Date: 25th January 2011 at 10:57pm
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ALAN Irvine’s reign as Wednesday manager is hanging by a thread after his Owls side failed to beat nine-man Yeovil at Hillsborough.

Irvine was under huge pressure to get a convincing victory against a side in the npower League One relegation places going into the game but Wednesday could only get a point in an entertaining affair at S6.

Striker Gary Madine, on his home debut for the Owls, had levelled a Dean Bowditch opener in the first half before Paul Huntington fired the Glovers back in front in the second half.

The visitors were reduced to nine men when Luke Ayling was given his marching orders before Adam Virgo followed suit, the latter giving Giles Coke the chance to level from the spot only for him to miss after being forced to retake a penalty he initially tucked away.

Reda Johnson did fire a leveller for Wednesday to rescue a point, and the hosts could have bagged all three as they piled the pressure on late on, but it wasn’t to be.

The result leaves Wednesday adrift of the top-six positions and chairman Milan Mandaric with a big decision to make over Irvine’s future at the club.

Irvine made six changes to the side that fell to a 4-0 defeat at Leyton Orient on Saturday.

Neil Mellor returned in attack in place of Clinton Morrison, while Mark Reynolds made his debut in defence and Giles Coke, Darren Potter, Jermaine Johnson and Tommy Spurr all started.

And the changes seemed to work in the early exchanges as the Owls started brightly, although not really carving out any great chances in front of goal.

The Owls, backed by their ‘home, away’ support in the West Stand upper – Wednesday had given the usual away end to home fans – were clearly keen to make amends for Saturday’s poor show in London and they were taking the game to their visitors.

But it was Yeovil who scored the opener against the run of play and with the help of a big deflection.

Former Ipswich Town man Bowditch pulled the trigger and saw his short deflect off Spurr and wrong-foot stopper Nicky Weaver to end up in the back of the net to give the visitors the advantage.

It was the last thing Wednesday, and Irvine, wanted in the circumstances and it gave Yeovil a huge lift after a difficult start.

The hosts regained their attacking threat soon after though and Gary Teale came close to levelling when he smashed a low effort against the post and Jermaine Johnson hit a powerful shot into the side netting as Wednesday got closer to a leveller.

The home support didn’t have to wait too long though and it came through the new-man, Madine.

The former Carlisle United rose high to meet a Spurr cross and place a firm header beyond Yeovil stopper Stephen Henderson and into the back of the net.

It was what Wednesday deserved, but they could have so easily thrown their hard work getting level away five minutes before the break when Andy Williams was gifted with a great chance for the visitors only to fail to find the back of the net.

Half-Time: Wednesday 1-1 Yeovil

The Owls will have fancied their chances of grabbing all three points in the second half but they made a sluggish start and were made to pay when Town regained their lead on 57 minutes.

Andy Welsh was the architect as he swung a dangerous ball into the box and Huntington was on-hand to smash home a powerful header which Weaver could do little about.

Wednesday upped their tempo to get into the game and were given a boost just after the hour mark when the visitors were reduced to ten men.

Ayling got his marching orders for a second bookable offence after hauling down Teale.

And they were down to nine men just eight minutes later when substitute Virgo upended Madine in the box just as he was about to pull the trigger and was shown a straight red.

It also gave the Owls the chance to level but, despite Giles Coke drilling in the spot-kick, the referee asked for it to be taken again for encroachment and the same player lashed his second attempt over the crossbar.

It looked like it was going to be one of those days for Wednesday, and possibly a last as Wednesday boss for Irvine, as Yeovil looked to be holding out for an historic first league win over the Owls.

The hosts started to throw everything but the proverbial kitchen sink at the Yeovil goal – with Potter and Mellor both going close late on, and Clinton Morrison being thrown on as a substitute.

But the Owls did get a deserved equaliser five minutes from time when Mellor saw another shot well saved before Reda Johnson was well placed to steer home the rebound.

Wednesday could have even gone on and won it at the death but they couldn’t beat Henderson for a third time.

It brought an end to an entertaining game, but for all the wrong reasons for Wednesday.

Full-Time: Wednesday 2-2 Yeovil


24 Replies to “Wednesday 2-2 Yeovil Town”

  • Surely how much longer?? This is probably worse than Saturday in a degree. I didn’t realise until after they had 9 men… I was already fed up with result. There’s no doubt he’s got to go. Poor tactics no motivation and I think he may have lost some of the players with his poor tactics spurr at right back. AL said month ago tommy couldn’t do job at RB and he had tried. Well done AL. Totally clueless. Get him out for god sake.

  • cant defend cant pass cant cross no creativity at all massive problems in midfield and nothing is being done about it dreading the next league game already

  • We need to back AI and get behind him, ha ha ha please for god sake get behind him and push him out the door! Absolutely useless! Does anyone know why he didn’t play heff at the weekend?

  • His main excuse on the official site is the penalty having to be retaken. Sorry but being dependant on a penalty decision against 9men is ridiculous – 48% of posession, the only explanation for that is that they still hooffed the ball up the pitch, which is not the way to beat 9men.

  • Like I have said previously. MM will make the decision that he thinks is in the best interests of the club. If he decides to pull the trigger then AI is gone. If he can see some spark or is convinced that AI will turn it around then we have to back him. Its as simple as that. So frustrating last night. Just a couple of points that I feel I need to make. Why was Weaver, who has arguably been our best player all season decided that he will stay rooted to line for the 2nd goal. I put that one down to him. Why did AI take Teale off? and finally. Why cant 10 outfield proffessional footballers have the guile to pass the ball around 8 players instead of just lumping it anywhere. Cant blame AI for that, he was more frustrated with it than I was. Oh, their goalkeeper will never have a better game than that if he plays while he is 60. If he does on a regular basis, unless he’s Scottish he will be playing for England shortly having transferred to Man Utd.

  • I agree fed_up_owl, as long as MM backs AI we have no choice but to back him cause AI ain’t gonna walk without being shown the door. All I hope is that he finally see’s sense and realises that he is not helping the team but hindering them. All the optimism gained when MM came in, is now a distant memory and unless things change I fear the best for this season is to avoid relagation. Sorry Mr Irvine, I think its time to go to pastures new.

  • Sorry but I’m now firmly in the it’s time to go club. Enough is enough, it’s past a joke, etc etc. The buck has to stop somewhere. Do it quickly and get someone on board quickly. There are a glut of good proven managers out there at the moment.

  • Irvine cannot turn this around he has run out of ideas and is now saying hopefully this , hopefully that. I think our current squad is capable of being in the top 4 , with new centre midfielders we can go up automatically, but not with Irvine at the helm

  • I don’t understand why people say you should back the manager or individual players just because they wear the colours. If they are rubbish boo them if you want. If you don’t then don’t, but don;t have a go at those that do. What are you supposed to do, pay money to watch drivel and not complain??? If you pay money you are entitled to an opinion – if you want to be a sap and sit there saying nothing its up to you. Anyone who doesn’t think AI should go has rocks in their head. The only explanation I can come up with is that Milan must like managers that he can tell what to do. Irvine doesn’t seem to have a clue about either on field tactics or the transfers we are bringing in. I’ve watched us since 1975, when we were in this league, and I think this is arguably the worst individual result I can remember in that time.

  • Sadly this reminds me of when S. Staunton was Ireland manager, as a fan I was disgusted with myself as I was hoping my team would lose, simply to expedite the managers departure. I hope we lose against Hereford on Saturday, as a win will only delay the inevitable. AI is a good coach but not the manager who can drive us forward, we need a pass the ball attack minded manager, not a defend-wait till we go behind and then hoof it up the pitch manager.

  • Radon barrier, luxury mate. I’ve been going since 1961 and will continue, as they say, till I die. Theres been lots of ups and downs in these 50 yrs , mostly downs in recent years must admit, since footballers wages increases meant they would never be loyal to a shirt, not like the good old days. This is the root of the problem I reckon. Every real fan is loyal to his shirt for life, but the 11 blokes who pull it on each week in our name really dont give a damn as they are money orientated and they get paid handsomely if they play well or not. Entering the booing debate, it costs me around £60 and 5 hour round trip to get to a match at Hillsborough, yes I choose to spend it, and I want some value for that, and if I feel these blokes, on at least £125 an hour (assuming £5K a week and a very generous 40 hr week), are not sharing my passion for my team then I reckon I have a right to let them know. Or of course I could stay at home, but what kind of SWFC fan does that? Lets get rid of Irvine, aim at top 6 this year and an automatic spot next year. Keep the faith.

  • Radon Barrier. If you have watched them since 1975 and you think that this is arguably the worst individual result you can remember, you have a very poor or very selective memory. There have been many, many others. Also, you are entitled to your opinion if you have paid your money, but slagging certain individuals is counter productive. Reda Johnson ran around like some headless chicken on speed, on that display alone, I dont rate him. However, what happens? The same mindless morons who booed Purse out of the club, chanted reda,reda at every and any opportunity. The bloke they booed out of hillsborough would have added a bit of leadership last night. As for being a ‘Sap’ for not slagging any individual player or the manager off while the games going on. Thats my perogative. I pay my money too.
    The chairman will do what he wishes, and I for one am 100% behind whatever he decides. Up the Owls

  • Booing during a match is, and has always been, counter productive and does nothing to improve things, it only makes things worse. If all you want to do is boo then at least wait until the final whistle to make your displeasure known. We all want Hillsborough to be a fortress and intimidating but the conduct and attitude of some means it is the home side being intimidated, what more of a boost is it to the away side when the home fans are booing their own team. I’m sure the SWFC players love the fact as soon as they misplace a pass or don’t control the ball properly the fans will get on their back as if the fans are turning up expecting us to play like Arsenal or Barcelona, get real.

  • Clearly good points being made about passion and about booing if you feel things are not right. Good points from your short term perspective that is. If makes you feel better. OK perfectly legitimate way of letting the players know how you feel. As an albeit very second rate sportsman myself I can only say how amazed I am that people think that booing will have a positive effect on performance. The effect of booing on the players is this. It is psychologically very damaging, confidence destroying and alienating. Also some will develop an expectation that there will be future booing if they make mistakes. This serves to stifle the joy and freedom that players need in order to do their best entertaining and effective work, being creative and generating the fantastic play they know they can. lt beggars belief to think that people think otherwise. How do you react when someone shouts at you? And you wonder about commitment when pulling on the shirt? They must have the hearts of lions to go out there in the first place. Support them like they are your sons and they’ll thrive. Self-defeating madness to do otherwise.

  • some very good points made.just a couple more Nicky Weaver as captain will never work goalkeepers are too far away from the action when going forward and too busy when we are defending. When your at home against 9 men or 11 losing or drawing and you get a corner the man taking it needs to be there before the ball not 10 20 seconds later, it was a very frustrating night to be a wednesday fan.Lets back the manager give the new players time to settle in if it doesnt work get him out and god knows who but get the right manager in

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