Date: 22nd March 2011 at 9:42am
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Oxymoron – No, it’s not a particularly stupid spot cream, writes Ian May.

Years ago I learnt that the word ‘oxymoron’ referred to two words or phrases, which simply don’t go together. For example, ‘Owls’ and ‘Home win’.

After watching Saturdays game (more expensive than going to watch them due to the bribes I had to pay my wife and daughter to leave me in peace to watch the game on TV) here are few more oxymorons:

‘Teale’ and ‘well hit dead ball’.

‘Miller’ and ‘tackle’.

‘Owls defence’ and ‘concentration’.

‘Owls’ and ‘promotion from League One’.

I’m sure you could think up your own.

In recent years another oxymoron for the Owls has been ‘Owls debut’ and ‘tremendous performance’.

What I saw on Saturday from O’Donnells’ debut shatters this one apart.

The third choice keeper had his Owls debut, away from home, behind a notoriously porous defence, two new centre halves, and against a top-six team in good form. Quite an intimidating baptism of fire for O’Donnell.

How good was it to see his confidence, his shouting at the defence, some excellent saves – one absolutely top-drawer.

O’Donnells debut was one to savour – OK, he was let down by his defence for the first goal, so no clean sheet, but it was so good to see his evident pride and passion wearing an Owls shirt.

Practice sitting down Nicky, if Richard keeps this up when you come back you may be on the bench!