Date: 21st November 2009 at 7:34pm
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Wednesday picked up a point on their travels in a dull clash in poor weather conditions against Roy Keane’s lowly Ipswich Town in front of the Sky TV cameras.

For the most part, the match was a dire affair, with little quality on show from either side, although the hosts edged the first hour and carved out the better chances.

Owls stopper Lee Grant was in top form between the sticks though, and Wednesday could well have nicked it late on after upping their gear with a more impressive final 15 minutes.

They couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net, but the point will have suited Brian Laws’ men more than the Tractor Boys.

Laws made just the one change to the side that lost out to Q.P.R. last time out, with the injured Tommy Miller missing a return to his former club, with Michael Gray returning to the Owls midfield.

Laws stuck with his favoured 4-3-3 formation on the road, with Tudgay spearheading an attack which was supported by Jermaine Johnson and Luke Varney on either side.

The clash started at a scrappy pace and David Wright launched a long range effort straight at Grant just two minutes in as the hosts started the brighter of the two teams.

Tamas Priskin beat the Wednesday offside trap just minutes later but took the ball wide of goal before hitting a tame effort at the Owls goalkeeper, who was the busier of the two stoppers in the first half.

Wednesday struggled to get any momentum in the first half, with passes going astray and three defenders picking up yellow cards.

Frank Simek, Richard Hinds and Lewis Buxton were all booked, Hinds rather controversially, as the referee seemed pretty card happy in front of the TV cameras.

Buxton got lucky not long after in the first half with a late challenge that could well have resulted in a second booking, but this time the man in black kept his cards in his pocket as the centre-back escaped an early bath.

The first real chance for the visitors came in the 20th minute through Jermaine Johnson, who was put in the starting eleven despite a hectic international schedule with Jamaica recently.

Spurr picked the winger out at the far post with a deep cross, and he pulled the ball down before beating his man, but the strike was straight at the Ipswich stopper.

It could, and should, have got better for the Owls less than ten minutes later when calls for a penalty for handball fell on deaf ears.

Another cross into the box saw Luke Varney flick the ball on with his head and the ball clearly struck the hand of Damien Delaney, but the referee waved play on despite protests from the Owls.

Lee Martin hit a good effort which Grant had to be alert to push wide, but the chances were few and far between in a poor quality first 45 minutes.

The best chance of the first half for Wednesday came after the half hour mark when a long ball forward gave Tudgay the opportunity to volley straight at the Ipswich goalkeeper, while Gray’s follow-up went harmlessly wide.

At the other end, Carlos Edward’s long range effort went high and wide to bring an end to a forgetful first half at Portman Road.

Wednesday, and the game in general for the neutrals, needed to come out upping their gear in the second half, but it failed to materialise.

It didn’t help that the swirling wind and pouring rain made it difficult for either side to play any kind of free-flowing football.

The re-called Owen Garvan looked the most dangerous player for Town, and he saw another effort well saved by the in-form Grant.

Varney saw a long range effort go wide, but Wednesday did start to get back into the game as the match wore on.

It came when Laws made changes with Leon Clarke coming on to replace the tired Johnson.

Clarke made an instant impact, and looked the best outfield player for the Owls during his stint on the pitch, being at everything creative at the right end of the pitch as far as the Owls were concerned.

Priskin had a chance chalked off for offside, while former Owl Alan Quinn also forced Grant into a save as the chances dried up for Ipswich and it looked like the Owls were to be the more likely winners.

Simek linked well inside the box but the defenders blocked his effort, while Varney and Clarke both saw chances come and go.

But they couldn’t break through the Ipswich defence – and the weather – as both sides held out for a draw which will more likely please Laws than Keane.


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  • feel sorry for esajas-never guna prove himself-wont even put him on-varney useless-potter doesnt do enough-tudgay a shadow of last year. BL resign please!!!!

  • In the past I have been as big a supporter of Brian Laws as anyone else, but even my faith in him is begining to falter. I have to question his lack of ability to realise that using subs might actually change the outcome of the game. He was seen on Sky shaking his head at the way we were playing but didnt seem to want to do anything about it.

    Oh and you can bet your life that any mony he gets from the sale of Woody will get p1$$ed up th wall signing that waste of space Varney.


  • hes rubbish with substitutions-what stage to change and which players to change-its as if hes watching a completley different game. varney has been poor for the last fewgames-not impressed with tudagy 2day. potter is a poor playmaker. weve no-one that gets the ball and runs at teams(please no-one say jj) in total agreement with horbury-he needs to go asap!!!

  • Two poor sides I am afraid. Tudgay is just a shadow of his former self, JJ was anonymous. Varney runs around like a headless chicken. The only positive is that the defence looks slightly better without Purse. Having said that, Ipswich are the worst side I have seen this season but Grant was man of the match by a mile so I am really worried as to what will happen when we play the better sides…starting with WBA.

  • i honnestly can’t believe some of you idiots!! you want laws out? are you for real? can’t any of you lot see that he has stabalised the club from absolute free fall and has improved you as a team. alot of you lot need to take a long look at yourselves and actually think about what you are saying. he’s had no money, had to struggle with board level bickering, and depended on loan players for most of his management career at swillsborough. if it wasn’t for laws you would be in league 2 now!! as for the performance last night yeh.. its wasn’t great but it was far from awfull. a point away at ipswich is a good point for you….. blackwell has spent the most money than any sheff utd manager in history and we are 3 points above you and you want laws out. if laws went you would go down… absolute fact…..laws is actually the longest serving championship manager… interesting. come on wendy fans get real!!

  • i’ve seen a lot worse than that recently. i thought we controlled the game in the 2nd half and unfortunately we couldn’t produce a goal due to a lack of quality around the box and us needing the ball to bounce perfectly (which it didn’t). Simek looked loads better and added a bit more when he got up the pitch. bear in mind that the championship is generally pretty poor quality, how many good teams has anyone seen in the last 3 years? not many I can count them on one hand

  • What a dull game. Then again we’re a dull team so its not surprising. What puzzles me is all the long balls?! Why dont we get the ball down and pass the bloody thing? Varney is terrible, Esajas should have been on at 60 mins and should start the next game for sure. It confuses me also as to why Potter is the holding midfielder, surely that should be O’Connor? Potter is far better going forward whereas O’Connor is completely lacking in any form of skill and would therefore be better at protecting the back four, which for once, seemed quite solid, was impressed with Hinds.

  • Derby are below us and Varney cannot get a game for them, so why does he start for us. He is rubbish. Even Clarke was better than him – Clarke is much improved, but is only really good enough for subs appearance. Dont see any other option than to start jeffers. Thought spurr and grant were good. Also Tudders looked good but he is hampered with varney. Agreed BFL Laws is a good manager but has used up a lot of goodwill on Purse and Varney.

  • Those of you that agree with pfl are mad Laws is not good enough & tactically inept, we are a poor side. I have been told by someone in the know that he?s lost the dressing room & that?s why Woods & Gilbert both went as well as money. He?s a got passion but that?s it. Howard Wilkinson is the man to take us to the promised land, some of you lot are too young to remember but we were a good team under him we didn?t always play great football but we won can you remember what that feels like to have a winning team let me tell you ?.****ing great that?s what.

  • horbury… he had money to spend loads of it so did francis, atkinson, and pleat blew over 48m in 2 seasons come on give laws a break he’s spent bugger all, stabalised a sinking ship that has had what 8 managers in as many years? he’s talked grant, tungay, spurr and beevers into new contracts and overachieved massively last season on a show string. some of you lot need to take a reality pill and look at your squad before laws came in. get bloody real

  • ok if some of you want laws out who’s going to come in a take over? bare in mind you lot are skint, there will me no money made available and a task and a half to do… who would want the job? laws is on a reported 300k a season contract.

  • 48 Mil in two years? idiot. bfl u dont watch us every week, were awful, laws has no idea. 3 years and 1 sucessful signing, grant. maybe put hinds in there aswell. he doesnt knw how to change a game with subs and his tactics are inept

  • BFL, I’m not even going to start on your Engish, Atkinson actually made a profit with his deals in the transfer market when he sold Dalian and bought in Paul Anderson, Danny Wilson, Carlton, and signed a score of others for next to nothing. Francis did well in the transfer market, splashing the cash but in general signing decent players (until after the 93 cup finals when he flipped his lid and tried to emulate Arsenal), and Pleat…well he was just a c***! A c*** who wasted money, Wilson (loved him as a player) couldn’t handle “big players” and the club misunderstood the nature of the Bosman system so we wasted a lot of cash tying players up to long term contracts we couldn’t afford. After that cash was hard to come by. £1million for Kuqi and £800,000 (reportedly) for Jeffers as our notable purchases. BL began this season with a lot of credit amongst Wednesdayites. It has taken real skill to ***** that credit up the wall. I cannot understand Mr Laws substitution policy, twice he has replaced JJ with Clarke whilst moving Varney over to the wing when Esajas is sat on the bench. Remember what the Flying Dutchman did to your lot BFL in that second half? Yet he cannot buy a game a SWFC whilst our shot shy strikeforce cannot buy a goal. We had 8 shots on target to Ipswich’s 10 last night, not much difference, and yet I was relieved (and felt we were fortunate) when we got the draw. Next comes the acquisition of new players. I have in the past tried to point out BL’s successes, Grant (saved us yet again), Johnson, Esajas, Hinds etc BUT what is the point when the manager will not play his better players. That is the problem. Brian Laws appears to be more and more intransigent, stuck in his ways, has an inability to adapt to changing circumstances (like a f***ing dinosaur). How long did he stand by Purse? Even longer with Buxton. Rarely will you see his substitutions change our tactics. Mourinho would routinely change his team at half time if things weren’t working. There is a case in point. Quality managers work with what they’ve got and are still successful. Porto had no right to win the Uefa Cup and Champions League in an age of checque-book football BUT that didn’t stop Jose. I can understand why you feel we might be better off than you BFL. Reportedly you have sold a number of players for a great deal of money, are in receipt of compensation from West Ham (who did cheat you, funny as it was) and a club in that kind of financial position shouldn’t be struggling. Pardon we paupers for daring to aspire to higher things but it feels as though Wednesday are moving back, not forward, just now. The man who must take the blame is the man who calls the shots, picks the team, makes the changes. That’s his job. I have hoped BL will turn things around but that is looking less and less likely. If you want a name as to who should take over. He’s already at the club, Sean MacCauley!

  • He’s the man with a 75% win percentage as caretaker, ozzie, which is why everyone wonders “What if..”

  • robc great posting there mate nice assey…. with all that said though you can’t compare someone like laws with jose. for a start you have got 4m a year difference in wages between them and a totally different structure in terms of how clubs are run, debt, financial interest, revenew, and whats available regards to squad selection (players)…. try having blackwell at the helm then you ******** know what real pain is like. wendy don’t have a squad good enough to finish any higher than midtable and you are currently there or there abouts with one more win under your belts. you lot are doing what’s expected with the current squad and lack of money available to bring in any new or loans signings. no one expects wendy to finish any higher than midtable and fans need to be realistic in terms of what’s achievable. stability is whats been worked on a swillsborough and its proved very successfull….. who ever came in to replace laws would be in the same boat and then you would have to pay him off just like we will have to do with blackwell. you have to have good reasons to sack a manager and you lot don’t hardly have any to sack laws. with blackwell it’s totally different he has had money, he has got a very good and rather expensive squad, and he’s able to bring players in BUT…… has failed misserably to achieve all these. what do you expect laws to do when he has nothing to work with? come on

  • ya see yet again pfl you have missed the point-everyone on here that thinks that BL isant good enough anymore is more to do with his team selections, his tactics and his use of subs rather than anything else. If someone else came in obviously they would have different ideas than BL and weve proven that on a good day we can play as good if not better than any team in this league, we hammered scunny at home where as u got beat by them, i agree that grant and hinds have prob been his best signings and hes signed quite a few people that i would say are mistakes for the club( jeffers, purse, potter etc) but it just seems to be the same every game and weve a set of strikers at the club that arent scoring at the minute so that win u talked about to move us into mid-table dosen’t seem to be coming anytime soon. what makes you think that the pigs have a good enough squad to be up in the play-off area???

  • I always try to take care when laying the blame for Jeffers at BL’s door. I have read that Jeffers was signed by Dave Allen rather than the manager. My immediate point was to compare Laws with Jose M. (safety first Auck) because Porto were not a massive club with a massive budget but still over achieved. The point is, as you are finding out BFL, money doesn’t always equate with success. Likewise some managers/coaches seem to work miracles with small budgets. On BL’s current transfer policy I have to question the vision behind it. If we are to accept our role (hopefully temporarily) as an impoverished club that must look to raise revenue anyway we can, then player sales have to be a principle resource. To that end, looking for talented young prospects to develop would make more sense than bringing in the Chelsea pensioners who’ve been arriving at Hilsborough of late. Young players cost less in wages and raise more in revenue. Older ones (Purse and Jeffers being the most obvious examples) cost more in wages and will remain with the club until the end of their contracts, then leave on a free. Not very forward thinking for a club in debt. Yes the is a place for the right blend of youth and experience, Gray has performed well this season, players such as Francis and Bullen did great jobs for us in the past. I still hope Laws will turn things around but one win in 10 games is cause for concern.

  • you don’t think we have a good enough squad to be in the playoffs? come on biased aside course we do…… with the squad available at blackwells disposal its playoffs bare minimum. we have a good squad of players but the manager hasn’t got a clue how and where to play them. we should have gone up automatic last season and wembley was an absolute nightmare as per usual. i didn’t miss the point mentioned earlier SS – Just pointing out the facts. think laws has the problem now where he struggles to make any improvement as most players have reached their peak. we are talking loan players, free agents, and players brought in on cheap fees. some ppl are starting to have a pop at potter who has been a great buy, laws bought him for what was it 100k and hes been probably your most consistant performer? regards to tactics laws tactics were spot on sat and gained and dam good point against a team that have spent loads of brass in the summer and a manager on huge bucks. every club has areas where they want to improve thats football…. fact is you can only do what you can do and you are only as good as your chairman at the end of the day. lets be fair lee strafford hasn’t got a clue and he’s skint in football term finances. laws hands are tied and he’s overachieving and has done for the last 3 years now with what he’s had at his disposal.

  • You still equate finance with success but it aint necessarily so. How much cash did Burnley splash last season, Wolves (when they made the playoffs the season before), your own tean in the nineties (over achieved under Dave Basset despite being permanently skint). Leicester are up there this season but how much have they spent? Your team are reportedly wealthy, you are happy with the squad but they’re just 2 points higher than us and we are definately not over achieving at the mo. 1 win in 10, that’s not over achieving.

  • potter wasnt a good signing in my view-his set-piece taking have been abysmal this season and he doesnt do anything else. no pfl, not being biased just think there are more teams with better squads than yours!!!!! thats where we differ, he didnt get it right tactically saturday, players should have been subbed and players brought on that never happened, wrong players were selected in the first place. his hands havent always been tied hes had wage budgets and transfer budgets and not bought well so how u come up with him over achieving ill never know!!! you’ll be over achieving if you make play-offs pfl!!!!


  • Bfl u dont watch us every week, what do you know about potter? ipswich were there for the taking yesterday but laws bottled it and made pathetic subs. i cant see our next win, wba n reading at home, maybe a point, donny n leicester away, nothing, swansea n newcastle at home then away at blackpool away. nothing. bottom 3 by new year

  • SS & Horbury shown you true colours there. having a decent conversation with robc and you two start the insults, swearing and ranting. even smiggypiggy managed to hold his nerve which is a first………….exactlly my point robc and something i’ve stated before. 3 points higher than you lot too actually. think you lot have to realise that you are one of the most unfortunate teams in the championship that are in huge debt with no money to spend…. meaning that this is all you can hope for anything more is a bonus. same with us in the early 90’s when you lot were spending millions upon millions upon millions, you have to grab what you can when you can. not many teams are successfull these days without money, burnley last season actually spent 6m (most they spent in one season in their history)… and they went up. leicester, blackpool and swansea won’t be where they are now come may… the table will start to take shape jan / feb for real. ppl say that we have spent loads of money but we havn’t in fact when you add up what we spent since been in the premiership in 2006 to current date and take off the incoming player transfers we have spent nothing in fact out outgoings are 16m more than our incomings. fact!!

  • Pfl just stay on your own site we don?t need or appreciate your opinion on here so stay in the pig pen. What would you know or care about our club, I couldn?t give a f88k if you club vanished from the face of the earth today I wouldn?t go on your site if I was paid to run it. I worked on the refurb of your ground as a consultant it broke my heart every time I went on site that?s how much I care about you & your tin pot club. So just go away you silly little boy.

  • so come on then laws gone whos coming into the hot seat then? who do you want and who do you realistically think you can get?

  • just having a decent conversation about current dealings with robc…. no need to lower the tone is there horbury-pig with childish swearing and insults?

  • I would have a punt on fergie… i think hed be in our budget. i do think bl time is up tho, i seriously think we will go down if he stays

  • Laws is finished and it was obvious a while ago. Poor buys, poor tactics, poor team selection and all we have to show for it is an under-achieving mid table side going the wrong way. He’s a nice guy and has the right passion but just doesn’t have the managerial nouse to see it through. We should be thankful for what he has done during difficult times but now its time to pass the baton.

  • can’t see how you can affoed to pay laws off in your current financial position, also think ferguson is looking for a top 6 championship club at least so i would rule him out straight away, but… you never know in football. thought laws was the best thing since sliced bread? i dunno fickle sport is football.

  • Reading some of the comments on here makes me embarrased to be a Wednesday fan. Ive had a season ticket ever since we dropped out of the premiership and I cannot believe that most of the people calling themselves Wednesday fans are calling for laws’ head!!!!!! When we went down we chose jewell. We didn’t start well and we got rid. Then followed a constant succession of different managers, all of whom we got rid because success wasn’t instantaneous. The one manager everyone rememebers was sturrock. He got us promoted instantly and he was massively popular for doing so. The season afterwards, the football was terrible and we were very lucky to stay up. Then he was axed and although the decision wasn’t massively popular, was the right thing to do. Then we chose BL and that season with the same squad, we nearly finished in the playoffs. Everything was looking great and the ground was flooded just before the start of the season, effectively meaning every game that season was played like an away match. We started badly which wasn’t a great surprise in hindsight and lost brunt, who was by far and away our best player at the time. BL did very well just to keep us up that season. Tge season afterwards wasn’t anything special but we finished mid table. This season we seem to have a similar squad to that of last season and we are around the same area of the table and we will finish there. People are saying we are playing badly but that’s not true. The QPR match we should have won, we played well enough and a couple of individual player mistakes cost us the game. The Ipswich game was obviously dull, however predictably a draw which at the start of the season I would have said was brilliant, and a point I’m pleased with even now. The club is financially in trouble and any money spent is precious. We need a couple of years worth of stability in mid table before we have any chance of progression. Now all of you fans wanting BL out, who do you think we can bring in considering we have no transfer budget and won’t for a good few years, no money for loans because that was all used up to buy law’s contract out. Who do you think could do a better job in these circumstances and be PREPARED to work with these conditions for not a lot of money?

  • me-ill take the job!!!!! and i wud ave dropped purse after 2 games id give esajas a chance maybe play 2 wingers and i wouldnt bring in loans that werent gunna better our team. dont get me wrong i like laws but he dosent change things enough-whats wrong with playing mcallister-hes better than potter!!!

  • tomawest absolute quality post and exactlly true thats what i’ve been saying. supersibon – don’t walk wet even wendy arn’t that desperate to get you off the dole queue!!!!

  • ‘dont walk wet’ lmao-well funnily enough im not on the dole queue. seriously no-one cares what you say and why you’d spend your time posting on your fierce rivals forum is ridiculous.

  • Well pfl like I said no one give toss what you think m8 I see that you post all day on here well no one will get you off the dole queue son. as for myself being a consultant you believe what you want pal don?t give a toss but let me tell you mate all the main M & E engineers & supervisor ?s on the job was a Wednesdayite?s not that expect a idiot like to understand most of that terminology but thanks for coming you?ve been a right laugh.

  • Tomawest, sturrock got sacked when we were riddled with injuries, they came back and no suprise we did well. we sold players, madjid, whelan, brunt and laws replacements are appaling. hes not good enough, fact.

  • Interesting post Tomawest. I think that shows the problems we fans have at the moment. There is a definite split in opinion between those who support Brian Laws and those who have had enough. As one who is slowly falling into the “maybe BL has taken us as far as he can” camp, please allow me to dispute a little of what you say. Sturrock was rightly lionised by Wednesdayites for that great day in Cardiff, as you say, he parted company with SWFC at a time when he had probably taken us as far as he could (and had, allegedly, lost the dressing room to boot). Our youth team manager Sean MaCauley took over for four games and transformed the teams fortunes and form. Brian Laws arrived and we came closer to the play-offs than we ever have in the championship. Did Mr Laws ride the transformation that MaCauley achieved that season? Possibly. It was notable that MaCauley was recalled to the frontbench when BL’s team made a dreadful start in the following season. Now we are one win in ten, and no matter how well we are playing (which we didn’t against Ipswich) our results are very poor. If Brian Laws is not able to turn things around, and I seriously hope that he is (I want Wednesday to win every game we play), then perhaps it is time to look in-house. Give MaCauley a chance as caretaker over an extended period with the option of being given the job full time if he succeeds (it didn’t do Newcastle any harm with Chris Hughton).

  • Oh and BFL, you were (rightly in my opinion) offended when one of our supporters went onto your site calling people names. Now you are casting aspertions about unemployment (a far from pleasant thing as anyone who has ever been on the dole will tell you). Do you really have double standards or are you big enough to apologise?

  • Robc well said mate Macauley possibly with help from wilko i will go with that! I agree I want us to win every game for me the only big games are Wednesday games I don?t give toss about anyone else’s team up the owls!

  • Lads please don?t go on their site & hopefully they won?t feel the need to come on here BFL I apologise I didn?t realise are lads were doing that mate. We as owls need to get our own house in order well team lol.

  • don’t you mean E & M Horbury?? anyway look i came on here to talk football and to debate about the laws issue – which really really surprises me. a lot of us have gone down the insult route and ‘get off here piggy’ comments every 2 minutes.. but i think it’s good when two rival clubes (fans) can get together and talk properly about something like i did last night and this afternoon – i’ve enjoyed it to be honnest and most people on here except a few responded fine. im not going to come on here and start ranting, good friendly banter i can’t resist like all of us all im saying is it’s good to talk especially when so many fans have so many different opinions. the dole comment was a joke not an insult but (banter) don’t feel the need to appologies but if it’s absolutely neccessary than fair doos i will. just to finish i there there maybe deffinately something in the MaCauley comments. He would be a cheap appointment and deffinately a popular one with the players and youth players.

  • tell you what i don’t think your current problems are half as bad as the ones at the lane at the moment. i don’t mean the debt of the clubs… but just general runnings and dealings. it looks very worrying at the moment.

  • BFL it?s Mechanical & Electrical so it?s defiantly M & E but that?s by the way mate. I agree it is about football both clubs have problems, I am just a very passionate fan & get mad a people accepting mediocrity.

  • deffinately electrical & mechanical (E & M budgets and all that)?? come on fella.ha ha nothing wrong with been passionate mate wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • robc, you make a good point. Its nice to hear an argument for MaCauley that is more than just “he won 3 of the 4 games he was in charge” and I like what you are saying. I think it could be an option that we could persue, however I think that we should be considering this at the end of the season as I dont think that we will struggle to stay up this season so I dont see any reason for us to mess with things as they are at present. If we enter the bottom 3 then it maybe could be an issue we can revisit.

  • bfl you have made some good points but you are wrong its definately M&E, its good to be debating the most important issues of the day!

  • Tomawest can you honestly see us getting the points before new year to keep us out the bottom 3? i cant, we’ll be lucky to get 5 from the coming games

  • Smiggy, yes I can and I firmly believe that its just a bit of work on the training ground that is needed in order for us to start getting all the points we need. We havent put in many poor performances in recently, basic mistakes from individuals have been the cause of our problems of late. We played well against Coventry and deserved to win that. We played well against Preston but mistakes from Purse and a lot of misfortune for JJ cost us that game. We played well again against QPR and deserved all 3 points from the game, however a mistake from Wood cost us that game. The Ipswich game was played in horrendous conditions and a point in those conditions is always a good point, no matter who your playing, and especially away from home. Even IF we are in and around the bottom 3 by the new year, it is not because we are a poor side. Look at Donny last season, they were in and around the bottom 3 for the entire season, then right in the end they went on a good run of form and finished mid-table (quite rightly in my opinion). That is because the championship is so close with few points separating a large amount of teams so unless we are around the bottom 3 by the end of march then Im not worried and others shouldnt be either. What needs to happen, however is for the atmosphere at hillsborough to change as its god awful at the moment and if the crowd arent behind the team, the team are more likely to struggle.

  • i salute your optimism but i see it differently, i see a team that is low on confidence, a manager who doesnt seem to have much of a clue and darent gamble. ipswich were there for the taking but laws bottled it on made dire substitutions. i feel differently about the qpr game i dont think we deserved to win, they were the better side (fractionally) so maybe a point would of been ok. we should of lost to ipswich, grant got us a point. west brom will beat us, reading maybe, donny and leicester almost definatley swansea and newcastle the same and then blackpool away. were will the points come from?
    Donny stayed up last year because as much as i hate to say it, they played great football, they had good players in wellens, stock matt mills and so on, we just dont have these qualities through us. our best player, tudgay is a shadow of what he can do, as he has no-one around him who can help him out. JJ is far to poor far to often, EE never gets a game for some daft reason, varney doesnt think, just runs.

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