Date: 2nd December 2012 at 5:35pm
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Wednesday battled hard against high-flying Cardiff City on Sunday but their efforts could not prevent a sixth defeat on the spin on boss Dave Jones’s return to his former club.

Craig Conway struck the winner ten minutes from time to make it ten wins from as many home matches for the Bluebirds, who moved to the top of the Championship following the win and kept Wednesday in the bottom three.

The visitors, who went into the match on the back of five straight defeats and with questions over the future of Jones at the Hillsborough helm, put up good resistance to the Cardiff pressure for the most part, and even had chances to nick a goal at the other end, but could not hold out for a point.

Jones made a number of changes to the side that got thrashed 4-1 on home soil against Watford in midweek. Chris O’Grady returned to the attack while David Prutton was a shock inclusion in midfield, as was Danny Mayor.

The Bluebirds, with the carrot of a place at the top of the table hanging in front of them with three points, started well and Andrew Taylor fired an effort over Chris Kirkland’s bar early on.

Wednesday’s response came from a set-piece following a foul on O’Grady in a dangerous position at the edge of the box but defender Miguel Llera directed his effort straight into the Cardiff wall.

The hosts went on to enjoy the bulk of the possession and Wednesday had to be well organised at the back. Martin Taylor, who has come in for his fair amount of criticism for his performances following his switch from Watford, had arguably his best game in an Owls shirt as he led the visitors’ back line well for the most part.

Wednesday had to be on-song at the back – City were ploughing forward in numbers in search for the opener and Jordon Mutch tested Kirkland with one effort.

The hosts were being limited to half-chances and long-range efforts, however, and Jones will have pleased at the way his side limited his former club going into the half-time interval.

The Owls also had to contend with the loss of Mamady Sidibe through injury, with the on-loan Stoke City man coming off just after the half-hour mark to be replaced by Gary Madine.

The momentum continued to be firmly in Cardiff’s favour of the restart with Heidar Helguson and Craig Bellamy causing the Owls’ defence plenty of problems with their pace and experience.

The duo carved out an early chance in the second half but they could not test Kirkland.

As the match wore on Wednesday could well sense a chance to hit their hosts, pushing more men forward in search of that decisive goal, on the break and they were unfortunate not to do just that.

Mayor put Madine in but last season’s top-scorer saw his shot comfortably saved by Cardiff goalkeeper David Marshall. It was a good opportunity for Wednesday and one they should have done better with given chances were at a premium.

The Bluebirds, now playing in red as their home colour, were still a threat and substitute Rudy Gestede almost made the perfect introduction when he came on to replace Helguson but directed his header wide.

Wednesday only had ten minutes to hold out when City grabbed a cruel winner. Conway was given the time at the edge of the box to drill home for the hosts and leave the Owls with nothing to show for their efforts.

The visitors did have a couple of chances from corner kicks late on, with Kirkland coming forward on one occasion and heading towards goal only for the referee to blow for a foul.

Full-Time: Cardiff 1-0 Wednesday

Cardiff: Marshall, Taylor, Hudson, Turner, Connolly, Whittingham, Conway, Bo-Kyung (Mason 60), Mutch (Gunnarsson 79), Helguson (Gestede 70), Bellamy. Subs: Lewis, McNaughton, Cowie, Gunnarsson, Lappin, Gestede, Mason.

Wednesday: Kirkland, Buxton, Taylor, Llera, Antonio, Lines, Mayor (J Johnson 64), Helan, Prutton, O’Grady (Rodri 86), Sidibe (Madine 33). Subs: Bywater, D Jones, J Johnson, McCabe, Lee, Madine, Rodri.


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  • i laughed my socks off when i saw wednesdays team line up today, if thats the best team he could have put out today then hes deffo sending us down, glad to see sidibe was injured hope he goes back to stoke now. sorry to all the fans who went to watch that dismal performance.

  • Despite my previous posts I’m strangely disappointed. Its what I expected but I can see this narrow result, (no reference to the team selected or the performance), being seen in at least two places as encouraging rather than being the last straw which leads to a change of manager. My money’s on DJ still being in place next Saturday. But cut it how you like we are now one of four adrift at the foot of the table.

  • Whilst I can understand the criticism of jones I don’t understand some previous posts, hoping for a defeat so he gets sacked. Seems a bit narrow minded to me. I m struggling to see how we can get out of the dip we are in too, but as fans we want to loose ……. Ever!.

  • Waddle1993 right behind you on this one. WERE ALL OWLS ARN’T WE ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • this was always going to be a tough game that we were never going to get points from. However the next 3 games we have are MASSIVE, and 6 points is a minimum, if DJ doesnt do well in them then i think he’s a gonna!

  • I wasn’t wishing for a defeat more speculating whether if we lost it might tip the balance in favour of DJ going sonner rather than later. I worry now that so narrow a defeat may encourage MM that DJ is turning a corner. Let’s face it MM’s on the horns of dilemma. To protect his investment he has to make sure we stay up. Does he give DJ three more games and if he does go after that give his successor less time to manoeuvre with transfers or act now and give someone else more time. Posts on here have been questioning when MM will act after every game for the last month and all we’ve had is a vote of confidence for DJ: I’m more worried now than I was Friday. Its the start of December and if Ipswich had three more points we’d be one of four teams in effect seven points adrift. Even now it will take some manager and some turn around to ease my anxiety.

  • DJ’s latest post-match comment (and it’s a classic, folks!): “The players did everything we asked of them and it got us into a drawing position that could’ve turned into a win. What we didn’t do was turn it into a draw, we let it slip away, and how many times have we said that this season?” How many times has anyone come out with a statement like that, ever? No wonder the message isn’t getting across to the players if that’s what he’s saying in the dressing room. But to cut through all the smoke ‘n mirrors, the aim was to hold out for 0-0 and try and nick it on the break. We did okay with the first part for 80mins but left it too late to score ourselves. Yeah, that bit’s familiar.

  • so if we sack Jones who do we replace him with? I asked this last week and got no answer. our results are terrible and something needs to change but if we change the manager yet again who is available who will improve the situation long term? for me the answer is not megson either, he had turned the club round, signed some decent players and got them motivated but then our opponents worked out his only tactic and passion alone could not change that fact. I don’t see any managers without clubs who I would put in charge and young guys with potential are just that. the only guy I can think of who I would give a try is roland nilsson, but a few shoddy results and could be the next fall guy

  • Hirsty’s Shinpads, there really is a lot of garbage said and written about GM’s preferred style of play and it only usually comes from those looking for reasons to dislike him. For instance, I don’t ever recall him ‘earning’ this so-called reputation for Route1/ Hoofball when he twice led West Brom into the Prem, and if things turned nasty at Bolton then that’s because he was charged with keeping them up while all their best players (Anelka, Nolan etc) were sold to pay the bills. Unfortunately (and this IS relevant here) he has a history of conflicts involving chairmen at almost every club he’s been at, and that’s why he won’t be coming back. And that in itself is the real tragedy because I truly believe our recovery would be instantaneous if he was back at the helm. So who else is there? With the run we’re currently on it might be fair to suggest anyone could come and improve on fourteen defeats from 18games (incl. two separate runs of six consecutive league defeats) but the thing that really gets to me is listening to DJ talk, and not just those endless excuses and contradictions either. It’s okay having faith in your own ability but he’d have us believe there is NO-ONE out there as good as he is and that we should be grateful for what he’s achieved so far. This is where I’d choose to draw comparisons between DJ’s nine months or so in charge and the nine month shift GM put in before him and ask ‘Who is the builder?’ Not Jones. He was given two perhaps three times GM’s budget during the summer and rather than take us up a level he’s gone on to systematically dismantle (demolish) everything he inherited including our hopes and dreams, the impetus and optimism, and all that remained of GM’s legacy and most of his team. Anyway, there’s a real danger of this post becoming a rant when I’m actually trying to be objective. DJ was happy to accept the plaudits for last season’s run in but seems incapable of shouldering the responsibility for the nightmare we’re all having to endure right now. Who should replace him? Who could possibly do worse? We could sit and weigh up the pros and cons, the past records and personalities of two dozen potential candidates and it won’t make a difference. MM is the only one who has a say in the matter and he won’t be consulting either of us, but just for the record you all know who would get my vote every time.

  • Hirsty, think your shout for Nilsson is an educated one as he did wonders with Malmo ….. But I pray no one from that era gets a job here. Pearson Sheridan worthington. It will go awry eventually and there are few players that should stay remembered as legends.

  • i agree with that waddle, I was reluctant to put him forward but the options are pretty slim.

    ourmaurice you are misunderstanding my comments on GM. I have stated the good things he did and there is no doubt that we would not have got promoted without the rebuilding he did. I also said when he was appointed that the direct style of football he would employ was what we needed to get us going. megson’s philosophy was similar to wilkinson’s (but tactics have moved on since then) which is to get the ball to quickly to a decent winger who can cross the ball to talented target man. i.e. marwood/chamberlain & chapman/varadi etc. last year marshall & madine. if that doesn’t work then the fall back is set pieces where we put pressure on the six yard box and we get our big men into the mix. until christmas that worked, then marshall went back, other teams cottoned on to what we were doing and we had no other plan and there was no evidence from megson’s cv that he could adapt. as it is he left on a relative high note but if you look back on some of the message boards in the month before he was sacked you will see the same type of comments that we are seeing now.

    anyway all I want to know is who can come in, because I don’t see many contenders and I’m hoping someone can suggest some exciting names otherwise why bother bulleting another manager

  • Okay, speaking hypothetically (and just for the sake of argument) I think there is always likely to be a difference in what we as fans hope for and what MM as owner has a mind to deliver. Without digging up previous opinions it’s fair to say GM gave him a tough time of it whereas DJ seems aware of the restrictions that are likely to remain in place. I reckon this slump has taken everyone by surprise from the chairman’s faith and the manager’s ego right down to the absolute minimum us fans might reasonably expect. I also think MM is most likely giving serious thought as to whether the current ‘business strategy’ for the club is workable if he chooses to change the manager or not. I suppose it’s a juggling act between reaching certain targets off the pitch whilst showing ambition on it. As Wednesdayites we could all write the book on disappointment and under-achievement and broken promises but we’re also there to seize the first whiff of success no matter how modest it might be in the grand scheme of things. Promotion as runners-up from the 3rd tier for example. Filling the stadium, flocking to buy season tickets. Failing to take advantage of the impetus that level of commitment created is nothing short of scandalous. We’re probably on the worst run of results in our club’s long history with no realistic end in sight and yet we can boast the 2nd highest home attendance average in the division (for the time being at least) and of the top six crowds to date I think I’m right in saying five of them have involved Wednesday. So don’t we deserve better than what we’re getting? And wouldn’t we respond to progress in the belief success was around the next corner (as opposed to survival)? So perhaps a major rethink is in order. Speculate to accumulate and start by bringing in an ambitious young manager with a bright future ahead of him and charge him with the task of not merely taking us up into the Prem but aiming higher still. Someone like Martinez at Wigan. Compare the potential difference between those two clubs and tell me the thought of managing a club the size of Wednesday with a realistic chance of leading us to glory shouldn’t fire the imagination. We’re told he turned down Liverpool last smmer because they were unwilling to give him autonomy over team affairs. The trouble is, we’re unwilling to offer that too at the moment. But attitudes, like fortunes, can change. Or as in our current situation: Must change.

  • Hirsty you did not get a response from your earlier post because there is no one avaiable who could arguably improve things LONG term. I was reading post weeks ago about people mentioning Harry Redknapp now come on its realty check time. sometimes you end up getting what you wish for and a change in manager could result in the likes of Mark Hughes Haemorrhaging money from the club if MM throw the cash at him. I don’t know what the answer is and passions are running high we have to keep faith and just hope DJ rams it down our throats in a couple of months which I’m sure he will take great pleasure in doing and I for one hope his does. I said it before I think DJ second in command is poor he his not the man for me but he needs a Peter Shirtliffe or maybe a Carlton Palmer on the coaching team Blood & Guts guys

  • No , no , never, no, prefer not to and not again. Players have to stand up to this to, I’m expecting a barrage of arguments to this but jones doesn’t tell them to play this poor

  • I agree this slump has taken everyone by surprise and is probably one of our worst ever runs. To be fair I was happy with most of the summer signings, the loan deals seem a lot more dubious and have certainly not helped our cause too much. It is obvious that the departure of Burton completely threw us and we simply have not replaced him effectively. Maybe we need to focus on getting the correct first team coach in place as opposed to starting all over again. Can’t see that happening though. As andymac and OWL25 have pointed out, the obvious options are frightening which is why I’m hoping and praying that Jones is the right guy and will turn this round hence why I’m in favour of giving him more time

  • Owls25 that proves our point thers no one out there. Sorry mate but I respect your opinion but these guys with possibly the exception of Meggo who will not return in the near future have been out of work for a while now for a reason everyone of them have took teams down. There is no one out there mate who will stop us being in this position again in 6 to 12 months time again. Many people won’t like it but we have to stick together and let DJ get on with it get behind the players on saturday and not be boo boys destroying their confidence. The boo boys are as much to blame for the results on Saturdays/Tuesdays. There were no booing by the faithful on Saturday at Cardiff.

  • cheers andymac you’ve summed up in a nice short post the point I have been trying to make over about 4 long rants! the first change I would try is bringing Bywater back as he controls his back four. imagine if he had been in goal against L**ds, they would have been stretchering that kid off before he even landed the punch

  • The good thing is that everyone on here as a healthy debate I agree Hirsty that Bywater should be given a chance We have struggled all season so far to cut crosses out from both full back positioins even when reda was at LB Were are clearly missing his presence and Buxton needs to start stepping up to the plate also there seem to be a yard short in his game for some reason. Samedo is still the first on the team sheet for me but who is knocking on the door after him in the middle of the park there are about 6/7 others Mayor, Corry, Lines, JJ, McCabe, Bothroyd & Lee I can say the same about the strikers also Madine has got his problems and this is why he has lost his focus at present O’grady works his nuts off but is just short of that little bit of class to set him apart from the other average strikers in this league. Rhodri palyed well with COG in probably one of the better performances of the season against Brum. I also believe that Pecnik needs a run in the team like Bothroyd has had and he would now be comfortable and confident. but we’ll never know. I do believe that the Midfield is so weak that DJ knows this and compensated by having to play 4-1-4-1 not a system he wants to play I’m sure. Yes he has signed most of these players but the gamble has not paid off. We just need to keep in there up to Xmas and he will be given cash by MM to bring in proven Midfielders x 2 and a proven goal scorer. and hopefully Beavers

  • What I want to see more than owt else is ambition. A statement of intent. A point of reference we can all consult before deciding how well or how poorly we’re doing. That influx of summer signings got us all excited but that didn’t last too long, those who aren’t injured don’t seem to be in contention anyway so what’s happening? And that’s one of the problems IMO, there’s too much going on that we aren’t privy to. What was DJ’s remit at the start of the season, to tread water? Keep the old ship afloat while efforts are made behind the scenes to strengthen the club’s infastructure? To make Sheffield Wednesday a more saleable proposition? Well if so it’s a risky game because as we’re now finding to our cost there’s a thin line between mediocrity and abysmal failure. I was given the impression we’d be giving it a right go this season, aiming for the top six even if it proved too early to sustain a meaningful challenge. The push alone could keep a steady momentum going throughout the season. But we shouldn’t deny the fact that things have gone from bad to worse especially since the Huddersfield game (the moment the penny dropped for me!). The manager’s performance has been dreadful, his team selections appalling and his comments to the media embarrassing. We’ve seen our proud home record shattered with ease by such fearsome opponents as Bolton, Hull, Blackpool & Watford whilst being fed from the same old catalogue of excuses. Ambition regarding team building barely seems to extend beyond ageing crocks and has-beens, free transfers and one disaster after another in the loan market, while the pick of our academy find themselves loaned out to ‘bigger’ clubs such as Millwall before disappearing forever under that convenient veil ‘the undisclosed fee’. Sounds grim, don’t it? Nothing like the brochure we were all shown last summer. Well anything less than 3pts on Saturday and I would hope DJ does the honourable thing and calls it a day. If not, and if MM continues to back him, then he should come out and issue a statement pledging to make funds available come January and actually mean it. I seriously need to be convinced now that we’re not just being taken for a ride. :0(

  • The noises coming out of Hillsborough pre- season was that we were hoping to do a Norwich/Reading and go straight up to the premiership if this wasn’t the aim and survival was, what was the point of making wholesale changes and losing the feel good factor from last season. Feel that last seasons side would have faired better than this lot .

  • For a while, I’ve sat and read what everyone has had to say, intrigued, and can’t say I argue with too many of you. At the end of the day, DJ’s results have not been good enough. I don’t care if we bring in Sir Alex Ferguson or the manager of Tamworth, I really don’t give a damn – on a personal level I want someone to win games. Does it matter who? I’d love to see DJ turn things around – amazingly, it seems as if MM may possibly give him the chance against Bristol City on Saturday – but you have to question his decisions. If he hasn’t turned around by now, when is he going to exactly? Bothroyd has turned out to be a massive anti-climax, Taylor is hapless, the youngsters seem to not quite be ready, Maguire hasn’t played since the first game of the season, Rodri is out in the cold, I personally find McCabe hit and miss, Gardner isn’t too steady, and although I don’t think Kirkland is bad, is he any better than Bywater? I for one wasn’t too pleased with our dealings in the summer, and I’m not surprised we’re struggling. I don’t think that, when you look at our team, we have a team stronger than a lot of teams. I would only argue that Peterborough, Barnsley and Bristol City have worse squads than us. The table would agree that we are the worst four teams in the league – I don’t doubt DJ’s managerial ability, as it’s good and crikey we can’t forget as he reminds us after every game – I doubt our squad. I don’t think the flair is there, and I don’t think the professionalism is either. I don’t know whether or not DJ should be sacked – could any other manager do better? But then, I argue, should DJ be given the chance to rectify his mistakes?

  • brinsworthowl, we’re being reliably informed the Beevers move is a done deal, although typically all reports so far have come from Millwall’s end. £250k+extras apparently which seems ridiculously low for a highly-rated 23yr old with over 160 apps to his name, the vast majority at Championship level. Hell, his scoring record would make Sidibe blush! No wonder Millwall fans are celebrating right now, they can’t believe their luck. Y’ know, I’d have expected Wolves to ask more than that for Batth and be honest now, who wouldn’t prefer the idea of a Batth/ Beevers partnership over the next 3-4years over a Taylor/ Gardner partnership injuries and poor form permitting? The other thing that stinks about this move is the timing, coming so soon after the announcement the club paid in excess of £400k to agents over the previous 12month period. So have we effectively sold Beevers to help ‘facilitate’ Bothroyd’s loan amongst others? But even then the numbers don’t add up. What’s the betting we lose CO’G in January under similar circumstances? Or Liam Palmer to Tranmere? It’s a bit like selling the family silver to keep the loan sharks at bay.

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