Date: 12th July 2008 at 9:40pm
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The Wednesdayites Q & A continues – Bouncin Owl puts a spring in your step with some fantastic memories and observations!


1. How did you get in to supporting Wednesday and what was your first match?

My dad followed Wednesday all over at that time and then suddenly didn’t bother at all, so I kept going with my beloved Grandad (god I miss him) who was a shareholder and breathed, ate and slept Wednesday. I was so, so upset that he wasn’t here to see us win the Coca Cola at Wembley as I swore the only time I would go is when Wednesday were there, and he would have so loved that day. My first game was at Hillsborough was against the Blunts in 1967 with a 2-2 draw, and I think Johnny Fantham scored them both, and I was in the cantilever.

2. What’s your favourite ever Owls match?

Cor, there’s a few, but the ones that stand out are:

a) The 5-4 home win over Man Utd in 1968 when Jack Whitham scored four.

b) The 2-1 win at Blackburn, a night match in 1980 which was so important at the time for getting promoted and Kevin Taylor scored the winner. The Wednesday support was incredible that night and I didn’t get home until 3.00am due to celebrating.

c) The home game against Southend to keep us up from going into the bottom tier and Ken Knighton scored. You couldn’t miss him on the field with his white hair. He was always brill playing for Hull City and I was so pleased when we got him… and I don’t think I’ve ever come across a tougher player.

d) Against the Blunts in the Boxing Day massacre in ’79 and the ’93 semi at Wembley.

e) The 4-1 away win at Blackburn in ’99. We were just absolutely awesome that day and on another planet with the quality of our football and Petter Rudi scored twice that day.

f) The 2-1 win at Ipswich on the first game of the season in the promotion year with Big Ron. Wednesday fans were EVERYWHERE in the ground that day.

And my favourite?… It has to be Cardiff… nothing will surpass that. It wasn’t so much the game but the day as a whole with all those fans… awesome.

3. And your favourite ever player in the blue and white?

There’s been a few… Rodger Wylde, Joicey, Banno, Curran, Shez, Hirsty, Waddle, Carbone… but my favourite, just for his artistry was Di Canio… what he could do with a ball, and he left us too early due to poor management again. I also thought Carlton Palmer was an incredible player for us.

4. What about your best ever Owls XI during your time supporting Wednesday?

Martin Hodge, Roland Nilsson, Don Megson, Des Walker, Mick Lyons, Terry Curran, John Sheridan, Carlton Palmer, Chris Waddle, Paolo Di Canio and Lee Chapman.

5. What’s the best/funniest chant you’ve ever heard at a match?

Well obviously ‘If ya don’t f****** bounce!!!!!!!!!’ and years ago ‘Wednesday boys we are here woho woho x 3 s**g your women and drink your beer!!!!!!’ used to make me laugh.

6. If you could turn the clock back to a particular season which would it be and why?

The promotion season after we got relegated with Big Ron. What a fantastic time to be a Wednesdayite then. I didn’t miss a game home or away and all the players played with such a swagger and an air of confidence it was incredible. Never, ever will there be another time like that in my opinion.

7. And what about the 2008-09 season, how do you think we’ll get on?

It just depends on whether we can field an unchanged team week in and week out. Continuity is the key, and if we can, I think the playoffs are within our reach. If Sodje and Jeffers can keep fit, we’re as good as anyone up front with a really good mix between them.

8. The takeover is frustrating the life out of most of us – do you think it’ll go ahead and are you excited, or worried?

I hope so. I’m not bothered about the money side, I just want those tosspots out of the way to let us move forward, and I would like the emphasis to be on bringing our own players through the ranks like we have been doing.

9. If you could bring one player in the world to S6 who would it be and why, and if you could bring one Coca-Cola Championship player to S6 who would it be and why?

Cesc Fabrigas I would love down here. I think he’s an unbelievable talent for someone so young. I would have Andy Keogh I think from Wolves as I think he will get better and better.

10. Other than Wednesday, do you look out for any other teams results, do you have a soft spot for any other team, and if so, why?

Newcastle. I feel for their fans and hope they win something for them. The atmosphere has always been brill there and it’s the best place in the world for a lads weekend 4 def!!!!!!!!!

11. Give us predictions this season, how will we do in the league and cup competitions?

League – 6th place, fingers crossed.

Cups – We’ll win em both of course… ha ha ha.

‘Come on you Blue and White Wizards’