Date: 23rd May 2008 at 12:02pm
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With the deadline for discounted season ticket renewals approaching, Vital Sheffield Wednesday forum member s11owl tells us why he’s renewing next season – and why he thinks you should, too…

First and foremost; I love Sheffield Wednesday… and I think you all do too… or we wouldn’t all spend our time reading every single article on this website, clinging on to the scraps of good news that are tossed our way by random people, usually instead depressing ourselves daily with the tirade of bad news which seems to constantly come from the club.

Football is a magical thing.

It creates a passion inside people, players, and fans alike, which is rarely seen anywhere but in sport. A couple of key examples: the 36,000+ people who turned up to see Wednesday play Norwich on the final day of last season; John Terry, a man in his late 20’s crying his eyes out; Roman Abramovich, the man who supposedly doesn’t care, not being able to watch the penalties last night. The magic is created by the way so many emotions can flood through you in a relatively short space of time.

Take the United match at their place – I went through about 192 different stages of emotion in under 2 hours…from feeling nervous and apprehensive, to passion and being proud of the boys, to sheer delight and a sense of delirium when Bolder nods home, to panic and anxiety, to pure joy (Bolder mk 2), to anger (at the United fans throwing things from above), to despair, ultimate dejection and humiliation (bloody Beattie), to the final realisation that we’d taken a valuable point, one which helped us ultimately stay in the division.

This is the kind of tension and joy which is never ever created in my life, apart from when i am watching Wednesday.

I’m sure you all feel it too? I don’t really understand people who don’t like football…in a way I find it hard to relate to their mindset. Football, and Sheffield Wednesday is more than a hobby, for me, and for many others; it’s a way of life.

The decision to jack up ticket prices, the decision to sell our best players, the endless promises and glimpses of takeovers which never actually look like they will happen…yeah they annoy me. Yeah I wish they wouldn’t (or in some cases would) happen, but they do, and we move on. Despite it all, I’d never swap for anything else. The energy and feeling that I get from Sheffield Wednesday, even though we’re watching low standard football, is incomparable to if I’d have been in Moscow last night…Champions League final, or Championship Relegation battle…I didn’t want to be a Chelsea or Man United fan last night, and I never will.

To me, you don’t really choose who you support, it’s sort of in your blood. If you do choose, or swap allegiances I don’t really think you’re a proper fan. I have more respect for actual Sheffield United and Leeds fans, people who care about their club, than I do for the millions of armchair ‘supporters’ who choose to like whoever the best team in the country is. I saw a kid wearing a Man United shirt today, in Sheffield, at college…I bet he’s never been to Old Trafford.

I’m rambling, but the point I’m trying to make is – you won’t want to be sat at home listening to Radio Sheffield next year. However rough things seem to be at the moment, however ripped off you feel, however much you hate certain people at the club – are you going to let this get in the way of your love for your club?

Are you going to let that passion slip and ebb away? Do you want to sacrifice your chance to watch YOUR team week in week out? I know I don’t. It’ll be worth it. I promise.

Wednesday ‘Til I Die.