Date: 8th July 2008 at 10:07pm
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It’s will it ever happen’s turn for the Wednesdayites Q & A, as he gives us his hopes and dreams for the Owls, and sings us a song about a dog!


1. How did you get in to supporting Wednesday and what was your first match?

I got in to Wednesday through my dad. He’s supported Wednesday all his life and told me once your a blue and white your always a blue and white! The first match I went to see was against Barnsley at Hillsborough. Forget the year but I’m sure we lost 1-0. Stood in the cheese corner through the early 80’s as I could get a decent view as it wasn’t as busy as the Kop.

2. What is your favourite Owls match?

Obviously there is the 91 Rumbelows Cup Final and the play off final but the one that stands out for me was when Big Ron was in charge the first time and we was away at WBA. It was after the season we got relegated from the top tier and was 1-0 down early on. Played very poorly in the first half and all the 4,000 travelling supporters knew this. So as soon as the second half kicked off every single Wednesday fan at the game sang their hearts out for the full 45 minutes. Still losing 1-0 with 4 minutes to go and up popped Peter Shirtliff with the equaliser. That sent the Wednesday fans barmy after outplaying WBA for the entire second half and which we deserved. Then in the 90th minute up came Tricky Trev with the winner. We went ballistic and was bouncing about like nutters but who cared, we had come from 1 down with 4 minutes to go to win the game 2-1. The atmosphere that day I will never forget as well as the comeback, one of the best away days I have ever had. The chase back to the coaches we had from the WBA fans after the game was also fantastic!

3. And your favourite ever Owls player in Blue and White?

Very tricky one indeed. There are players I have never seen play like Springett, Dooley, Megson and the others but in my time I have to say Roland Nilsson. A true professional and a hell of a full back. You was guaranteed he would put in 110% every game he played. A few more players like that now wouldn’t go amiss.

4. What about your best ever XI during your time supporting Wednesday?

Another hard one to answer with so many players to choose from so I am going to chuck 5 subs in as well.

Pressman, Worthington, Nilsson, Walker, Pearson, Waddle, Sheridan, Shelton, Alexandersson, Hirst, Shutt. Subs. Di Canio, Carbone, Bob Bolder, Smith and Varadi.

5. What’s the best/funniest chant ever heard at a match?

Don’t know if it has to be a Wednesday one or not? But the funniest one I have ever heard was when I was in the pub and it was the Old Firm derby between Rangers and Celtic. Rangers fans were singing about Nakamura and his dog (to the tune of ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes), it went like this… Naaaaaakamura ate his dog ate his dog. Naaaaakamura ate his dog ate his dog, he caught it chopped it put in his wok, Naaaakamura ate his dog, ate his dog. For Wednesday, I would say ‘We’re all going on a European tour’.

6. If you could turn the clock back to a particular season, which would it be and why?

The 93 season and the 2 Cup Finals we were in. Was so confident that we would win both and be celebrating a great double but to lose both of them hurt a great deal.

7. And what about the 2008-09 season, how do you think we’ll get on?

Well it all depends on this takeover! It looks like it is going to happen very soon and if it does we will all be wanting the play-offs at least. But if not I don’t think we will have another season like last. Mr Laws has made some good signings up to now and has bolstered our midfield which was our let down last season. No takeover, mid-table.

8. The takeover is frustrating the life out of most of us- do you think it’ll go ahead and are you excited or worried?

It will go ahead it seems but neither am I excited or worried. This is Wednesday we are talking about, anything is possible. We’ve seen and heard it all before and I am Mr Miserable don’t forget!

9. If you could bring one player in the world to S6 who would it be and why, and if you could bring one Coca-Cola Championship player to S6 who would it be and why?

I suppose most would go for Cristiano Ronaldo or Ronaldinho but I would go for the German international Bastian Schwiensteiger. Would give us plenty of options out wide and is excellent with Corners, free kicks, getting the ball in to the box and providing us with plenty of goals which we haven’t had since Brunt left. As for the Championship player I would bring in Dave Kitson from Reading. Got everything you need from a forward. Good with his feet, in the air and scores plenty. He will finish top scorer this season.

10. Other than Wednesday, do you look out for any other teams results, do you have a soft spot for any other team, and if so why?

Years ago I use to look out for the Scottish team Clydebank as I have family up North, but since they went out of business I don’t look out for any other teams results. No soft spot for any other teams, my heart is full with Wednesday.

11. Give us predictions this season, how will we do in the league and in cup competitions?

Takeover will lead us in to the play-offs I hope. No takeover I think we will finish mid-table. As for the cup competitions, I don’t really care at the moment. Concentrating on the league is more important than a cup run. You have to look at Barnsley last year and there run in the FA Cup, it almost brought relegation and to say where they were half way through the season (play-off area). So concentrate on the league and to be moving forward rather than looking behind our backs all the time.

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