Date: 17th October 2011 at 10:49pm
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WEDNESDAY netted twice in the last eight minutes to secure a deserved share of the spoils in an entertaining first Sheffield derby of the season at Bramall Lane on Sunday.

First-half strikes from Stephen Quinn and Ched Evans had put the Blades ahead in a first-half that Wednesday will have felt they deserved much more from.

But Chris O’Grady netted his first Wednesday goal in the 82nd minute to give the visitors hope before Gary Madine netted minutes later to rescue a point for Gary Megson’s men and give the Owls, if anyone, the bragging rights from the first Steel City clash of the campaign.

The Owls were backed by a sell-out 4,300 at Bramall Lane but almost 11,000 packed into the Hillsborough South Stand and Grandstand to witness the match on large television screens.

Megson brought Reda Johnson back into the Owls’ back-four after he missed the last game through international duty, while O’Grady started in attacking alongside Madine, the league’s top scorer.

Typically, the game started in frantic fashion and both sides looked penetrating early on, although it was the hosts who broke the deadlock 11 minutes in through Quinn.

Evans smashed the woodwork with his initial effort and the ball bounced straight into the stride of Quinn, who powered his effort into the back of the net in front of the home Kop.

It gave the hosts a huge boost but Wednesday could have, and perhaps should have, provided an immediate reply. Steve Simonson denied Madine and he scrambled to make a superb save when O’Grady looked favourite to hit the rebound in for the leveller.

And it acted to spur the Blades on yet again, with the hosts going down the other end and doubling their lead somewhat against the run of play. Bywater could do little as Evans directed his header beyond him and into the back of the net after 20 minutes.

It was a nightmare start for the Owls, but to their credit, their heads didn’t drop. James O’Connor put a header over the bar as Megson’s men looked to grab a lifeline before the break. Ben Marshall also saw a shot tipped onto the crossbar while Danny Batth headed wide from a Marshall corner.

It was the Blades who were seemingly in control at the interval, but Wednesday knew there was still a way back into the contest.

Half-Time: United 2-0 Wednesday

Wednesday knew they needed more of an attacking threat on the resumption and Jermaine Johnson was brought on to replace O’Connor at the start of the second half.

But, with the hosts enjoying a two goal cushion, Danny Wilson’s men seemed happy to sit back on their lead with chances being at a premium in the opening stages of the second half – something which suited the Blades.

Tricky winger Marshall was the Owls’ main source of chances, first hitting a free-kick over before producing a fine ball for Madine, who headed just over after the hour mark.

United still had chances of their own, although Bywater wasn’t tested too much, with Rob Jones being the man to divert the danger away when new signing Matt Phillips produced a dangerous-looking cross.

They say 2-0 is sometimes a ‘dangerous’ lead (not my thinking!), and on this occasion at least it proved true as O’Grady reduced the deficit with eight minutes to go to make it a nervy ending for the home, and away, fans.

It gave the Owls hope and that hope soon turned to full on joy as Madine levelled with his eleventh goal of the season just minutes later.

He rose high to win the ball from Simonsen, with some home fans calling for a foul on their goalkeeper, and steer the ball into the back of the net to spark scenes of mass celebration in the away end and back at S6.

United: Simonsen, Lowton, Montgomery, Evans (Porter 84), Williamson (Phillips 68), Collins, Cresswell, Maguire, McDonald, Quinn, Williams. Substitutes: Jean-Francois, Long, Clarke.

Wednesday: Bywater, Buxton, Batth, Jones, R Johnson, Marshall, Semedo, O’Connor (J Johnson 46), Lines, Madine, O’Grady. Substitutes: O’Donnell, Bennett, Prutton, Palmer.


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  • We were unlucky in the first half, lucky in the second, and if we keep on relying on set pieces to rescue points from mediocre performances our luck will start to run out. If Stoke let us keep Marshall, great, we might just make the play-offs, but without him we’re predictable and ugly. A typical Megson team. After 9 months in charge that’s not my idea of progress.

  • I know it broke a few thousand pigs hearts when we scored them two late goals yesterday, but i bet you were distraught M-O

  • Wow! M_O really!!! I’d make a point or 3 but its clear logic is irrelevant to you: and points are of no concern either! OK I’ll make one: all that maters this season is promotion nothing else.
    Actually lets make it 2 – the only way we get to keep Marshall for the second part of this season; and perhaps secure one or 2 crucial January loan deals/signings is to be in the mix come the window. I love great passing football however all I want right now is Sheffield Wednesday to be promoted: only then can the true rebuilding begin.

  • i’d have taken a point before the game, so well pleased with comeback. thought united’s first goal was pretty flukey. i was struggling to see the foul on their keeper for our equaliser, he just failed to get the ball. and whoever said o’connor was to blame for 2nd goal is being daft, it was simply good play from evans

  • So that was a mediocre performance was it? To have three times the number of strikes and twice as many corners as the home side, who were the bookies’ favourites don’t forget, seems like a mighty effort to me. In fact, I’d call it a colossal performance from a squad that continues to show improvement with each game. Y’ know folks, I’d actually made a promise to myself to ignore this kind of negativity and treat such comments with the contempt they deserve, but I can’t believe I’m still reading this ‘no progress in nine months’ bull*****. Seriously, it’s starting to do my head in!

  • should have been at least 5-2 to owls. it just seemed like it wouldnt be our day. but we kept going and got something out of the game

  • M-O just say we were to get rid of Gary Megson today, because for the last 9 months no progress has been made according to you, Marshall would go straight back to Stoke, because the only reason he’s here now is that Pulis is a good friend of Gary’s you idiot.

  • Why can’t people give credit where credits due, we go to our old rivals in game that this year has some real meaning to it as both clubs are looking to get promoted, we out play them, unfortunately go 2 down and still don’t give up and come away with a fantistic result, infact we were unlucky not to leave without all 3 points. What type of football do you think were going to play in a derby? I don’t give a monkeys if we longball or have to relie on set prices. People have to get real and grow up. We have the bragging rights after Sundays game and I can see us winning this league.

  • You are all wasting your time saying anything about MO. The man is an idiot plain and simple, just in case the name didn’t give it away in the first place. Even if we win this league he’ll continue to try and discredit Megson because he has to justify his stupid name. I think we should start a campaign against MO called MOO -Megson Out Out. In the meantime, the best we can do is ignore his comments completely and continue threads as though he never said anything. This is the last time I will bother to address anything to do with him. Fantastic result and performance from the team in the end and should give them a massive amount of confidence to come back in that way in a difficult derby. Megson has done brilliantly so far and deserves the credit. Its still early but this team looks too good at the moment to do anything less than the play-offs because I haven’t seen 6 better teams in this league so far and I’m sure we can get better.

  • The way Wednesay are playing excites me. We have direction when we get the ball, gone are the days of Potter passing it sideways and nobody ever wanting the ball or having no clue what to do with it. We have 3 strikers who can all score goals, the goal machine is clearly going to be class for years to come and O’Grady also looks like he has attributes to be quality too. They also seem to have desire. Looking forward to the return of Lowe. I trust in our full backs and Reda is a beast. All the back four can score as can our midfield. My only squad player I am not keen on is J’OC but no team can be perfect. We can score from all over the pitch and most times in their half you feel like we should create a chance. Marshall looks class and I am hoping Palmer makes the right wing spot his own. If he can’t because Johnson has found form then we are going to be an awesome attacking team with pace on one wing and creativity on the other. Gary Megson has a good sense of humour and although he’s a bit of a cock you kind of love him. The players also play for him else we wouldn’t be unbeaten in the last 5, have a 100% home record, the top scorer in the league, Marshall probably one of the best creative players in the league and the rest of the side know he is making sense and that is why they all went and jumped on him after scoring the second. I expect promotion because we are one of the best teams in the league not just the best club this season. I am well and truly in the Megson camp following derby day and will keep the faith. You don’t dominate your local rivals, create shed loads of chances and come back with 2 goals in the last 10 minutes away from home unless you have a damn good team and thats what we have shown. Thankyou over and M_O out!

  • Am I missing something. Yes we are good at set pieces and we use the long throw because we have someone at the moment who has one – but that doesn’t mean its long ball tactis. We have a forward who is great in the air (as well as on the floor) and a few defenders (johnson jones and bennet) who are capable of scoring – so why not try to score in the air. Makes a change from when we had Burton and Tudders up front who were too small and similar and we rarely scored. We played it through midfield and up the channels better than they did. Did they deliberately narrow the pitch to stop us playing down the wings or has it been like that all season. From what i saw we will easily make the play offs an possible the automatics alongside Huddersfield. Marshall is a great player though – he could be our kenwyn jones this time round – when does he go back? Their second goal came from a set piece header and we hit the woodwork at least twice from open play???

  • See Nathan Modest has left the club by mutual consent, well could’nt see him getting a game to be honest, if we were looking to replace J’OC, think Megson could have a look at Michael Jacobs from Northampton.

  • Bravo to all and Devon in particular. The positive vibe generated by supporters is transmitted to the pitch and that’s an undeniable truth. This season runs thru till May and we aren’t a third of the way in yet but what isn’t there to get excited about? GM has built an impressive looking squad quickly and with only a modest financial outlay. About £500k for O’Grady, Lowe & Lines and at least half of that recouped from sales. He’s also reduced the wage bill, an aspect he considered worthy of a mention at the weekend. We all want Marshall to stay, Batth too, even Bywater if Weaver’s likely to be out much longer, but there’s already healthy competition for all positions and I’m sure there’ll be funds made available come January. GM has been given the task of building a side to achieve promotion from this league and he must do so by and large using players equipped to compete at this level. If he succeeds, he’ll then be charged with building a side capable of winning games in the Championship. When was the last time we could embrace such optimism without being accused of dreaming?

  • Marshall is on Loan to the January window Radon and someone told me before kick off Sunday that he is out of contract in the Summer and has voiced a desire to stay. Keeping him season long is a must but signing a player like him properly will truely show the clubs ambition. We had some doubts on signings made and players kept but Megson all along seems to have known what he was doing… I think if everyone stays fit and we are there or there abouts at the window Milan will dip into his pockets and hopefully secure Marshall and maybe one other perm in addition to another loan player. This depends a lot on what happens with Weaver’s return, whether we have to take Clinton back and Megsons feelings in regards to Coke and the Beever. Wast Batth loan season long again or is that only until January?? UTO

  • Fingers crossed for Marshall. When Meggo was announced as manager he was never gonna get gasps of excitement, but you have to give him a chance. Although i was unsure i always thought from day 1 thet we had a proper manager for the first time since sturrock. The rest have been stop gaps. AI was a good coach and Laws a good motivator, but neither seemed any good tactically. Where Megson excels – and even Bolton fans admit this – is his ability to spot a good player – something his 2 predecessors could not do. Laws AI and Turner all brought in new players but to no avail (except Madine, which may just have been luck), whereas Megson seems to have made a tremendous start on that front, something to build on. Again i didn’t think we were kick and run on sunday and were certainly not outplayed on the floor by a largely anonymous united team. Like i’ve said before I think Meggo is the manto take us to the Prem, just like Wilko, but when we get there he may not be the man to push us onto the next stage – again like wilko – but thats a while off yet, but i am sure meggo will do it.

  • We are scoring goals and winning matches – compared to last year and the year before that is defintiely progress

  • I must say I enjoyed your ‘whether we have to take Clinton back’ comment 4eva. Well unless MK stump up some cash to make his move a permanent one I’d insist he did come back and then set him to work keeping MM’s driveway clear of leaves!

  • great comeback from the lads thought o’gradys hold up play was excellant and madine’s goal was never a foul . Why does meggo keep playing o’connor he is not good enough the midfield was non exsistent for me apart from marshall again at the heart of everything we do need to keep him quality player also the beam back was excellent well done swfc

  • OurMaurice liking your thinking the only issue I see is that clearing autumn leaves from the drive would suggest the wind may be blowing so he’s likely to be sitting on his ass complaining a lot and getting little done… That being said he was in the stand Sunday with Coke and The Beever cheering on the lads so he’s not all bad!! I just think we don’t and wont play football this season that he fits in to. Fingers crossed the Dons stump up some cash and Meggo can use it wisely. I was in the confused group of Wednesday supporters that heard on the radio and other media outlets that we were playing back to front all the time. Did they watch the game… I think Semedo was looking for the ball all the time even dropping back to pick it up from Bywater… On that point how many times did Bywater roll the ball out to play from the back and it went through midfield and we moved as a team up the pitch??! I think as I’ve said over and over Gary has been focussed on the basics as those are things we weren’t getting right and with each game the confidence in the players is building and we are playing a variety of different ways. The benefit being that we are playing progressively further and further up the pitch and everyone is putting the required effort in. Yes we play the long throw in and we’ve several that can chuck it in my question is what’s the problem with that if the delivery is at times as threating as if it were a corner. Progress is being made… anyone who can’t see it is blind, blinkered or stupid!! Keep playing to the squads strength Meggo and stuff what everyone says just keep doing what you doing…UTO

  • I’m sorry M-O but you’ve really excelled yourself this time, if you can’t see we’ve made progress in 9 months since GM took over you must by David Blunkett. I can think of plenty of games this season which we’ve won or drawn that 9 months ago would have been draws or defeats, Charlton and Sheff Utd away are two difficult away matches that we drew having come from behind showing great character which before I’m sure we would have lost. It’s ridiculous statements like that which prove you must be a complete muppett, the sooner you’re sectioned and have all access to the internet removed the better. It’s work in progress at Wednesday at the moment working towards the goals MM has set out, we’re not there yet by any means but are certainly heading the right direction which any level headed sensible owls fan can see which I’m afraid puts you in a minority of one with a cause nobody is signing up to or agreeing with!!

  • Can’t be David blunkett he can even SEE were better than we were, he’s just a complete Mong, an oxygen theif!!!

  • bywater was a good signing. i hope we keep him cos he has made a difference to the defence and as 4eva pointed out his distribution is pretty useful

  • Long time reader, 1st time poster. I have no problem putting my hands up and admitting that I wasn’t thrilled with Megson’s appointment, I thought he has no style or the charisma to take us forward, so equally, having witnessed us this season, have no problem eating humble pie! Not since the 90’s have I seen us with the resilience to make potential losses into draws/wins & potential draws into wins. It’s a very exciting time at S6 & I’m actually watching with a smile on my face, which is something I’ve not done for a while. I can actually see us grabbing one of the automatic spots, should we keep this up. The other main contenders being Huddersfield, Preston & Charlton. Keep up the good work Megson. Wednesday till I die!

  • Is Moron_Out the former fool BladesForLife? Wouldn’t be surprised if he is. Anyway, absolutely magnificent comeback. Must keep it up and keep the faith. UTO!

  • The only reason M_O comes on here is to get a reaction from others! He is obviously not a true Wednesday fan and obviously has no friends which is why he has to get people to talk to him on here and the only way he can do that is by making ridiculous statements that probably even he knows make no sense!! As previously mentioned, a waste of oxygen and i feel sorry for the guy that he is so completely and utterly retarded if he really does belive the ****e he comes out with! Rant Over WTID!!

  • The only reason M_O comes on here is to get a reaction from others! He is obviously not a true Wednesday fan and obviously has no friends which is why he has to get people to talk to him on here and the only way he can do that is by making ridiculous statements that probably even he knows make no sense!! As previously mentioned, a waste of oxygen and i feel sorry for the guy that he is so completely and utterly retarded if he really does belive the ****e he comes out with! Rant Over WTID!!

  • I think in the games since Pruttons injury Semedo has proved he wants to be the boss in the centre of the park and I think he has been really well backed up by Lines. Semedo is dinking quality ball forwards always moving to get involved and is looking like the player he was at Charlton. I think the Midfield will be completed when we can find someone to play in JOC’s place who plays with the passion and the energy just does it better… You can’t fault him for his attitude but sometime he’s just out-classed UTO.

  • Brilliant comeback boys,it was awesome to be in that away end when we came back and at the end it was fantastic. The blunts all leaving together with their heads bowed down was a sight I will remember for a long time.WTID

  • If only R Jones could score his chance at the end that would have been priceless but let’s not get too greedy.

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