Date: 25th September 2012 at 10:28pm
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Wednesday’s losing streak continued in the Capital One Cup on Wednesday night as they bowed out at the third round stage against Southampton at St Mary’s.

Jay Rodriguez scored twice to send Premier League Saints through and leave the Owls with a long trip back to South Yorkshire on the back of yet another defeat.

It wasn’t plain sailing for the hosts, with Dave Jones’s side causing their higher-division opponents problems, but Nigel Adkins’s men eventually progressed and arguably edged what was a relatively close encounter on the whole.

Both sides made plenty of changes for the contest, although the Owls were keen for a victory to end a poor run of results and Saints were keen to build on their emphatic 4-1 victory over Aston Villa at the weekend.

In for Wednesday came debutant Paul Corry, while Jose Semedo, Gary Madine and Chris Maguire were also among the players included in the starting eleven.

The game was evenly contested for the opening 15 minutes before Stephen Bywater, also back in the starting eleven in goal for Wednesday, came rushing from his line to deny Rodriguez the opener.

Wednesday responded through winger Michail Antonio, their biggest threat on the night, who got on the end of a Kieran Lee ball and chipped Saints stopper Paulo Gazzaniga – but also chipped over the bar.

Although the Owls were matching their hosts for spells the Saints still managed to carve out the better chances, with Bywater again doing well to deny Guly Do Prado and keep the scores level.

The Owls number two stopper had kept Wednesday’s only clean sheet of the season in the 1-0 defeat of Fulham in the previous round but he couldn’t repeat that feat as Southampton took the lead on the half-hour.

Rodriguez carved out a chance for himself just on the edge of the box and sent an unstoppable effort beyond Bywater to break the deadlock.

It could have got worse for the visitors before half-time but Do Prado’s shot came back off the post as Saints had to make do with a one-goal cushion at the interval.

Wednesday made one change at half-time with Joe Mattock returning from suspension to replace Kieran Lee, and the Owls fired a warning shot immediately after the restart through Nejc Pecnik.

The Owls’ summer recruit came even close not long after, forcing Gazzaniga into a fine save to keep the hosts in front.

Jermaine Johnson and Chris O’Grady both came on after the hour mark to try and add more attacking intent to Wednesday’s play but the changes did little to change the flow of the game.

And Southampton’s progression was secure in the 78th minute with a controversial penalty.

Mattock was adjudged to have fouled De Ridder inside the box, when the Owls protested it being outside the area. The referee pointed to the spot and Rodriguez made it 2-0.

Southampton: Gazzaniga, Richardson, Yoshida, Hooiveld, Seaborne, Cork (Robinson 82), Ward-Prowse, Prado (Reeves 71), De Ridder, Chaplow, Rodriguez (Hoskins 85). Unused substitutes: Davis, Butterfield, Gape, Sinclair.

Wednesday: Bywater, Lee (Mattock 46), Llera, Beevers, Jones, Antonio, Semedo, Corry (J Johnson 66), Pecnik, Maguire (O`Grady 66), Madine. Unused substitutes: Jameson, Mayor, Lavery, Rodri.


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  • Bye bye jones me thinks now, destroyed what Megson built with his signings.
    I agree he still needs time but getting a little sick of his post game rants.
    Yet again one the hardest working players I’ve seen at Wednesday for while (ogrady) sat on the bench. Dear oh dear.

  • DJ is going to find it hard to defend his record at the moment. 0 points out of the last 12, wrong end of the table, conceding at least two goals a game and out of the cup. Maybe we are missing Terry Burton but whatever it is DJ needs to change this quickly. I’m not calling for the sack but by MM’s standards he must be flicking through his contacts now.

  • Same ole story, Jones bemoans the defence again. Wolves away next – not an easy one, wouldn’t a 0-0 draw be sweet. Reckon MM will be in touch with ‘Arry if we ship another 3 goals

  • Where have all the flowers gone? – Sixties Song
    Where have all the bullets gone? – Spike Milligan

    Where have all the goals gone? – Owls supporters

  • Here We go again all we want now is Megson-Out to change is name look out for Jones-Out appearing shortly. It was only 4 weeks ago everyone was saying the sun shines out of DJ.s **** We were going up automatically never mind the play offs. I am as frustrated as everyone else. Come on don’t start sounding like the Blunts be patient we have come a long way from the brink of disaster 18 months ago to where we should all accept our target for this year mid table any thing else is the bonus we should look forward too HAVE FAITH

  • *Ha!* Quality, bluedog! Have to side with andymac on this one. Getting into the habit of losing is dangerous, but so is switching managers. It’s not like DJ doesn’t have a record to back up his ability. But… regardless of what I think, if things don’t turn around, I have to agree that he’ll go the way of the dodo. Hope DJ can pull it off. He’s done so much for this club.

  • The problem DJ has now is he’s never been in this situation in this league from my knowledge? All the teams he’s managed in this league have always been in top six so he’s never been in this position so it’s new for him too? I do think we’re missing Terry Burton as its no co inky dink that since he left the defence has been shipping goals left, right and centre! I think he is safe for the time being as what he did to get us out of league one will give him a longer stay of execution under MM than most managers? We do however need to get out of this habit of jumping on a managers back as soon as everything isn’t a bed of roses? As much as Andymac says mid table is our target, to be honest, staying up should be our primary target and anything else is a bonus? The level is a hell of a lot different from league one so yes, whilst it would be nice to go straight up again like Southampton & Norwich, any team in a new league’s first and foremost priority is staying up! It’s a building process so stick with the team and stick with the manager! UTW

  • andymac- I think opinion has always been divided when it comes to the origin of sunshine, haha. One thing we can say for sure is that DJ took a huge amount of credit for our late promotion charge. Too much credit? Hmm. I think this latest run of form explodes a few myths. One being that GM’s sacking was a decision based purely on results. Utter tripe! It was personal, end of story. What DJ did achieve (to his credit) was to introduce a style of play that was more pleasing on the eye, but the rest of it (players, fitness, team spirit etc) was all down to Megson (and us, the fans). Meanwhile, we’ve been told how lucky we are to have a manager of such quality, a top coach, a builder. Sorry, but I’m still waiting to be convinced. We started well (with the nucleus of GM’s team) but once DJ began his ‘building’ process everything has gone to pot. Don’t forget this is the fella who by his own admission ‘knew nothing’ about League 1 but considered himself an expert at Championship level. Someone who sees ‘nothing to be afraid of’ in this division. I’m sorry, but I’m becoming more afraid everytime our manager makes a decision or opens his mouth to the press. Everything that made us great last season is currently lying in tatters and who do we have to blame? Individual errors apparently by players who have shown their willingness to sweat blood for the cause while our esteemed manager chooses to stand by second-rate recruits who only need a little more time to achieve match fitness. If that’s coaching then there’s no wonder most of us are wondering where our next win is going to come from. And as for motivation? Gimme a break! Anyone recall me mentioning GM’s habit of taking new recruits up to the back of the kop for a history lesson a while back? Not everyone agreed with me but I still believe it was an inspired way of developing the bond that exists between players and fans. Fortress Hillsborough and all that. I wouldn’t expect DJ to continue the tradition because I doubt he’d truly understand (and even if he did how could he possibly get the point across as passionately as GM?) but no, instead he seems content to draft in and stick with a bunch of players who as a group have so far failed to make any kind of favourable impression. If we were winning games, or at least performing well, there’d be few tears to mark the end of one era and herald in the next. But that’s not the case. We’re expecting DJ to ‘build’ a team in his own image. After five straight defeats and some tough looking fixtures on the horizon we’re seeing a side lacking confidence and direction and a leader determined to blame everyone but himself. Jones_Out? Nah. What good will that do? If things still look bleak by December I suspect MM will show him the door anyway. But I’d much rather see DJ’s strength and reputation in action, instead of him using past success like a shield to hide behind. He’s a top manager? Good. Go prove it. A builder of teams? Okay, you have 20 odd highly-paid professionals at your disposal. Get building. But please, be honest about it and admit some responsibility while you’re at it.

  • Wow Our Maurice, that is some post!
    If I were manager (which would be an utter disaster as you’ll see when you read on), I would:
    Stop worrying about shipping goals and get back to the attacking methodology which gave us such a good start to the season
    Stop bringing loan signings in and use what we have left from the promotion winning side as the nucleus of the team (they know how to nut out a win)
    Stop tinkering, pick the best players and let them gel as a team
    Hope and pray that Lewis and Reda are back fit soon.
    Probably be building for next season rather than this

  • We knw this season wud be harder n we all were pleased with the signings well sum of them.At the moment everything is goin against us n the slightest misyake is costly.Hope Boothroyd n Taylor come good.Watford fans say Taylor wa quality n wud av him back(so theres a choice lol),Boothroyd not been playin so think Dj’s tryin to giv him match time to progress.Mr personally wud play the players that are contracted to the club cos thats the only way they will improve and get them playin as a team n earnin their money.If Dj’s feels the need to bring in and play loanees then i ask the question,r the players u fetched in or that r still at the club not emough n if thats the case WHY are they still ere.

  • brinsworthowl -Only problem with your suggestion is that ‘Arry has a bigger backroom staff than our playing squad.

  • Seriously folks, another change of manager isn’t the answer. Stability is the one thing we need right now. I suspect DJ is guilty of sitting back and believing his own hype instead of trusting his ability and tackling the problem head on. What he needs to do is put his tracksuit on and start getting his hands dirty. We can argue team selection amongst ourselves until the cows come home and it won’t make any difference. That’s the manager’s responsibility and his performance will be judged on results. Lately he’s been calling for unity and the fans to get behind the team, but in case he hasn’t noticed, we never stopped doing that. What WE want to see is the manager getting behind the team instead of using criticism of certain individuals to justify the selection of others, but that’s not happening …yet. Loyalty swings both ways and we all know one victory would work wonders for morale, confidence etc so get it sorted DJ. Do your job on the training pitch and let the team go out and do your talking on Saturday.

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