?

I was never hoodwinked in to thinking we’d challenge for promotion this year, but with the squad we have and the ability to still make some further signings this season I do think we should be capable of a top half finish with an outside chance of making a late surge up the table. It’s not looking pretty right now, but I still think we’ll finish 14th upwards.

5. Who have been your major movers and shakers over the summer?

Stephen Clemence, Bruno N’Gotty and especially Marton Fulop have been outstanding at times.

6. And who will be the key men to look out for on Saturday?

In recent games, we’ve shown no consistent attacking threat, so it’s difficult to think we’ll go away from home and bombard you with attacking play. If Stephen Clemence is back then I am looking forward to his battle with Graham Kavanagh, two players who are as good as anyone midfielder on their day in this division. If the game goes how I expect it to, then I hope that Marton Fulop keeps up his impressive displays, he makes some unbelievable saves at times. And finally, Joe Mattock. He’s not long turned 17, plays left wingback and when the momentum get’s going, he’s quality. Equally good at defending as getting forward.

7. If you could swap one Leicester player for a Wednesday player who would it be and why?

It’s got to be Glenn Whelan as you don’t actually own Kavanagh and plus he’s about 12 years younger than Kav. We’ve been linked with Glenn, but I imagine it would cost us an arm and a leg to get him, but if you’re keen to do a deal we’ll throw in an Alan Maybury, Darren Kenton, Jimmy Neilson, Rab Douglas, Sergio Hellings & Elvis Hammond for you.

8. We seem to have been your bogey side recently, but what’s your most memorable Owls v Foxes match?

I remember about 8 years ago when we beat you 3-0 at Filbert Street. Gerry Taggart scored twice and had a very harsh one ruled out that would have given him his hat-trick. Happy times.

9. How do you think we’ll do this season?

I really thought you’d do well this season, I rate your manager a lot. Then you sold Chris Brunt who has ripped us to pieces in recent years and you missed out on a lot of the players you tried to sign in the summer. I still think you’re good enough for a top 10 finish, I just hope there’s room for the both of us. I’m interested to see how Jeffers does for you.

10. Finally, what’s your score prediction?

I don’t think there will be many goals in it, unless we have a nightmare and then you could put a few away. We won’t score many, if we do pinch a win then it will be 1-0. I’m going to be brave and say 1-0 to us.


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