Date: 14th September 2011 at 9:35am
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Wednesday came crashing back down to earth with an almighty bang on Tuesday night when Stevenage embarrassed Gary Megson’s men with a 5-1 thumping at The Lamex Stadium.

Darius Charles added to first-half strikes from Craig Reid, John Mousinho, Michael Bostwick and Laurie Wilson as Stevenage ripped the Owls to shreds in emphatic style.

The Owls went into the game in confident mood after beating previously unbeaten MK Dons at Hillsborough on Saturday and holding promotion-hopefuls Charlton Athletic to a 1-1 draw at The Valley last time out on the road.

But nothing could prepare them for the early onslaught as the hosts raced into a 3-0 lead after just 17 minutes to leave Wednesday and their travelling fans wondering just what had hit them.

Owls boss Megson made just one change to the side that started in the 3-1 win over MK Dons on Saturday, with Liam Palmer coming in to replace Jermaine Johnson, who dropped to the bench, in midfield.

But the visitors failed to hit the ground running as Graham Westley’s men came flying out of the traps, forcing Owls stopper Richard O’Donnell into a good early save to deny Bostwick.

The fast pace continued from the hosts as Stacy Long saw an effort deflected wide before O’Donnell was called into action again when Charles attempted to lob him.

And it was from another Long shot from distance that the hosts broke the deadlock after just six minutes. O’Donnell couldn’t hold onto the low shot and Reid followed up to drill home the rebound.

It was a disastrous start for the visitors but things were soon to get worse. Just minutes later Mousinho was given time with the ball at the edge of the Owls box and he drilled a low shot beyond O’Donnell and into the back of the net for 2-0.

The Owls were demoralised and the hosts were buzzing from their superb start. It was soon 3-0 as Bostwick struck a long-range effort which flew into the net via a post and Wednesday were wondering just what they could do to stop the flood of goals and get back into the game.

They did – but only until the 38th minute when Stevenage made it 4-0 and left Wednesday with a mountain to climb. It came in somewhat fortunate circumstances as the ball struck Wilson’s legs and went into the back of the net via a couple of deflections.

Half-Time: Stevenage 4-0 Wednesday

Dismayed by the 45 minutes he’d just witnessed, Megson didn’t hang around in ringing the changes and made three substitutions at the interval.

Reda Johnson, Jermaine Johnson and James O’Connor came on in place of Rob Jones, David Prutton and Julian Bennett respectively as the Owls searched for a change in fortunes in the second half.

It did seem to have an impact as Wednesday enjoyed more of the ball and limited their hosts to fewer chances in front of goal. But then again at 4-0 up, the hosts may have understandably taken their foot off the gas with the points seemingly wrapped up.

But Stevenage came close to adding a fifth on the hour mark before they did find the back of the net again in the 68th minute through Charles. He got beyond a number of bodies inside the box before turning and firing the ball into the back of the net.

The game was won but Gary Madine at least continued his good goalscoring form when he netted a consolation for the Owls with 15 minutes left to play. It was too little, too late.

Jermaine Johnson did hit the woodwork but he was later to be sent off for violent conduct to complete a nightmare of a day at the office for the Owls.

Full-Time: Stevenage 5-1 Wednesday

Stevenage: Day, Wilson, Laird, Charles, Ashton, Roberts, Henry, Long, Mousinho, Bostwick, Reid. Subs: Julian, Edwards, Myrie-Williams, Walker, Beardsley.

Wednesday: O’Donnell, Buxton, Bennett, Jones, Batth, Prutton, Semedo, Palmer, Marshall, Madine, Morrison. Subs: Jameson, R Johnson, J Johnson, Lines, O’Connor.


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  • Just when you think being a Wednesdayite can’t get any more embarrassing! 1 day we’ll all wake up and realise that the last 15 years have just been 1 big nightmare!

  • all this just sums up the ridiculousness of supporting sheffield wednesday. credit to Stevenage and Exeter last season, both have a way of playing and firing up their players to put in performances above their ability or transfer value. I think what is upsetting is these players have much higher pedigree and fail to perform. Look forward to some kind of explanation from Megson, the players or Mandaric. Whether we will get one I don’t know. I just don’t understand how season after season we assemble teams full of players capable at playing at a higher level and they chuck out schoolboy performances like this

  • After the MK game reckon they just thought they’d stroll out on the park smash a few in and head home – instead they got a lesson. Just hope they are as humiliated as the fans. Results like this can be the making of a season or become a regular occurence. Time for this team to man up and stop this type of thing happening. Conceeding 5 should never happen to Sheffield Wednesday at this level simple as that.

  • My point about Exeter and Stevenage is that they are achieving above their ability. So they must be motivated unlike our players who are playing below theirs

  • I won’t try and put a positive spin on that performance and thankfully it isn’t my job to make amends before the next match. But I won’t allow myself to overreact either. It’s embarrassing but it’s still only a defeat at the end of the day, three points dropped. I have nothing but sympathy for the faithful who endured it on behalf of the rest of us but we’ve all been there. Far too often, it seems. I’m grateful the next game is away and hope the players see it as a chance to repay the support they’re given. I’ll guarantee the manager won’t try and duck responsibility and he’ll be the one working the hardest to rectify the situation.

  • What can you say after that performance? Not a lot. Any positives from the game? Not really. I can only presume it must be a mental issue rather than physical. This is something we need to stamp out and quick. Next game can’t come round soon enough. MAN UP WEDNESDAY AND SHOW US LOYAL SUPPORTERS WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF…. STOP DICKING ABOUT LIKE SCHOOL BOYS AND TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS!!!!

  • I keep asking but never get a reply. After 30+ games in charge where the fek is the progress on the pitch??? Even MKDons outplayed us in the first half. He’s a nice bloke Megson, but too many Wednesdayites still think this is a qualification to manage our club. He’s failed to motivate the players and failed to get us playing anything like the modern passing game. And if you don’t agree this is what Megson himself said last night: “They played with a lot more desire than us and passed the ball better than we did”. Nothing new there then Gary. And anyone who thinks like OurMaurice it was “only a defeat at the end of the day” hasn’t been forking out £££ to watch this garbage. 5-1 to Stevenage. Where is Stevenage ffs????

  • I’m sure no Wednesday fan is happy with this result and the inevitable sack the manager stuff was always bound to follow. Everyone has their right to their opinion but this result doesn’t mean that everything negative being said about Megson is right, anymore than the positive result at the weekend made him Alex Ferguson. How long can some fans really just keeping passing the buck to the manager for these kind of results? Megson plays a role in this but so do these well paid professional players. With the greatest of respect, you wouldn’t have needed to go to the game to make the comments that Megson has when you’re team loses 5-1. I’m not defending results like this but we shouldn’t be over-reacting just yet and calls for sacking the manager…again…to solve this problem has clearly achieved nothing so far, and it seems the only way a manager is going to win in some fans eyes is to take us top of the league instantly and keep us there whilst playing like Barcelona…or he’s out. There’s nearly 40 games left this season and despite what others may think on here, I don’t agree that Megson has had a real chance to turn this team and club around in the time he’s been here.

  • Dont tell me its only a defeat – it may be only 3 points lost but the manner of the defeat and the recurring pattern of our away defeats has got to be a worry, one which at the momment shows no signs of changing, the performances away have been appalling (stating the obvious) but it’s not a one off, or we’re unlucky its bad performances and bad management – clearly. I was hoping for an improvement in the away form a win last night and’t pigs lose were breathing down there porky necks, now I’m hoping we dont have a drop in our home form or it will be breathing up Chezzies ar$e! And the “it’s Stevenage” why does that matter they earned the right to be in the division we should all know by reputation counts for absolutely NOWT!!

  • Sorry but i have to agree with Megson_Out.OurMaurice its not just a defeat its a hammering,if it was 1-0 then yes its just a defeat,but to get outplayed from the kick off with the team we had out their is a fecking disgrace.The only good from last night is that the piggys lost aswel.

  • Anutha thing i cant understand is why have Uchechi and Kasnik on loan paying them wages no matter ow small,and not even using them amd loaning out Coke and Beavers to lower the wage structure.Then the next thing we know is that a new director of ???????????? as joined the ranks which im guessing wont be cheap wages.Oh well rant over onwards n upwards hopefully.W.T.I.D

  • I think you’re getting the replies M_O they just aren’t the ones you expect to read. I have difficulty agreeing with a single point you make. Like every other Wednesdayite I can share your frustration but you and I seem to have a different grasp of reality. You say 30+ games when common sense suggests GM’s reign should only be judged from the start of this season. You talk about MM’s cash when from what I can understand the bulk of his investment went on clearing debt and placing the club on a financially sound footing. You talk about these quality players who would refuse to play for our manager like you clearly know something the rest of us don’t. It’s like your stories of ten mile runs and training sessions without the ball. How do you come by this information other than to perpetuate a stereotype created by your imagination? You talk about the modern passing game as though it came in a box, freely available to all with promotion guaranteed or else your money back. There are a thousand ways a football result can be influenced and tactical choices are probably less reliable than confidence and performance (collectively and individually). Prior to last night we’d been on a run taking 10pts from twelve, and yet you refuse to acknowledge that that represents progress from last season. It was just a defeat at the end of the day, and it leaves us four points off the pace. I’d settle for that come January when the transfer window opens, the loanees return to their clubs and GM can take stock of the situation. That’s the time he’ll be asking for MM’s full support but in the meantime support is the best thing we fans have to offer. Blind criticism is counter productive, can’t you even accept that much? You attend matches? Great! Do you support the side that takes to the field? I wonder. ‘True’ support should come without condition. A ‘true’ Wednesdayite would never offer it only on their own terms. This has been a public service announcement. Up the Owls!

  • Agree with other comments,that was just not a defeat but an embarrassing hammering. Stevenage have had back to back promotions and outplayed us from start to finish. They were right up for the fight and we obviously were not. These teams are not just going to roll over,you have to earn the right to play and they all want to beat us cos we are Sheffield Wednesday. We have to match them for desire. These away performances are very worrying. That was arguably our best side we could field at the moment and we got battered. Those players should take a long hard look at themselves cos that performance is unacceptable. The fans who had the misfortune to witness it should get their money refunded. Disgrace.

  • The result was shameful and the players need to repay the loyal away support sooner rather than later… OurMaurice I totally agree with you. (As usual it seems!) I can’t put a positive spin on last night but I agree with the other point made that this is an issue with the players mentality, they are starting away games nervous and the teams we are playing are exploiting this. Megson picked the best 11 the players that no one would argue with in regards to our available squad. He didn’t play 5 at the back being in failed at Charlton he went more positive and the players it seemes switched off or failed to switch on!… I’m not angry with Megson I feel sorry for him! UTO

  • I’ve had time to think about this, and megson being fired would not benefit us at this time, this clubs lacked any continuity, we must have one of the worst records for firing managers. It’s a tough league and we should all know it’s not going to be easy. Teams like Stevenage see us as their big final, were going to get it week in week out, I just hope we rectify the problem. Players are accountable but unfortunately there untouchable. 3 points dropped but hopefully a massive and important lesson learnt. Uto

  • Agreed OWL25, it’s that Big Fish – Small Pond thing again. I can imagine Stevenage scanning down the fixture list and getting really excited about our visit. We on the other hand seemed to approach the game too casually. Listening to Meggo’s audio postmortem, the players were given Sunday off and then allowed a session in the pool. Maybe he should’ve chucked ’em in the Don and made ’em swim up to Goole and back. Too late now but I’m sure lessons have been learnt. It’s time our players got fired up to start a match instead of needing to be reminded of their responsibilities at half time.

  • Do we really think that other teams scan down the fixture list and get excited about our visit? Really?? The directors might and they might at the moment see us coming and think 3 easy points but………..

  • If I was on ere trying to be popular I’d be spouting the same posts as you OurMaurice. So you reckon whether we get thumped 5-1 by a recent non league side or 10-1 a true Wednesdayite should just lap it up and give unconditional support to the Manager? And we should only judge Megson over 6 games now, not 30+?? I can’t have a serious debate with you. This isn’t blind criticism. I call it as I SEE it – on the pitch – and when you dismiss last night as “just a defeat” it tells me how bad things have got that a club of our stature has supporters content to settle for being outside the playoffs come January and yet another season in the 3rd tier of english football. Starting to wonder whether you’ve actually been to any games under Megson?? I give and ALWAYS will give my unconditional support to Sheffield Wednesday FC, but not the manager. He has to earn it.

  • I knew it. Every time people run out of pathetic excuses they trot out the most pathetic of the lot…. “ooooh it’s because smaller teams raise their game against us!!!” In that case then why aren’t Man Utd and Chelsea getting stuffed when they play smaller teams?? Why aren’t West Ham getting hammered 5-1 in the Championship????

  • UTO, I’ll start with that. Is it possible that it is arrogance that leaves us looking at scorelines of 4-0 and 5-1? I think we all agree Wednesday is a huge club and plays in the wrong division. However I think there is a belief that we will stroll back to where we belong, last season it felt that everytime we were within touching distance of the playoffs we would lose by a large goal margin which of course dents confidence. Last nights result reminded me of that again, work hard, get a result against Charlton, then the good result against MK Dons and then believe a club like wednesday shouldnt have to work as hard against Stevenage. Arrogance, Complacency? I agree with most where people suggest the players need to stand up and be counted. UTO again.

  • It’s a difficult one. Megson_Out I will stop attacking you on your posts. But if you can explain to me what the manager did between 3-1 on Saturday against top of the league and 5-1 on Tuesday a team about 10th. Like you I would like to see us playing good passing football. It does have a place in the lower leagues. But to start you have to be strong in defence. Megson inherited a defence leaking goals like crazy with no leadership at all. He spent the end of last season fixing that and it looked like he had. Something has not quite gone right. It seems left back hasn’t been steady although Bennett has potential. It is hard to judge a manager until it is his team. We have been poor away but the home form must count for something. M_O rather than just hating Megson could you join the debate and offer some reasons for what might have happened. We only use these forums to discuss how things could have gone differently or what we would like to see done. My opinion is you have stereotyped Mr Megson and are going too much on reputations than what is happening. People see your comments as sensational and we would rather you debate with us in the real world. Some times when things are looking up my positivity can be a bit hopeful or over-accepting but I like to think I am a realist. Come on mate there is more than just sack the manager to debate here.

  • Good post Devon Owl. Using the manager is really just a smoke screen sometimes. All managers have to take their share of blame but these are the same players that won 3-1 at home against the in-form team of this league at the weekend. Its too easy to blame Megson, who is clearly being stereotyped as a particular kind of character that only plays a particular style of football. I agree with MO on one thing though, the issue of all teams wanting to beat us because we’re Wednesday just doesn’t stand up. They might try a bit harder even if that’s true but that shouldn’t mean they can actually win – let alone 5-1. In any event, teams like Man City have been in this position and it didn’t stop them getting promoted and back to the premiership. Same recently for Newcastle in the championship and there are other examples. We are in the league we deserve to be in, regardless of our history, and it is going to take time and work to turn it around. These players need to face up to that and start by at least being as consistent as the other players in this league…and yes, some of that responsibility is Megson’s job but not all of it.

  • it has been interesting reading on here this season so far, i can agree with quite a few points raised by Megson_Out and OurMaurice who appear to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, well good on ya both for invigorating the debate. what I do find quite amusing tho is how fiercely certain other posters were when trying to get rid of irvine and laws are now criticising a guy for expressing his feelings on megson. as i’ve said previously while i don’t like the tactics employed by megson i can put up with it if we are getting results but long term i would like to see us playing attacking football. our away form does not fall into that category. forget about us being nervous away from home (that is pathetic as it has been used as an excuse for poor home home in recent years too) we should be putting home teams under pressure the way we are put under pressure at home

  • I don’t think Stevenage saw us as a scalp, or the Mighty Wednesday and I don’t think they saw it as a cup final either. (We need to stop looking back at the club we were… we aren’t that club anymore!) I think what happened last night is a team that struggles to get started until half way through the first half (this was even visible againt MK) met a team off the back of two promotions and who are still riding a wave of confidence. It was two completely differing mental states going to war!! Well Stevenage went to war and Wednesday tried to defend their castle with a catapult and a small potato… I have to admit the idea of Sunday off, some light training work on set plays on Monday and some Aqua aerobics on match day sounds a bit soft… would love to hear how Stevenage prepared. We were all looking for improvement on the road after a point at Charlton including Megson… I think the team expected a result instead of entering the game prepared to earn one. Megson is saying that it’s nobodies fault but his and the team and he’s on with fixing it!! I still think though we’ve moved from consistently poor to amazingly erratic… I can still see a move to consistently good in our future. WTID

  • Sorry OurMaurice… sounded slightly positive at the end of that one which is mental after last nights result… It’s the Blue and white disease we were discussing the other day can’t seem to shake the symptoms lol UTO

  • I hear ya but I’d still argue that playing the bigger clubs gives these lesser sides a boost. It’s happened too often to us down the years to be a coincidence and it’s a trend that excites the neutral every time the FA Cup comes round. Whether it should be used as an excuse is an entirely different matter. I don’t look for excuses but I’d be interested to know whether Stevenage start like a house on fire when Notts Co show up on Saturday (after the Lord Mayor’s Show?) we’ll see. As for Devon declaring not to attack M_O’s posts anymore, I wish I could grant myself the luxury! lol. Better still I wish I could ignore them altogether but then I read that a manager must earn his unconditional support. This coming from Megson_Out, Jeezus H. Christ! What chance has he got? Y’ know, it’s the name you use that antagonizes me the most. If you called yourself Stubborn_Wednesdayite_Of33years I might be more willing to entertain your opinions. Speaking of entertainment Shinpads, you wanna give us marks out of ten for this one?

  • haha, ourMaurice you are a legend. I am hoping I can get a bit more varied debate from M_O. He has riled me up before but hating some guy I have never met and who clearly has had some wrong done to him by Gary Megson is not how I want to spend my time on this forum. He did make a very good point, Manchester United is everybody’s cup final in the prem. I think the difference here is that they have earned that over the last 20 years and always are in the top 3 year after year. So teams don’t just really want to beat them they also fear them. The difference with Wednesday is you know they will bring thousands of passionate fans but not 11 passionate players! This probably gives the other team confidence as well as that extra impetus of beating a ‘big club’. Megson feels we are the big club he remembers. He takes them to the kop and shows them what it means. I hope he is also telling them that is worthless if they don’t play decent football and get results. Something is wrong with the mentality of this club. I’m not close enough anymore to tell what it is but it must be addressed. Still before it’s all doom and gloom we do have a decent chairman, we are trying to improve and we don’t have half the obstacles we used to. I also think if we are the Man Utd of this league maybe we should be entitled to some fergie time when we are in search of that last minute goal!

  • Okay, men! I take your point but even ManU come unstuck from time to time, Burnley away Leeds at home. Reputations don’t count for all that much if the other side are hungrier. But can’t we take small comfort from the idea that Stevenage played out of their skins? That their supporters will look back on their first season in this division and point to that match as a highlight? That and banging six past the pigs? The result was an absolute shocker, there are no two ways of looking at it. But we have to believe the message got through: Don’t even think about getting complacent, a run of four decent results doesn’t make anyone worldbeaters. It’s a wake up call for everyone, manager, players and supporters. The only way we’ll secure promotion is to achieve an acceptible level of performance and maintain it through till May. The trouble is, there are probably a dozen other sides in this league who think they’re capable of doing the same thing. Who said it was going to be easy?

  • Sorry M_O, a post or two from you after an owls win would be nice but then an owls win doesn’t suit your agenda does it? I can only imagine you’re only really happy after a defeat so you can add more fuel to your megson out campaign. My judgement on GM starts from this season now he’s had a pre-season and a chance to get rid of players and bring in his own, to really properly judge a manager I think he needs 2 or 3 years. As I look at the league I’m not unhappy with the position we find ourselves in within striking distance of the business end of the league but promotion isn’t gained in September, I certainly didn’t see the Stevenage result coming and I doubt GM did either. Two cup comps have obviously been sacrificed in an effort to strengthen the assault on the league, the wisdom of that will only become apparent at the end of the season. In the meantime an unbeaten runs of results for the next few months will cement wednesday towards the top of the league and it will also mean not hearing anything from you as your agenda will be well and truly undermined, happy days all round!!

  • I look at the idea of instant success as something like a lottery win the probability is low but there is a chance it can happen. Sussex I’m with you on the principle the last thing we need is a manager change, we’ve had enough in recent years and stability is key to eventual success. If at the end of the season we’ve improved and been there or there abouts as a minimum he gets another season for me… if we move the right way then I’ll be happy… if we get promotion I’ll be bouncing of the walls but I (we) have to maintain some realism. As Fergie has been referenced and Man U can anyone tell me the number of years he was given in the job before he started returning results?! I’m not comparing Megson to Fergie or Wednesday to Man U before anyone decides I deserve a good kicking. There is something to be said however about giving a manager time and the club time to build. If Milan backs Megson and he fails to deliver Milan will chop him but Milan isn’t backing Megson without finacial justification for the benefit of the clubs finacial future and he I think like me will see improvement on a whole with spending the spending limited. There are probably half the clubs in the Leauge that look at promotion as a viable possibility and that will hopefully mean that it’s a proper fight this season without run-away leaders with points being dropped all over the place… But anyway enough of this lets talk about the largest issue effecting our club!!! £2 for a cuppa are you having a laugh?!?! lol UTO

  • You again!! I hear the world’s biggest custard pie is still out there hovering above a lamp post at the end of your street. You can’t hide forever you know.

  • There’s only so many ways I can say this….. I’m a Wednesdayite not a Megsonite. And you don’t have to be both to be a true supporter. Megson’s a sound bloke and I totally respect his passion for this club. But that doesn’t make him the right man to manage it. I’m one of only a handful of Wednesdayites who said he was the wrong choice from day one and I’ve seen nowt to change my mind. He just doesn’t get the modern game. He believes in and he communicates to the players a brand of football that is flat and predictable and we’re gonna get spanked by teams who play pacey, passing, possession football. If Megson had used the summer, Mandy’s cash and his 30+ games in charge to do what (for example) Speed is doing with Wales then I’d be more than happy to give him 2 seasons. That’s what other managers have discovered gets out of this division and keeps you out, look at Southampton and Brighton. Instead he’s continued with the same failed crap we had from Irvine and although I’ll give him credit for bringing the best out in Buxton (something none of you Megson supporters have mentioned!) in all other respects he’s failed to make any progress in twice the time Manderic was prepared to give his previous managers. I don’t rejoice when the team I love lose to former non-league clubs. It fecking hurts!! But what hurts more is knowing it could’ve been avoided. I know I’m still in a minority who want him out, and some of you make some fair points keeping him. I reckon he’s safe until the pigs game and if we lose that, sound bloke or not, he’s gone. Then we need to do what we should’ve done after Irvine. Pick a manager who may not be a household name but who embraces the modern game.

  • I think you’ll find we are all Wednesdayite’s Megson_Out… In addition I think you’ll find that those defending Megson aren’t Megsonites?! A great deal of the faithful were disappointed with Megson’s appointment but he’s who we got and being that you end up agreeing with more of what he does than disagreeing it’s hard to lay all the blame at his feet. Watching him on the touchline he is frantic and as angry as everyone else when an unecessary long ball is employed and I do think he wants to play what you refer to as the “Modern passing game”. I think if Milan had written the cheques for the players Megson wanted we may be closer to playing that way by now to be fair but I think Milan is protecting the clubs future while at the same time trying to re-write it. I think the “Modern passing game” is also known as “Good Football”… but until we invest in multi-skilled footballers we aren’t going to be able to make that leap! Prutton and Semedo for example are pretty good at breaking the game down unless swamped but their skills with the ball aren’t as developed… until we can develop or get players in that can get the ball back and also do something with it we will have to continue building at a slow pace. I want better, I’m frustrated and I’d like the answers to our inconsistency but I struggle to blame one man. UTO

  • I’d settle for building at any pace 4evaOWL. But after 30 odd games and chucking 2 cup competitions, where’s the building work? And where’s the desire from those players he brought in to replace those he said had no desire? The one thing we all thought we’d get under Megson is a physical team difficult to break down. We’re breaking down so often under Megson RAC membership wouldn’t cover it!! I hope and I think Yeovil might just cop for a backlash on Saturday. And if I’m wrong about Megson and he uses that humiliation on Tuesday to turn things around I’ll be the first to get on ere and say I got it completely wrong.

  • I don’t want to go off on one but perhaps it’s worthwhile making a historical comparison here. Those fans out there who are (like me) 50yrs or older will remember our inglorious fall from grace 69-70 onwards. With the exception of one false dawn under Dooley we didn’t get so much as a whiff of success until Len Ashurst narrowly failed to get us out of Div3 76-77. That’s a lot of wilderness. The following season started badly, 10 games without a win and Ashurst got the bullet. The price for showing us hope. Big Jack followed and the rest is history? Hardly, as I’ve said before on this site he needed three seasons to deliver promotion, such was the state our club was in. He almost got us back into the top flight, did get us to a cup semi, but called it a day after six years. But he left a legacy, we were a healthy club with a proven youth system and a great squad of players. Wilko took over and now the rest is history. I’d say our second fall from grace was probably less spectacular than the first because if we’re honest most of us saw it coming. I can’t call the play-off promotion real success because it left us with nothing much to build on. I couldn’t see Brian Laws taking us back into the Prem either but I could see us coming back down. Okay, I may well be a Megsonite although I’d never have used the term myself. I think if he’d got the job instead of Irvine we may have stayed up. If MM had bought himself a Championship club we’d probably be in a much stronger position than we are now. But that’s a lot of ifs. We are where we are and my question is:- Is Meggo the new Ashurst or the new Big Jack. I want to say Jack, meaning if he fails to take us up this term then MM will allow him another shot. However, I suspect MM sees him more as an Ashurst (although he’s unlikely to make the connection). Meaning if he fails he may get another bite of the cherry but if we start next season poorly he’ll be out. This club needs the Big Jack option: stability and the prospect of building something to last. Changing manager every 12-18 months never accomplished anything.

  • irvine was in charge for 59 games of which he won 40%. megson has been in charge for 32 and we have won 31% of those games. when you consider irvine inherited the problems from the end of laws leadership and that we obviously went on a bad run towards the end of irvine’s reign it doesn’t make megson’s record look so good. irvine was subjected to a hate campaign on here until he was sacked, good to see you all wanted to give him 2-3 years to achieve a settled side like is now being suggested for megson. i don’t advocate chopping and changing managers but i thought megson was a mistake from word go and nothing that has happened so far has altered my view. i would love to be proved wrong and see some sort of a challenge from us this season but frankly I will be surprised if we do

  • What’s that? Irvine victim of a hate campaign? So all M_O is doing, in effect, is maintaining a sheffwed.vitalfootball tradition? Doesn’t make it right though, does it. Interesting stats Shinpads, but unless I’m mistaken didn’t Irvine start with four straight wins and enjoy moderate cup success last season before things turned sour? He was unlucky in three ways I suppose 1) he took us down 2) MM’s takeover did him no favours whatsoever and 3) hypothetically, if there had been no takeover we’d have had a 10pt deduction and probably ended up getting relegated again. Talk about jinxed!

  • Spot on Hirsty! Interesting history lesson OurMaurice. You were prob at my first game then when we lost 0-3 to Port Vale? I was 6 or 7 and can remember screaming “Charlton out!!” Just kiddin 😉 Some Wednesdayite caller on Radio Sheffield was saying we are NOT a big club and fans should get real about expectations. I broke down and wept. We took 42.000 to a 3rd division play off final ffs. We had 21,000 for the opener against Rochdale and even though we won, 5,000 have stayed away ever since. Ask yourself why? And don’t tell me it’s not because of how we play even when we do win. WE ARE A MASSIVE club with a massive fan base. If we were bottom of the Premier league we’d still be in the top 7 for attendance. We have every feckin right to expect big things for this big club but instead too many Wednesdayites like you and that caller the other night have gotten used to settling for beating teams that weren’t even in existance 10 years ago. MKDons?? It’s a second hand car dealer ffs!! And I still don’t know where Stevenage is?! And if we scrape a draw from (it hurts sayin this) Ye-ov-il (…it’s near Stevenage just past MKDons garage) you’ll get people like you saying “Well, I’d have took that before the game” Eh??? Look, if this is what mi fellow Wednesdayites have come to why don’t we just say feck it. Lets go the whole way. Lets get some young hungry manager in who nobody’s ever heard of but loves the modern game and tell him: “We don’t give a feck whether you win, lose or draw for the next 18 months, just get us playing football people want to come and watch” And guess what, we might even end up doin a Brighton…. playing teams we’ve heard of!!!

  • i think irvine was unlucky. the main problem he inherited from laws was the fallout from removing wood as captain for purse. i’m not going to debate that now but it cost laws his job and ultimately had a massive effect on irvine’s tenure. megson has had other issues to deal with such as a leaky defence which, lets be honest here, despite basically replacing all of the players he has still not fixed. i didn’t want megson due to the fact that other than WBA he has not been much of a success anywhere so he didn’t really bring any pedigree to the table. i cannot accept getting beaten by anyone let alone being hammered by stevenage. regardless of whether I wanted megson or not this is what we’ve got now and i do like most of his signings. in order to prove himself he must now get them playing football, he is the manager and it is no use standing on the sidelines shouting when yet another aimless long ball is punted up field. drop them and train it out of them until they are doing what you want unless of course they are already doing what you want

  • I used to absolutely slate Frank Lampard every single time he played for England – I always felt Gerrard sould play instead and that Lampard lacked the explosive acceleration to burst past the strikers and add impetus and drive to the side (stay with me – this is relevant I swear!) However a friend of mine despised Lampard so much that I ended up having to defend him……………………. Yes Megsons teams don’t play like Brazil and conceding 5 was hideous. We’re not where I’d like us to be but Megsons not an awful manager: he’s had a massive task to deal with and progress will be slow. If we are in the mix at Christmas (and I believe we will be) we’ve got a shout for the league. Look at how tight it was last year! Give MM, GM and ALL OTHERS involved at the club time: the entire setup was a shambles and had been for a long time. Its worth bearing in mind this time last year we were flying and at Christmas we were on the brink of administration.

  • I see we’ve signed David McGoldrick on loan from Forest until Oct.Dont knw much about him other than 124 senior starts scoring 32 goals.

  • “He’s got pace, he can get in behind defenders and can run all day. He’s skilful and he’s got all the attributes.”

    ?Bournemouth captain Steve Fletcher on McGoldrick in March 2007.[

  • I agree that Irvine was unlucky and had defended and defended him on other forums. I used to use the facebook site a lot. It got to a point though where it appeared he just couldn’t motivate his team and you thought maybe he should go. There was a long spell of games where we just getting worse and you couldn’t see a positive. The same can be said with Laws. They have hardly gone on to do anything spectacular since and like you say with Megson before. I think what is fast becoming apparent is it is going to take an outstanding manager to turn this club around or just giving a good/average manager time. Irvine was unlucky, Megson has come in and I too like he signings. We have the top scorer (an Irvine signing) so maybe he has had some luck with what he is inheriting. So we either treat him like crap and say you have assembled us a good side now we are getting someone else or just give him a go and see if he can get them doing the right stuff when they are all fit. We have lost some good players but Buxton and Palmer have done well under Megson. I am sure this defence can be sorted out. Wouldn’t mind seeing Beevers come back because I am really not sure about Reda and I think centre back needs some competition. Reynolds looks steady in defence but doesn’t offer much on the ball but for me should get a game on saturday. M_O your becoming more likeable in your posts but you do contradict when you say the results won’t matter if we get a young manager in but then rant and rave about who we have lost. I see where you are coming from but just accept Megson for the time being and see where we are by January. Is that a fair suggestion?

  • Devon_Owl. I bet you’ll know where Yeovil is, right? 😉 If we’d been thrashed by Bury and Stevenage but played just a few spells of attacking, attractive football I wouldn’t be on this forum. I’m more than happy to wait till January and beyond if what I’ve seen so far this season is a work in progress. And I swear I’d be behind Megson 100% if he’d spent the last 32 games stamping his authority on players to KEEP possession, CREATE space, PRESS the opposition, and how about this one… PASS the ball. Imagine some of that in S6!! Instead of taking the ***** in those 2 cup competitions he could’ve said to his players: “Go and entertain YOUR supporters who’ve PAID to watch us… it’s a nothing competition so no sweat if we lose just as long as you keep your composure and pass, pass, P A S S the feckin ball !!! And if I see any of ya punt one, u lose a weeks wages”. But he didn’t do any of that. Instead he gives us the same old clueless long ball slack defending garbage we’ve seen in the first team. But I’m not greedy. I’d sacrifice attractive football if the kind of boring football that lost us 5,000 fans after we WON the opening game killed off oppositions and spared us the kind of humiliation we got midweek against a small village in Fecknowswhereshire. But we’re not even good at being boring under Megson. And that says it all. I don’t hate him. I just don’t rate him. But fair enough Devon, I’m even starting to bore myself on this forum so I’ll shut the feck up and we’ll see where we are after the Monkey Hangers game. And if Megson’s suddenly realised you can get out of this division without relying on set pieces I’ll give even OurMaurice the satisfaction of saying I got our Gary all wrong. WTID

  • I’m 100% behind GM but many more performances and results like the other night then that % will start dropping, top 6 at Christmas for me is a must. Do I take it the emergency signing of McGoldrick (good player) means we’re not likely to see much of O’Grady or Lowe for the next month??? Once fit I’d love to see Lowe and Madine paired up, current top scorer in the league paired with the most prolific striker in the football league over the last few seasons, could provide the goals that fire us to promotion assuming they get the service and the defence doesn’t undermine it!!

  • Agree totally sussex. The most distressing thing about Tuesday night was the fact it’s all but shattered my faith in our defence. I’d actually believed we’d sorted out that aspect of the game. The goals scored by Charlton & MK were both cracking strikes even if they could’ve been avoided. But five? I only saw the video this morning and I don’t feel any better about it to be honest. We wanted O’Donnell to gain experience but not require counselling! Maybe it was a bad day at the office, a total one-off, but it’s left me wondering what this Kasnic’s like. I can’t recall ever seeing a poor eastern European defender. Please don’t say we’ve signed the first!

  • For now I’m putting it down to a complete one off, bad day at the office. We’ll see over the coming weeks if that was the case or not.

  • Megson out… “Fecknowswhereshire” has made me chuckle and I’ve not had that much this week to be cheerful about in regarding footie so for that you have my appreciation. You said a lot in your last post that I found myself agreeing with… We have been commenting in regards to our situation from polar opposites but I think through debate we’ve found some common ground. Think we could talk all day about the black and white of the Blue and White stripes situation but I feel like a great deal of others we are still in the grey and will be there for a little longer still!! Think what made Tuesday so bad for us was that for the first time this season we actually expected something away from home… don’t think we have that issue to contend with in regards to tomorrow, we will hope for a reaction from the drubbing and 3 points but it’ll only be hope. UTO

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