Date: 14th March 2011 at 10:26am
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Ian May purges the pain of another lacklustre performance from his beloved Owls…

A five hour round trip, plus the cost of petrol and tickets, and for what? A truly passionless performance again from the Owls, writes Ian May.

Apart from Weaver (telling off Reda Johnson after another lethargic and casual piece of ‘defending’) and Spurr (leaping over the advertising hording to pick up the ball and get the game back underway as quickly as possible) we saw more animation in an episode of Thunderbirds than we did on the pitch.

I arrived home to find another charity bag on the doorstep.

They often spur on my wife to go round the house finding cast off items of clothing, bric-a-brac and other useless items, putting them in the bag and giving them to charity. The dark mood I am in these days after watching the Owls I am lucky I don’t get put in this bag myself!

This made me think – now we have Milan in charge, Gary, why don’t you fill up your own charity bag?

We have a few suggestions:

Jermaine Johnson – can run fast but rarely delivers anything – put him in the bag.

Clinton Morrison – his walking around and pointing antics are more suited to a traffic policeman on point duty – put him in the bag.

Reda Johnson – way too slow, casual and careless at times, shockingly poor attitude – put him in the bag.

Michael Morrison – also way too slow – put him in the bag.

Chris Sedgwick – a real lightweight – put him in a small bag.

Gary Teale – two games without any decent crosses – in the bag he goes.

Tommy Miller – we’ve seen more leadership from the captain of the Titanic – put him in the bag.

That Scottish defender we bought that does not even get on the bench – put him in the bag.

Gary, our season is over, and relegation (with this lot) a real possibility, so why don’t you fill up your own Owls charity bag. I’m sure Milan will back you – he must be even more fed up than us supporters. After all, he owns the lot of them!

And the charity part – well that would be to us, the supporters, to see some players come in with passion and commitment.