Date: 20th August 2011 at 10:09pm
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WEDNESDAY came from behind to secure a much-needed victory over ten-man Notts County at Hillsborough.

Jeff Hughes fired the visitors ahead after ten minutes before Julian Bennett levelled after the break and Gary Madine netted the winner in the 68th minute. Neil Bishop was sent off late on for the visitors.

It was a vital win for Wednesday, who came into the game after suffering back-to-back defeats.

There was a debut for new loan signing Ben Marshall out on the left wing, while Lewis Buxton took the captain’s armband in the absence of the injured Rob Jones. Reda Johnson came in to fill-in for Jones at centre-back.

And Marshall almost made a superb debut in the blue and white stripes, supplying a good ball which Buxton struck over the bar as Wednesday started brightly, eager to bounce back from their loss at Bury last time out.

But Martin Allen’s men struck first against the run of play from the penalty spot on ten minutes. Chris Lines handled the ball from a cross in the Owls box and the referee pointed to the spot, allowing Hughes to tuck the ball home and give the visitors the advantage.

The goal gave County a boost and Karl Hawley showcased their improved confidence in attack by firing a long-range effort just over Nicky Weaver’s goal not long after.

The Owls were lacking some killer instinct in attack and Clinton Morrison headed over from a Lines pass.

County were, understandably, happy to sit on their one-goal lead and chances were few and far between for both sides before the break.

Half-Time: Wednesday 0-1 Notts County

It was more of the same on the restart, with both goalkeepers spectators in the early parts of the second half as the game was played in the midfield, suiting the visitors.

That was until the 53rd minute when the Owls got the breakthrough they were so desperate for.

Morrison won the ball in the penalty area and provided the pass for Bennett, who struck a powerful shot into the back of the County net to get the hosts back on level terms.

The goal came at just the right time for a Wednesday side that were visibly lacking confidence in the final third of the pitch, and they kicked-on to get the lead not long after.

Buxton provided a fine ball across the box and Madine was well-positioned to drill in what turned out to be the winner in the 67th minute.

Gary Megson’s men should have taken a hold of the game after turning it on its head, but Wednesday allowed the visitors back into the game and they should have got on level terms just five minutes after Madine’s stike.

Craig Westcarr, linked with a move to Hillsborough last season, found himself in a superb position to drill in the leveller but struck his shot high over the bar to the amazement of the travelling County fans.

With 13 minutes to go County were still very much in the game but it was very much advantage Wednesday when the visitors were reduced to ten men. Bishop got his marching orders for a late challenge on Jose Semedo, earning him a second booking.

Wednesday: Weaver, Buxton, Batth, R Johnson, Bennett, Marshall, Prutton, Semedo, Lines (Sedgwick 71), Morrison, Madine (O’Connor 88). Unused substitutes: O’Donnell, Otsemobor, Beevers.

Notts County: Nelson, Kelly, Sheehan, Edwards (Stirling 88) Pearce, Bencherif (Westcarr 71), Hawley, L Hughes, Bishop, J Hughes, Judge (Montano 54). Unused substitutes: Burch, Allen.


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  • True enough, Siswfc8101, but I have to agree with GM on how last year’s team wouldn’t have come from behind to win. In fact, not a squad for a while, and that was great to see (well… hear).

  • did’nt make it easy for ourselves but 3 much needed points desperate for a striker because morrison as much as he tries cant finish(that header).On the plus side i thought marshall looked very lively roll on s****hrope and 3 more points hopefully with us having another striker in by then

  • Poor again. Very lucky to come out of that with a win. Marshall played well. Madine was an embarrassment yet he scored but did nothing at all through the game. Don’t look anything like a side that’s going to be up there and if it wasn’t for Westcarr missing a sitter they would have a got a draw. Lines on the wing? Why sign someone and play him put of position why not just sign a left winger if your not going to play him in his position. Poor tactics Again Megson and the second we get good sides coming to Hillsborough they’ll batter us.

  • Poor??? Yes we were without much of an idea up front but we dominated the game. County were poor to be fair but it was undoubtedly a deserved win. Why look at all the negative aspects of the game such as them missing a sitter. We missed LOADS of sitters and still managed to win. all we need is someone up front with confidence and we will be fine. remember that Jones was out injured, he is a massive part of our defence and we still only conceded one goal.

    End of the day it was also an entertaining game to watch and one that we won. Rather watch that than a dull 1.0 to be fair.

  • tomawest its something you better get use to SheffWed93 hates Megson and i do believe he wants us to lose till he gets the sack, he is one sad person. He don’t mention the one that Morrison missed just the one that they missed, you’ve got to start asking yourself is he really a Wednesday fan ?

  • It may be the case that sheffwed93 want’s megson out. However that was 2 poor teams playing yesterday and we was lucky 2 scrape a win. I will always get behind the team whoever is in charge but i certainly won’t be fooled into thinking performances like yesterday r whats needed 2 get us promotion this season COME ON U OWLS!!!!.

  • This something we need to get used to. For the most part our wins will turgid and our draws and defeats will even worse to watch. I’m not being negative because I will be happy to see us promoted on the back of 2-1 wins like this. This type of tactic cannot be a surprise as megson has managed other teams in this fashion for years. Not my cup of tea, give me Atkinson or Francis any day but they’re done and right now we need to get promoted

  • Buxton has been a revelation so far which is one good plus, and with 2 generous refs in successive games, well, we might just make mid table at the end of the season. And if we play against 10 week in week out. But the FACT is Wilson has been in charge for just 4 games and already got the Blunts playing attractive passing football and look where they are – much as it hurts to see it. Megon’s been in charge for 26 games (TWENTY SIX ffs!) and anyone who thinks we’ve made anything like the same progress as Wilson was at a different game to me. Sorry guys, LOVE Wednesday but I’m not behind a manger who believes you have to play ugly and rely on predictable set pieces to get out of this division. He said we were “excellent” yesterday…..Excellent??? So no improvement necessary then.

  • Delighted with the result. Thrilled in fact. And so many positives to take from it: Our centre forward’s broke his duck. We now have the services of a promising young winger whose contribution should improve with each game. Players beginning to find form whilst others are set to return from injury. The whole squad has clearly responded favourably to the manager’s public criticism of recent performances, no sulking in evidence just a clear determination to set the record straight. Their heads didn’t drop, they turned a goal deficit around instead. “Excellent.”

  • up the owls, lets be gratefull for 3 points. anyone think our reserve team can rattle Blackburn in the cup weds eve?

  • Blackburn’s reserves probably better then there first team at the moment lol. Not sure how much we want or need this game though tbh.

  • Agreed Fowlowl, the timing’s unfortunate. I hope we field a strong side though. They’re still a prem squad, better to give ’em a game and lose than let ’em have a field day with our reserves.

  • For f sake most are you are unbelievable, good comeback to win the game, would we of done that last season? Doubt it! We should of been 2 goals to the good in tje first half, get behind the bloody man in charge and the players or it’s going to be along boring season for you.

  • It was my first home game of the season Saturday missing the opener due to my honeymoon (Couldn’t re-arrange it! lol) I was expecting the worst after the two away trips but was quite pleased with what I saw. As mentioned above we did turn a game round which shows some character, we should have been infront at the break and the team looked to have an outlet ball in Marshall early on. Our chances are limited at the moment and it’s been said over and over we need an out-n-out goal scorer who can turn those few chances into much needed goals. (I think our team playing with full confidence levels and the wingers needed would be quite a different prospect) Wing play is critical with the style of of defensive central midfield we have but everyone knows we have needed wingers and a striker for months. I really hope we get what is needed as I think we are getting closer to the balance that is needed. We have too many centrally focussed midfielders playing out of position is one way at looking at it, but the reality is we don’t have enough wide players of quality. We as a team are still making mistakes but I for one think we are making less and less… last year everytime the ball went near Reda for example it was a 50:50 to whether he was going to bugger it up but he’s improving, it’s just unfortunate that everyone remembers the one howler he is seemingly making each game. The handball was completely non-sensical to give away, some of the free-kicks we gave in dangereous positions were stupid and the miss by Clinton was unacceptable. I don’t want to rag on Clinton but even if he didn’t score not to get his header on target is unforgivable from the oppurtunity presented to him. We all hoped for the squad we needed to be assembled during the closed season and for it to hit the ground running. It hasn’t happened but I’m hopeful that some business can be done, yes we’ve already dropped 6 points but our team unfortunately is a work in progress. Even if we get some more wingers and a striker on loan after the close of the transfer window to get us through to January then that’s the way it has to be… if we are there or there abouts in 4 months time MM may be much more willing to strengthen the squad for a full-blooded push. The business being conducted at the club is limiting our on-field sucess but the argument would be the future of the club is being protected. If I look back to last season we were worried about whether our club would exsist into the next season, now we are only worrying about what’s happening on the pitch… lets not forget how far we’ve come in a short time. There are still positives all over the pitch… if they keep trending the right way and the mistakes fade away I’m really hopeful… UTO WTID

  • Good one 4evaOWL, that was like a breath of fresh air. And while the majority of comments continues to focus on style of play yours was a worthwhile reminder that the health of the club remains a work in progress, from the chairman’s desk down. I recall reading an article shortly after GM’s appointment, he said there was no scouting system in place- a shocking state of affairs for a club this size. I’d go one further and call it scandalous. It might also explain why our youth system seems non-existent (we have Alfreton to thank for pointing that out). Long term success usually follows a period of stability and I’d happily cite numerous examples during my ‘era’ that prove the case. I trust there’s lots of good work being carried out behind the scenes which will ultimately be of benefit to us all. I also hope there’s sufficient patience as well as determination to see it through. And I hope we send a strong team out against Blackburn, but perhaps that’s stretching optimism a bit too far.

  • … Cheers Maurice, in regards to the “style of play comments” I’m at a loss Megson is trying to do the best he can with who he can field. Our first choice center mid-fielders are break-up and short pass specialists without the wide options or a mobile off the front striker we are not going to look our best in the final third. I could spend my day telling Megson (who wouldn’t and shouldn’t listen) who he should play in what positions but I would be doing so without watching them in training, without being able to guage their attitude or knowing everything they can offer or their fitness level. I have faith in Megson putting out (in the leauge at least) the best team he can do to win the game. He isn’t a mug and he knows that he’s come to Wednesday with the mandate to win and turn our fortunes around. MM isn’t making finacial decisions on passion he’s using his brain and his finacial sense to limit what comes to the club to secure our future, afterall not being promoted this season will be a bitter pill to swallow as a supporter but he’s the one man with the most to lose personally. The fact he isn’t being swayed is quite refreshing and to me suggests we have the right man at the wheel. I think that if the scouting and youth system if run correctly will start to bare fruit and will mean that in coming seasons we will be able to limit our signings to the nice to haves with youngsters being brought-up in the club instead of squad over-hauls being required. UTO

  • That’s right, a successful youth policy is essential. Players can be moulded according to their abilities to fill specific roles within the side and introduced when they’re ready rather than thrown in at the deep end. The list is endless but the Smiths, Shirtliffs, Sterlands and Pressmans were ‘eased’ in years back whereas today’s youngsters are either thrown to the lions or else never given the chance in the first place. Buy when there’s no alternative (and assuming cash is available) but it’s far more satisfying to grow your own.

  • … imagine having a player of such ability introduced from the youth structure that another team in a higher leauge would pay top money for, rather than un-inspiring players that we are trying to off-load to reduce our wage bill that nobody is willing to take off our hands due to under-performance. I’m not saying that I want us to become one of the many “Selling clubs” but wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a stable of young players that other teams are fighting each other for. A player that could fund if sold multiple signings… we’ve not had a player like that for ages and if we have we’ve let them get to the last year of their contract and leave on the cheap. I can see that in the coming years becoming a reality we just have to keep faith that investiment in our clubs future can be achieved while getting out of the third tier… UTO (these things aren’t pipe dreams clubs like Southhampton have achieved just such turn-arounds and I think we are just as capable.)

  • Again, I couldn’t agree more. I think Southampton have set the standard everyone else should strive to match. Their scouting system must be phenomenal (and long established, they managed to grab Shearer, a Geordie, straight from school). Youth development stands to reason, every £ invested now may well pay dividends in the future. Which bright spark decided we could manage better without it? All these Wednesdayites I’m hearing about (Gary Cahill to name one), would Villa really have been his preferred choice when he left school?

  • Two stand out results from the weekend: Owls U-18s 5-1 MK Dons and Alfreton 1-6 Forest Green. Hmm, so Forest Green v MK Dons U-18s should be a classic then. With hundreds of goals.

  • Anyone know what has happened to the injury list on the OS? Was wondering when JJ is due back. I think with JJ and O’Grady fit we will be see the Owls pushing up the table and things looking a lot better. Would still like to see ALF sign before the window

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