Date: 15th March 2011 at 9:45pm
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Another home game, another defeat for Wednesday as promotion-chasing Peterborough United eased to an emphatic 4-1 victory at Hillsborough in npower League One.

A brace of goals from George Boyd and strikes from Craig Mackail-Smith and Lee Tomlin saw Posh complete a league ‘double’ over the Owls, who had just a Paul Heffernan consolation strike to show for their efforts.

The loss continued Wednesday’s unwanted home record, which has seen them fail to win in the league at home for over three months – since the thrashing of Bristol Rovers back in early December.

Wednesday boss Gary Megson made a big six changes to the side that lost 1-0 at Hillsborough against Notts County at the weekend.

Gary Madine was deemed fit enough to return in attack, while Tommy Spurr, Richard Hinds and Mark Reynolds returned to the Owls’ defence and Jermaine Johnson and Giles Coke came into the midfield. Isaiah Osbourne was also deemed fit enough to start despite picking up a knock against the Magpies.

It meant the Owls reverted to their 4-5-1 formation favoured under Megson, with Johnson supporting Madine in attack, as opposed to the 4-4-2 formation which failed to reap the rewards at the weekend.

The game started in sluggish fashion, with neither side threatening in front of goal in the opening stages.

But the Owls were dealt a blow just ten minutes in when Mark Beevers was forced off following a clash of heads, Daniel Jones coming on and moving to left-back, with Reynolds partnering Richard Hinds in the centre of the Owls defence.

Both sides were cancelling each other out but Owls skipper Tommy Miller created the first spark when he burst through the Posh defence but Grant McCann put the ball out for a corner.

Miller’s creativity lifted the hosts and McCann’s loose ball was seized upon by Jermaine Johnson minutes later and Miller played a neat one-two with Madine but the Owls striker couldn’t get a shot away.

For Darren Ferguson’s men, McCann was the creative spark and his superb long-ball got Craig Mackail-Smith away but the striker saw his effort deflected to safety.

Richard Hinds almost got lucky when an intended cross headed towards goal and Posh stopper Joe Lewis had to tip it over the bar.

Wednesday had looked comfortable early on but, in similar circumstances to Notts County on Saturday, the visitors took the lead somewhat out of the blue.

Posh looped a ball over the top and Mackail-Smith got on the end of it before lashing a half volley beyond Owls stopper Nicky Weaver and into the back of the net to give the visitors the lead after 24 minutes.

Wednesday’s heads dropped but they had a chance to get back into it when Johnson broke and put Teale in and the winger crossed in with the aim of finding Madine, but the Posh defenders cleared the danger for a corner.

Peterborough hit back immediately from the corner on the break, with some superb counter-attacking play giving Lee Tomlin the chance to lob Weaver with a cool finish and double the visitors’ lead before half-time.

Wednesday’s confidence was battered and Posh added a third before the interval as the Owls’ defence simply collapsed.

This time it was George Boyd taking advantage of more calamity defending from the hosts, putting Peterborough into a 3-0 lead before half-time.

It ended a miserable half for Wednesday and Megson no doubt had some strong words for his men at the interval.

Half-Time: Wednesday 0-3 Posh

Megson made just the one change at the interval with striker Paul Heffernan joining the attack alongside Madine, taking the place of Johnson.

And Wednesday made their intentions clear when Coke struck an effort on goal high over the bar minutes after the restart.

The Owls should have got a goal back through Miller following a good cross to the far post which Teale headed back for the Owls skipper to volley towards goal but the Posh defender got the block in to concede a corner.

The deficit was reduced on 51 minutes when Madine slipped a neat ball across the six-yard box and Heffernan smashed the ball into the back of the net to give the hosts a glimmer of hope of something from the game.

It raised the tempo from the hosts and Wednesday saw claims for a penalty waved away just a minute later.

Things could have got better for the Owls when Heffernan found the back of the net for a second time, only for the officials to chalk it off due to Coke, who provided Heffernan with the ball, to be deemed offside.

Posh had a goal of their own chalked off just five minutes later when Ryan Bennett tucked the ball away but was adjudged to be offside.

The visitors seemingly looked happy to sit back on their lead but Wednesday continued to push to try and find a way firmly back into the contest.

With just over 20 minutes to go Daniel Jones got free and lashed a dangerous ball across the face of goal but no Wednesday attacker could get on the end of it.

Peterborough still posed a threat on the counter-attack thought but Wednesday’s defence looked more stubborn in the second half.

Wednesday made their second change and brought on Darren Potter to replace Hinds, going with a three-man defence in the latter stages.

But any hope of Wednesday getting back into the game were killed off with ten minutes to go when Posh added their fourth.

It came in tame fashion, and it was one Weaver will be keen to forget in a hurry as he failed to deal with a shot from Boyd and palmed the ball into the back of the net to all-but seal the visitors’ win.

Full-Time: Wednesday 1-4 Posh


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  • List players to go:


    Glad I don’t live in Sheffield, and have to watch this. I doubt i’ll make another game and it looks like the players have not turned up again. We are worse than a pub team. Megson should be sacked tonight had no effect at all. Mandaric has made a mistake in hiring him. Worse thing to do was let Irvine near the cheque book should sacked him straight away.

  • This is getting beyond a joke, we are now officially a laughing stock!!! I would just sack them all tonight and play the kids, or the ladies team, at least they would show some commitment

  • Not much to say apart from just sodding sick of it. Quite frankly I got better things to do with my Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings and from now on I will be doing them instead, the team dont give to flips. I wouldnt sack Megson though jamesc1905 mate. Lets face it ya cant make s:#t shine no matter how much ya polish it and hes inherited one great big steaming pile of it. He needs a chance with a new team then lets judge him. Feel deflated and let down tonight, Im speaking from the heart when I say Ive just had enough of it.

  • Painful to listen to, can’t imagine how much it hurt to watch! It’s hard being a Wednesday out of the country, but it must be even harder to put down good money for the show! I agree that Megson needs a chance with a decent side. I say cut out the deadwood this summer, hope M.M. will throw some scratch for a good squad (I gotta say I really feel for the man, right about now), and make the team match the caliber of the fans. Utter rubbish what we’re putting up with. WTID

  • GM will pick you up some quality players absolutely the man can spot a player. Tragically he is Manager and not chief scout, once he has got them on board he will destroy their confidence and play them out of position, and then blame them for not doing a job. I am sure in spite of GM you will stay up, but fear that with him at the helm you have a number of years in that division. Good luck, funny how witht he same players and a little man management we have a trip to wembley and sitting 7th in the Prem (actually GM thinks this is because of him).

  • It was like being stabbed repeatedly Colorado… The second that Daniel Jones came on I knew that my hope for limiting the scoring went out the door. I don’t normally mention players by name or single any man out but last night when Beavers left the pitch and he came on we effectively played with a back three and not an experiend or very good one at that. Daniel’s natural game when playing left back is to pass Teale or whoever he’s playing behind and head for the box, unfortunately we can’t and shouldn’t play like that against the leauges highest scorers DJ is just not a good defender (Megson could have told him however to concentrate on his defensive responsibilities instead of letting him play his way!)… The writing was on the wall after the enforced change. The first goal was a calm finsih but the goal was made when Jones made no contact on an attempted clearence and the Posh with laughable ease bypassed the centre-backs to provide a 1 on 1 with Weaver and it went down hill from there. We had something to cheer as the team having already effectively lost the match came out in the second half and played some attacking football but it didn’t last for to long and although Paul got himself a goal and nearly a second the Posh’s 4th ended the game. Ref shocking, Wednesday terrible and fans heartbroken not looking forward to watching Saturday but if they play better away from home again my suggestion would be to MM to give all the fans £25 to stay home and play the next home game behind closed doors. WTID

  • Well, I think its all been said. Major changes need to happen. Too near the trap door not to do anything in the loan market. Just to get the season ticket sales going needs an injection of at least 3 players. We need quality in every department.
    Jermaine Johnson. What an utter, utter waste of a shirt. He has an inspired 5 seconds in the whole game, completing 2 half decent passes, then stands and watches rather than getting omn the end of a return. I’me sorry, he needs sacking. He’s not on his own. Absolutely abject and gutless again in the 1st half. 2nd half I got a bit exited, thought if we had got the second, it might have been on, then Weaver makes a howler and if the game wasnt over, it then was. Garry Megson made a point on radio Sheffield that he had not bought or loaned any of the players at his disposal, time for him to stop hiding behind it and do something positive for a change. I was 100% behind Manderic and trust that he is less than satisfied. I think there is a strong chance Megson will be out of a job before Adams. Uo the Owls

  • Catte he did a good job for you so ***** off and post on your own poxy site you should be ashamed of what you did to megson enjoy your wembley visit you will always be struggling prem side with no fans im surprised you’ve lasted this long

  • Can someone tell me when Dan Jones actually arrived? He just seems to have appeared! I wouldn’t mind but he’s $hit! They’re all $hit! The only language Mandaric primarily understands is money and as long as there is 15,000+ people going to Hillsbrough at least he will be seeing some plus point? With that in mind, the next home game should be boycotted by the home fans in my opinion? Mandaric might be shocked in to taking some action, the players get a reality check and we’ve all saved £25! Mandaric is probably lining up buyers as we speak as his return on investment at present does not look good really does it? If I was Megson i’d be looking at doing the Maths to do see what gets us safe and then once we are id just promote the academy players for the remainder of the season with McCauley on the bench also because of his relationship to them! I dont even care anymore to be honest? I knew last night would be tonking so didnt look at the score untill now! I hope the players come on this site? Even if they do though they wont give a $hit as they’re getting paid thousands a week just to play footy whether its good, bad or indifferent! Merchant bankers the lot of them!!!!! I have never been so ashamed to be a Wednesday fan in all my life!

  • Forgot to say, happy to see Heff get a goal at least! He is probably the only player I have any respect for!

  • just seen the goals on sky far to easy we are a very poor team but dont think we’ll go down cant see us getting anything at wkend againest southampton either dont think i’ll watch it makes me think we have i renewed my season ticket ?

  • dicanio, he did nothing for us other than depress an entire town. Think I will stick around an watch the car crash from a safe distance. Yep it is tough struggling in 7th in the prem you numpty. Get rid of him now before you are all reaching for the razors.. Of course he will continue to point out none of this is his fault. I wish you well but a season with him in charge is equivelant to 10 really really dull years.

  • Owls that! Daniel Jones in answer to your question was signed up in June 2010… He was a Wolves player that spent almost his entire time there out on loan after graduating the Wolves Academy system. People kept taking him on loan and sending him back, then Wolves decided they’d had enough of him and cut him lose… This is where the Irv’ factor entered the equation probably because DJ could run with the ball and he was cheap it made him an outstanding signing in the eyes of the manager! I’ve seen him play some good games but only when he’s not needed in a defensive capacity, he was naturally a midfield player with some experience as a wingback or a left-back (But not a good one!) I’m with you by the way if we can secure mathmatical security in the leauge I say field the academy and truly learn about whats at the club. (I should think Megson has learnt all he needs to do about his senior squad.)

  • Like i said put your oppinions on your own site you dullard,Bolton a great prem side lol !

  • I for one would love to be where Bolton are now! Watching attacking football, good players like Davies, Sturridge, Elmander, Lee, Holden…… Under a bright young manager and with the chance to see some of the worlds finest players come to our own stadium, instead of the absolute crap we have put up with for the last 10 years. Plus I don’t see the point in having a go at Mandaric. The man saved us from the brink of extinction, when no one else would touch us, then backed the then manager in the transfer market. His only problem was trusting the then manager to spot a decent player! Doh! I’m not a massive Megson fan but give the fella a chance. Hopefully stay up this year and get some better players in for next season.

  • Northeastowl. i agree with your sentiment with regard to Bolton. However, with regard to Megson. He cant keep saying that all he has not signed any of the team at his disposal “so thats ok” it isnt. His job is either to get the team he has inherited working or identify players who will make the required difference. He has done neither, just slagged off the players he needs to encourage or ship out. He cant be a fan in his job, we can do all the moaning that is required. He has to grasp the nettle and actually do something that will make a difference. I like his honesty, I dont like his actions. In Milan we trust. Up the Owls

  • It’s my wedding anniversary at the weekend and the wife went barmy when she found out we were are sky!!! Might just have to take her out now….or make her watch the Rugby instead!!! I wasnt inspired by Megson when he came and even more so now, absolutely shocking, get rid and get McCauley in, he did a great job for us a few years back. Should have waved a bit of cash at Sheridan when we had the chance but don’t think he will come now after he looks like taking Chesterfield up. Just seen that we have taken some nobody on loan from Wolves, why??? Just get the youth team lads in, at least they actually want to play for the club.

  • Whats going on now is simple. Its entirely the players fault, not the chairman or the manager – the players. Some came with big reputations and it was clear at the beginning of the season that they thought they were joining a big club that would stroll out of this division at the first attempt just because its Sheffield Wednesday. They haven’t put the work in to make it happen and others in the team are plainly just cr*p. I doubt that many of them would even be able to get into another League 1 side. I have to say that I have never been impressed by Jermaine Johnson and think he is one of the most over-rated footballers ever. Personally, I would have let him go ages ago. Wildly inconsistent and all he can do is run fast. He just kicks the ball and chases it and most of the time it looks like he doesn’t even know where its going! Can’t cross, can’t shoot and so when he scores I’m convinced it was a fluke most of the time. We just have to stay up and them megson and mandaric bring in their own players.

  • Di Canio, not sure where it is claimed we are a great club not by me at any rate. The lad you have taken from Wolves has potential and will look good at this level. Fairly sure GM will stand on the touchline screaming him into submission. Not sure why you thought that GM would change anything he is poor, you should have had the ambition to match your fan base. I guess that has been the case for many years. We are lucky we have ambition and a man with passion financing the dream. the only serious hiccup now works for you lot… You need to stop sitting on your backsides and flex your collective muscle.

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