Date: 15th September 2006 at 10:43am
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Vital Sheffield Wednesday welcomes another writer to the site – this time Mark Hollins has his say on the week’s football at S6.


Despite my non attendance at Tuesday evenings action packed *cough* draw against the Potters, work related reasons, I already have a pretty accurate image of how things went –

Hope of new attacking system bringing a few rare goals – T-2 days

Hope increasing with positivism increasing – T – 30 minutes

Kick off

Slow start – First 10/15

Promise – 15-35

Concede – 35

Gutted inevitability – 35 – 40


Endeavour – 40 – 45

Half time

Scrappy opening – 45 – 55

Possession – 55 – 70

Stoke Chances – 70 – 83

Wednesday decide to try and win 83-90

Typical last minute chance – 92 – Wasted

Full Time

Disappointment 92 – Friday (begin cycle from point 2)

Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing more than once and expecting different results?. White coats anyone?

Ever the optimist I have looked at the season so far positively – we play better football, we haven`t been beat even though we`ve lost, we have a couple of exciting players; all this with a huge injury list!

Last night, however, was the first time I had that ‘here we go again` feeling. As I was travelling and my car Arial was recently victim to a car wash(no jokes please) I had no idea of the score so to get in to the news we had just scored a penalty, something referee`s seem to leave out of the rules when we deserve on, was a breath of fresh air.

But, as we know, air, like the wind, blows away pretty sharpish and in the next breath I learned we had equalised! Hardly soul destroying but none the less, I wasn`t super happy. With this new information in mind I had the familiar feeling of ‘game over` covered in thoughts of both winning and losing. Bare in mind we are at home to a team 1 point above us and we`re armed with ‘something weird and wonderful to get us into more attacking areas`, it`s hard not to think we`re going to nick it?.. White coat time yet?

Well we all know what happened ‘we gave everything` ‘the ref was poor` ‘the linesman got injured` ‘people aren`t match fit` ‘people are injured`?. All true, but surely there`s more to us not winning at home that this. Someone really needs to inject some life in to our superbly loyal home fans; that`s were the fix lies.

With a crowd roaring like the old premiership days we would have turned these draws into wins, these frowns upside down, points into prizes, however you want to spin it!

A huge crowd which for the majority offers little get up and go (apparently my brother tells me last night after their goal was an exception!) it must be hugely nerve racking for the players; it`s like you know everyone is watching you`re every move because no one is enjoying being in the crowd; no one is making any noise – the most welcome distraction of all!

It`s time we either brought back the band?.. Or we started singing our way to goal!

Hands up if you remember the last time the Hillsborough raw made your hair stand on end?. Mine are held high and the thought of bringing that back is just as exciting!

To use Paul Sturrock`s 12th man phrase?. Get your kit on for the Derby match?. We`re going to need to play!!!!


Quick prediction for Friday?. Hull 1 OWLS 1

P.S. Everyone give a huge wave to our Yorkshire buddies down Elland Road?. They`re really producing the goods!