Date: 17th April 2011 at 3:26pm
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Home wins have started to come along like the proverbial London bus for Wednesday after they recorded their third win on the spin at Hillsborough with a 2-0 success over Hartlepool United.

After putting a disastrous run of form at home to bed with wins over Colchester United and Tranmere Rovers, the Owls eased to their third successive home win to all-but seal their League One status.

Tommy Miller returned to the starting eleven to fire Wednesday ahead from the penalty spot against his former club before Gary Madine added a second after the break against Pools.

It was Wednesday’s third win in all competitions from as many matches against Hartlepool this season and hauls them to within a point of Saturday’s visitors.

Owls boss Gary Megson made four changes to the side that lost 2-0 at Brighton & Hove Albion last time out. Rob Jones returned to the starting eleven in place of Reda Johnson, while Tommy Miller and Gary Teale came into the midfield for Chris Sedgwick and Joey O’Brien respectively and Madine partnered Neil Mellor in attack.

It was a bright and sunny day for football at Hillsborough, and the Owls had the positive start to match the positive weather as they took full control of the opening exchanges without really creating too much up top.

The first chance came through Jermaine Johnson, who enjoyed one of his better games of the season in the blue and white stripes, when he forced Scott Flinders, the Pools goalkeeper, into the first save of the match.

Although chances were few and far between in the first half, Wednesday looked comfortable and Richard O’Donnell, in the Owls goal, rarely looked threatened against a Hartlepool side who seemed to be going through the motions with the end of the season in sight.

That said, Wednesday struggled to break down their stubborn defence, for the first half at least, and Flinders too was relatively untroubled for the first 45 minutes.

That was until just before the break when the hosts were given a golden opportunity to break the deadlock from the penalty spot.

Owls striker Neil Mellor fell under a challenge by Sam Collins in the box and Miller was given the chance to fire his side ahead – a chance he didn’t give up and Wednesday were given a huge boost going into the interval 1-0 up.

Half-Time: Wednesday 1-0 Hartlepool

The goal for Wednesday meant Hartlepool had to show more of an attacking intent on the resumption to take something from the game and avoid a hat-trick of defeats against the Owls this season – Wednesday had beaten them 5-0 in the reverse league fixture and also at home in the JP Trophy.

Bit it was Megson’s men who came flying out of the traps, eager to carry on where they left off in the first.

Mellor tested Flinders minutes after the restart before then seeing another effort fly over the bar with the help of a deflection.

Wednesdayites felt a second goal was on it’s way and it came just after the hour mark to all-but tie up the crucial three points for the hosts.

Johnson did the hard work down the right, dribbling his way by two defenders before providing the cross for Madine to drill in in front of the Kop to double Wednesday’s lead and leave the visitors with a mountain to climb.

Hartlepool never looked like getting back into the game and Wednesday had chances to add further goals before full-time, most notably to Danny Batth who had two good headed attempts.

The victory was as comfortable as they come in npower League One and Owls boss Gary Megson will be keen for his men to continue their good form until the end of the season.

Full-Time: Wednesday 2-0 Hartlepool


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  • Solid at the back which was great to feel comfortable with our defenders. Rob Jones looks absolutely quality. Megson puzzles me at times, how poor was Teale but he gets 90 minutes? Don’t think Megson has proved anything just yet. Don’t think we’ll lose another home game this season. Don’t think he’ll be taking us up next season, hope he proves me wrong.

  • rob jones and jj were immense dont think we played that well but hartlepool were never a threat we should be beating all the teams we got left to play now and go into next season with confidence

  • It all starts from the back so we need to sign up Jones as soon as possible. He encourages those around him and has helped O’Donnell heaps in recent games!

  • Don?t like the manager. don?t like his choice of style of play but for some strange reason I am starting to like him, more importantly his results. But 1 tree don?t make a forest!!!! Hope this continues. UTO!!! In Milan we trust!!

  • Any more on Millers contract issue, i thought he didn’t play at Brighton due to a clause in his contract about to be activated giving him a new deal yet he played yesterday?? Does this mean the amount of games left isn’t enough to activate this clause or GM will pick the games to play him in or he’s in GM’s plans for next season?

  • sussexowl apparently he can play 3 more games,he wanted a 3 year contract but was only offered 2 years with this put in if he played 30 games he wud get that extra year..sheffwed93 i thk on his performances here Scunthorpe will want Rob Jones back.

  • Well megsons looks like he’s steadied a sinking ship! Safe so job done, just hope we end on a high and have a good run to the end of the season. Nice to see the team playing as one, I agree with the comments about his style of play, but I rather take the 3 pts with dull tactics Next season an get promoted through it than having another season down in this league. Hopefully with some players of his own he will play more attractive football.

  • In a previous thread I pointed out the average points per game a) under AI and b) After AI had left. This post is to update those figures in the light of Mr Megson’s apparant misunderstanding of statistics in his Radio Sheffield post-match interview. Under AI we averaged 1.58 points per Leagues Game (plus winning all those cup games!). If we had continued that average we would now have averaged 66.5 points over the 42 games played. This is the same total as Bournmouth, who are currently 6th in the league and looking to be in the play offs at the end of the season! Since AI left we have avearged 1.12 points per league game, which would have given us just 47 points over the 42 games, putting us in 19th place – only just above the relegation places. Mr Megson really does need to check his facts before slating previous managers and blaming them for his errors since taking over management of the team! Even if we win the last 4 games then this average will only go up to 1.50 points per game – still below that of AI who (I again repeat myself!) had to contend with building a team with all rejects from other clubs!

  • GM talks crap in his interviews and that’s his biggest failing! I’d still like to know if the players brought to the club were AI signings or not but guess we’ll never know. Odd that he was given the money to buy them but not the time to use them.
    Bring on next season!!

  • I agree Don. From what I have heard, Madine was always on AI’s horizon and some of the others were MM’s. But, as you say, we will never know for sure!
    I just hope that GM can change for the better now he is with his home club but he is a bit old for that! They reckon a leopard never changes it’s spots!

  • Bang on there with facts. Wish everyone would stop saying he’s going to do this and that. End of day he’s got good players here, any decent manager would be able to put us up near play offs regardless of who the players are. Who has he beaten that we shouldn’t expect to be beating? Oldham, Carlisle, Colchester, Tranmere and Hartlepool all teams who we should beat without question but then look at who we have lost too and how and it’s embarrasing… Plymouth 4-2, Rochdale 2-1, Tranmere 3-0, Notts County 1-0, Peterborough 4-1. Even losing to Southampton and Brighton was embarrasing because we let them win… No going for it, no chances, no possesion. He beats a couple of shabby teams and suddenly everyone forgets how bad we have been and still persistantly show signs of this…. Remember last year when we was all like “Let Irvine get his own team…..” And your all too quick to forget!

  • isnt it about time we forgot about irvine and moved on? he’s gone, he didnt do all that well, time to focus on next season.

  • Those who felt that Purse should have stayed at the club – just watch the “highlights” of Saturday’s Millwall game! Rob Jones is much better!

  • Megson is far and away the best ‘named’ manager we could have gotten at the time, AI had failed and it was time to move on. Personally I would have prefered to give McAuley or one of the up and coming lower league managers a go but then that is not MMs style and he would have been hammered for not getting a ‘named’ manager. Ultimately, GM has steadied the ship which was on its way down the true test is next season. I don’t care if we play rubbish football if we win and get promoted, call it short sighted but Arsenal have been far and away the best footballing side in thsi country for years and ask their fans how great it is to win nothing. We aren’t Barcelona (unfortunately), i want to win first style can come later!

  • realrain, i agree totally with giving McAuley a go, at least for the remainder of this season. In his first 4 games he had us playing some very good stuff, 3 wins and a draw i think he got, and we played with some style too. Anyways, the ginger one is here and roll on next season for our double winning season (hopefully).

  • Sivadam. Admit it you are actually Alan Irvine with a username. That is the only way I can explain why you keep repeatedly sticking up for him. the points per game ratio is irrelevant as we started brightly but the beginning of the freefall was under AI, so we wouldn’t have continued with the irrelevant points average. When MM took over we were in second, AI made some purchases and look where we ended up before he got potted. I would have loved to have seen AI do well but he didn’t – how can anybody argue with that fact. Bluedog makes a valid point about Purse – a dreadful mistake that we saw too often. Maybe he was sold before we had a decent replacement – by AI- but he was not good enough. It was AIs defence that let us down so badly recently. AI may not have had much money in the summer but how many league 1 clubs did! I personally thought that C Morrison and Mellor were quite a coup for a league one team – and we all expected JJ to do much better. What league 1 team doesn’t have to build with rejects from other teams.

  • Never thought Irvine should stay just though Megson is making us out for a worser side than we are. He’s boring in his interviews a persists he is doing a good job, truth is 5 wins out of 15 in League 1 and with the team and players we have that is poor from any manager.

  • I for one am just enjoying the idea of maybe finishing in the top half of the table after fearing the drop for so long. We were in free fall and our main chute had failed!! The relief that somehow the reserve handle has been found and pulled hard to stop the rot has let my smile missing for so long return. I just hope next season that I have more reason to smile. At least when we cut our main chute away it seems to have wrapped itself round UTD and they continue to fall like a stone. WTID

  • Safety is not secured and I wont be able to un-clench until it’s mathmatically impossible but I live in hope once more and not despair! I hope to see this site light up once Leauge 1 is secured with the positive chatter once more of the rebuild starting in ernest. UTO

  • Our great club has suffered from years of being dismantled from the inside only leaving the shell of what we were. Be it Megson at the wheel or someone else there is now the right man at the very top to fill the fans with hope and every seat, in every stand! We will soon start to see the benefits of a functional scout system, money being invested in youth and experience and trading as a club without unmanagable debts. I’m drawing a line… RIGHT here RIGHT now… No more talk of the past and all our missed oppurtunities no more about all that’s gone wrong and who is to blame, no more about the players and managers that have come and gone without success or sharing in the true spirit of what it is to be Wednesday. IN MILAN I TRUST!! We are a “new club” that’s how I feel we’ve finally got our feet on the first run of the ladder and for me the climb starts here! WTID

  • I wondered if it was due to his little brother… everyone seemed to give him a hug that meant more than “Well done for getting a goal”!! Maybe he’s still struggling?!

  • Radon! Did you think I was Trevor Francis when I was saying very similar things then? Trying to get the idiot ‘Fans’ to shut up failed then as well! When TF was eventually sacked, partly as a result of those same idiot ‘Fans’, it started the decline of this great club and has led tyo the situation we are now in! It also prompted me not to re-new my season ticket the following year. SWFC just do not deserve to have those idiot ‘Fans’ on thier terraces. Unfortunately they, or similar, are still there! It is time that they realised the harm they do to the club. No, I did not want Irvine to go! I did not want Megson to join either! Wot a pity that Paul Ince did not say ‘Yes’ – I bet he regrets it now! But I have to follow my own advice and support the club and the current manager – at least until he has had time to build a side (and that needs to be at least 2 years – no matter who had been appointed!), something that was not given to Irvine!

  • Where can i find funny sheff utd pictures for eg pigs wearing their shirt or pigs goin down etc.

  • Ha Ha ha. You are a star Sivadam. I don’t even understand your first sentence. You say the idiot fans wanted irvine out – yet you already don’t appear to like Megson. You think this club went downhill because Francis left. Absolute classic. I have supported Wednesday for forty years and only 3 managers, in my opinion, have had much of an impact. Atko, Wilko and Charlton. the only other I have any time for was Sturrock – he really loved the club. Francis was very fortunate to be employed as Wednesday manager having had such an horrific time at QPR where he fell out with the players big time. He managed to fall out with a few at Hillsborough. Considering the team he inherited and the money he spent he didn’t actually win anything. Have you ever wondered why he never did anything before or after. You can’t call fans idiots for expressing an opinion you don’t agree with.
    Wednesdays problems were financial and were paying the highest percentage of wages to income in the league and were totally mismanaged. To think that Francis would have made a long term difference is great.

  • Totally agree Radon and TF had similar charisma to GM now. At least Francis had better players at his disposal and still failed. I’d love to see Big Ron back at the club in some capacity!

  • The Don. I remember reading the paper in a pub at lunch in wakefield with a picture of Big Ron holding a wednesday umbrella when he had just been appointed. A spokesman from the club said that he expected the clubs profile to be raised a bit by the appointment – what an understatement. When he took over from Eustace we were poor and boring. He worked wonders with not a great deal of money. Him leaving was the biggest body blow the club has had. Had he stayed I am convinced we would have won the title the following year. I would also have him back in some capacity. Other clubs do it with their former managers. has paid off quite well for Liverpool recently.

  • Id take Big Ron back but not quite sure how he’d cope in the modern game now? Plus I think he’s still keeping his head down after that little racism incident!

  • Big Ron may not have the football brain or tactical nouse that he once had but he’s an energiser and that’s certainly something lacking right now! Oh yeah, forgot about the racism incident and it wasn’t his first time if you remember the Argentina vs Cameroon World Cup match from 1990?!

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