Date: 15th February 2011 at 10:48pm
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TEN-man Wednesday saw their winless league run since the turn of the year continue in Birkenhead as Tranmere Rovers inflicted a 3-0 victory that all-but ends the Owls promotion hopes this season.

Lateef Elford-Alliyu headed the hosts ahead on the hour mark before Owls midfielder Giles Coke was sent off four minutes later to leave the visitors with a mountain to climb.

Ian Goodison doubled Rovers’ lead before former Owls striker Enoch Showunmi rubbed salt in the wounds with a third with less than ten minutes to go.

It leaves new boss Gary Megson looking to avoid relegation and keep the Owls in npower League One, rather than looking to secure promotion – the aim at the start of the season.

Megson promised changes following the 2-1 loss at Rochdale on Saturday and he made them, with five changes coming at Prenton Park.

As predicted, striker Gary Madine and midfielder Isaiah Osboure both started, while Reda Johnson, Tommy Spurr and Gary Teale all got the nod as Wednesday looked for a first league win since the turn of the year.

Tranmere were going to be no pushovers though, as their recent good form showed, and it proved to the case on a cold evening at Prenton Park.

The Owls made a bright start though and Madine almost carried on where he left off at Rochdale, but he steered his header over the bar from a Coke cross in the early exchanges.

Megson had emphasised the importance of good start for Wednesday following recent poor first-half showings that had left them with a mountain to climb.

And they contained Rovers pretty well in the opening chances, with the Owls having the best of the early exchanges, limiting the hosts in front of goal.

Rovers’ first chance came when Lucas Askins powered fired into the side netting from a deep cross, but Owls goalkeeper Nicky Weaver had the effort covered.

Owls midfielder Gary Teale was an unused substitute at Spotland on Saturday but he was brought back in by Megson and was at the centre of most of the Wednesday attacks.

First he almost picked out Madine with a dangerous cross before beoing the provider again in setting-up Clinton Morrison, but the skipper saw his shot well charged down by the Tranmere defence.

Far from the poor defending seen on Saturday, the Owls kept their hosts pretty quiet in the first-half, with chances coming few and far between.

It was a good sign for a side that have been struggling in the first-half of matches that Wednesday took a 0-0 draw into the break.

Half-Time: Tranmere 0-0 Wednesday

Wednesday have improved in the second half of late and the travelling Wednesday fans were hoping it was going to be a case of more of the same in Birkenhead as the teams came out for the second half.

indeed, the visitors started the second half well and Coke shot over the bar before Wednesday almost took advantage of some calamity defending from the hosts.

Confusion between a defender and Tranmere stopper Tony Warner gifted Clinton Morrison the ball, but the Owls skipper wasn’t able to find the back of the net and the Rovers defence managed to clear the danger for a corner.

Gary Madine also came agonisingly close to connecting to a Coke corner as the Owls had the upper hand.

The Owls were made to pay for their missed chances shortly after though as the hosts took the lead against the run of play.

John Welsh’s cross found Elford-Alliyu, who made no mistake in beating Weaver to break the deadlock.

It was a blow to Wednesday, and the game was as good as over for Megson’s men just minutes later when Coke saw red and Rovers scored from the resulting free-kick.

The Owls midfielder was late in a challenge on Welsh and the referee had no option than to send him off.

Goodison was then well-positioned to steer in Cresswell’s free-kick to make it 2-0.

A miserable night in Tranmere was complete with nine minutes to go as the hosts netted a third, with former Owl Showunmi powering home a volley to complete the scoring.

Full-Time: Tranmere 3-0 Wednesday


39 Replies to “Tranmere Rovers 3-0 Wednesday”

  • Total garbage!! Other teams with 10/9 men battle we fall to pieces. God knows how we are going get out of this rut. What is clear is the cen mid needs totally revamping thanks Irvine for signing some terrible players. Grim days.

  • How can we have become so sh&te? I keep saying it, maybe purse wasn’t that bad! Just looked at the sky match stats, they only had 1 shot on target and scored 3 times! Says all there is to say really. Just picked up tickets for Oldham away! Not sure I fancy it much now!
    If this keeps going it could be down the owls, league 2 here we come.

  • What a F*****g shambles.How can a team with our ability be playing like this.I just dont know anymore i cannot find any more answers.This team should be now looking forward to the championship again almost?not looking at a f*****g dog fight to survive.
    For F**k sake we got the money we buy players now were not in debt ,someone please tell me whats going on

  • this string of poor performances mean that not only are some players not performing very well (or are simply not good enough) but they have also lost the battle mentally. Once again we fail to score a goal. Our walking striker Morrison (re rarely runs) is captain simply because no-one in the defence or midfiled looks good enough to warrant a prolonged run in the side. However, I feel that Megson knows his stuff, and thankfully we have Manderic behind him, so I am confident he will sort out our woes. What is the worst loss we have ever suffered? This comes to mind as we are away at Birmingham this Saturday and on this form look like we will be hammered!

  • Looking forward to the end of the season for the big clearout, nothing else to look forward too, need to be out of the fa cup this weekend, need to put everything into avoiding relegation, mm and gm I think will be drawing up the list for the firing squad, at this rate the city of Sheffield will have no one in the championship or league 1 maybe we should combine and become sheffield city fc, uuuummmmmm I wish! Joke………

  • they all need sacking absolute *****e are away form is shocking and we have’nt got a home game till 5th march cant see us getting any points till at least then

  • I’ve kept away form posting on here since this run started, as I had hoped that with MM coming in we could look forward to a bright future and wanted to say something positive. Well a 2 hour drive to Tranmere on a cold and windy Tuesday followed by 2 hours home to watch that!!!! – For 15 minutes at the start of the second half we were well on top and the backing from the Wednesday fans was fantastic – then they scored and ………….. WE DESERVE BETTER FROM THE PLAYERS!!!

  • Why do we just collapse when we go behind away?Its happening every match now and we end up getting hammered.Birmingham could get their record win on our form,its scary.The players should be embarrassed,they dont deserve the fantastic support they get.Its gonna be a relegation dogfight again and its simply embarrassing.Getting thumped by poor teams.

  • At least we’ll achieve our aim of getting out of league 1 at the first attempt, not in the desired direction though!!!! I have to laugh otherwise I’ll cry, thought getting to half-time on level terms was an achievement and hoped we’d kick on in 2nd half. Still at least watching Gattuso thinking he could take on Joe Jordan gave me a laugh last night, would only have been bettered if JJ had knocked him out.

  • This is my first post… I have read with interest over the last couple of months through all the changes our club has gone through and find truth in a great deal of what is said! I am proud to be Wednesday, Proud to be associated with the informed fans I stand side by side with and proud of the faithful that continue their support home and away while not being given anything to cheer about. Pride is what is lacking at Wednesday! Not by us! Pride is sadly lacking on the pitch! I have heard and read soo many things in regards to our squad and where we should or shouldn’t be… the simple truth is that the players haven’t shown the respect to the division in which they find themselves and haven’t shown the pride and respect to be worthy to pull on the legendary Blue & White. The fact that the majority of the team hang their heads if we go behind is simply deplorable… I said yesterday that we were likely to lose a man during the game before kick-off for the simple reason that the Manager is aware of what is required and is telling the players finally to get the ball back and challenge for everything. This isn’t a case of too little too late but it is clearly showing what we’ve done so very wrong to find ourselves where we are now. It was a managerial and squad collective arrogance that we could play our game and bounce straight back. We’ve not altered how we play the game at all from the seasons that we struggled and suffered in the Championship to this season. GM has a task and a half in my opinion and I’m willing to let him make all the changes he needs to, this is going to take some time but I’m positive he will turn things around and as a minimum stop the rot and stop the freefall. I have to admitt I think playing staff changes are required and I think battlers and MEN that want nothing more than a shirt to play for the team and the fans should be given the chance to show their metal (We are the only Football team in the Steel city after all!)… I’m tired of the same faces turning out and commentators saying here’s a player that would suit the leauges above being that they need more time on the ball. There are too many players with extreme confidence issues in the same team now we need large scale changes just to win a game and then go from there… I feel for our defence they are effectively new and I think improving rapidly but we still lack suitable protection infront of them… I watched the last home game with my head in my hands as they were give time to pick their passes and rip us apart this has to be stopped by any means necessary. Teams know how to beat us now they are all playing a similar game… we either match them and beat them at their own game first and then play football or settle for the level of our current form.

  • disgraceful performance. everythings in the air and we have no width! defenders dont communicate and look so nervous! the challenge was never a red card from where i was standing! i cant see where our next win is coming from next two away games are definate losses! time to build for next year. the biggest disgrace was NONE of the players coming over to the fans at the end, they would get a bit more respect if they shown some appreciation for us because tbh i feel like they dont give a **** about us lot!

  • Agreed 4evaOWL. Just to try and keep it optimistic, didn’t this sort or thing happen to QPR last year? They got took over, sacked thier manager, had a auwfu 3 months (all be it in the championship). Come on Gary lad, sort it out. UTO.

  • Mid December League Record: P20 W10 D3 L7 F33 A16 GD+17. And then add on quite a number of Cup victories! We had gone thro’ a previous bad spell and recovered but Purse and AI were still geting the bird and abuse from the fans. But we were still trying to play attacking football with wide men in midfield and that was with team of reject players from other clubs that AI had try and blend into a winning team, because he could not buy players. Even in AI’s last game at Peterboroguh we played well and were looking to win the game when Coke’s error led to the sending off of DP. The following home game Peterboroguh drew 4-4 with Southampton! Now we are stuck with GM’s boot the ball upfield and try and chase it! The fans that helped this demise should now be ashamed. If GM is gonna play this way then has to get in new players that understand POMO!

  • “The fans that helped this demise should now be ashamed.” don’t talk sxxt suvadam, the fans are the only thing that’s good about thus club!

  • A bit harsh WFL. You can’t really expect them to come and thank a stand full of fans chanting “your not fit ot wear the shirt”

  • AI and Purse had their chance. We’re not losing because they’re gone, we were losing when they were here and none of that is GM’s fault. He’s been here 5 minutes and anyone already getting on his back should be the ones feeling ashamed. He’s a football manager, not jesus and he gave up playing years ago so can’t play himself!

  • But some of you guys, and many others, contributed the team’s loss confidence and to the loss of the best captain we have had for a long tme. Remember that defence that only conceded 16 goals in 20 games? Buxton Purse Beavers Spurr? Compare that to what is happening now! The main differences? Purse is no longer there to organise them! Thanks ‘fans’! AI is not there to try and get the team playing football down the flanks! Thanks ‘fans’! I for one have never liked POMO! Even in my playing and coaching days! And the real fans at Hillsborough don’t like it either!

  • I ain’t on his back ‘baldowl’ I am just pointing out that he will need POMO players to play the long ball game and that getting them into the team ain’t gonna be a quick fix!
    We have changed direction at exactly the wrong time! Can’t blame GM for that.
    Can blame all those boo boys that got on the Team’s, Manager’s and certain Players, backs tho’. Ever played in front of a crowd that does that? No matter who you are it affects your game – just as cheering you on does, even if you ain’t playing your best!
    I remember a section of the Kop doing the same to John Sheridan at one time when he was having a bit of a bad spell. Then he hit a screamer into the top corner at the Kop End and those same fans were then all over him!
    The effects of booing by your own fans can be totally devastating! Something that many of you will never understand!

  • Sivadam if you think we tried to play football under Irvine then i feel sorry for you, because it was the biggest load of *****£ i’ve seen for years, and many more Wednesday fans will agree with me just look at the dwindling attendances, i’ve said it before that the man you think was trying to play football has destroyed this club, just hope Gary can do it and get rid of the crap at the end of the season.

  • dobby1 we pay there wages, we support them in mass numbers up and down the country! WE are whats good about this club. if i was megson i would have told everyone of them the stand infront of the crowd and let them take that abuse because they deserved it! i would fine them a week wages and give us all refunds who went! i can understand if we lose to a better team and TRY but they were rubbish and we showed NO passion!

  • As my posts at the time will show, I was a supporter of Irvine, or rather a supporter of MM, and stated that I would back AI for as long as MM kept him on. I also said that booing any player or the manager during a game is not support and something I didn’t agree with. That said, I also agree that MM made the right decision to let AI go when he did because with the defenders that he brought in, which were targets he wanted and rated, still couldn’t stop the team conceding 3, 4 and 5 a game. I’m sorry but it’s been there for all to see that Purse was a liability as a player and we conceded numerous goals directly because of him on countless occasions. He was a good leader but that alone doesn’t stop goals going in. Now Megson has to come in and try to get this team to defend and win ugly if need be but if we get tighter and start winning at the same time – then punt away! The fact is that now Megson and MM are going to have start again in the summer and that will probably involve clearing out some of the paid for players that Irvine targeted and bought, not just the freebies when times were tight, and I doubt that anyone that will be looking to bring Purse back to sort our defence.

  • WFL – I agree, they were shocking, but some of them did move towards us and clap, and then after hearing the chants they went down the tunnel. I don’t blame them. I am not making excuses for them on the pitch, or crticising the fans, it was 100% justified, but there is no way that I would stand in front of that and say thank you. who is going to give refunds? Our money went to Tranmere not Wednesday, so i assume that you mean Wednesday should pay us for travelling. I am as unhappy as anyone right now and Tuesday just about capped it off, but I hope can maintain some sense of realism!

  • Im sorry but anyone who thinks we were better with purse in the team surely never saw him play. dont get me wrong he was a top leader but was making mistakes & yes, we conceded less but at the same time, still lost quite a few games 1-0, which is still zero points, so how many were conceding doesnt really matter when were not winning matches does it!!? The players need to get a grip-they are being paid thousands(not hundreds-THOUSANDS!!!!) of pounds each week-no amount of booing or anything else for that matter would stop me giving everything i had to try and earn my wage. i understand where people that say booing-etc doesnt help are coming from but these footballers are grown men-if theyre old enough to earn the wages they earn then they should be man enough to take the criticism(chants/booing) and just get on with it.

  • you would have thought training 4hrs a day at least 3-4 days a week they would be able to iron out the mistakes, why dont the players sit together and tell each other what they can see that is going wrong it cant be that hard

  • The football is as bad as the spelling and grammar on this site! So pretty f-ing awful! Anyone who thinks we still wouldn’t be in this position if Purse was still here then you know nuts all about footy, no matter how good a coach/player you make out to be! Megson will sort it out, we won’t go down?! Will we?! Nooooo……!!

  • One assumes you have all read GM’s quotes tonight re. DP? He now has the job of finding a replacement at a time when few such players will want to join!

  • supersibon, being paid money or having grown into a man does not make you immune to basic psychology. If your own group throw you out ie boo you, then it will affect how you see them and how you see yourself. If you get positive reinforcement (cheering)when you try something and it works out well then this will encourage you to try things again. If you get negative reinforcement (booing) when something you try goes wrong then you will be discouraged from trying things in the future. In other words it is simple – booing affects what people do in the future in a bad way. In other words fans that boo their team are making it more difficult for the team to do well in the future. Basic year 1 psychology.

  • woohoo OddOwl – “Basic year 1 psychology” – get you smarty pants. I feel so much better for the benefit of being educated by you today.

  • It’s all the fans are at fault, what utter crap, basic psychology utter crap, were not good enough….. Fact! Gm and mm will sort this lot out, and I’m sure we will have a good go next season.

  • It’s all the fans are at fault, what utter crap, basic psychology utter crap, were not good enough….. Fact! Gm and mm will sort this lot out, and I’m sure we will have a good go next season.

  • Just read this article from Clinton Morrison so oddowl take note.
    ?As a captain, I would definitely model myself on Roy. He was a winner and I want to be a winner at Sheffield Wednesday. This club and the fans deserve more.?

    There were angry scenes after the 3-0 defeat at Tranmere on Tuesday with fans turning on the players ? and there was little respite for them when they reached the dressing room.

    ?There?s about 20,000 Sheffield Wednesday fans who would want to be in our position and if you can?t take a bit of stick then you shouldn?t be playing the game,? said Morrison.

    ?I had a few choice words to say at the end of the game against Tranmere. I?ve heard people say things in the changing room and people have had their nose put out of joint by new players coming in to take their place.

    ?But you have to stand big and prove to the manager you are good enough to take that shirt. If the Birmingham fans give me a bad reception, it will only inspire me. I can stand up to anything.?

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