Date: 2nd October 2011 at 8:33pm
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Wednesday picked up arguably their best win of the season so far as Reda Johnson’s strike gave the Owls all three points against previously unbeaten Hartlepool United at Victoria Park in npower League One.

Mick Wadsworth’s men had been the surprise package of the division to date but Wednesday continued their good run of results against ‘Pool to climb up to fourth in the league table.

Johnson struck in the 33rd minute to see Wednesday to victory on a glorious day in the north east and send out a message that Gary Megson and his men are serious promotion candidates this term.

Megson stuck with the same eleven that started the 3-0 victory over Exeter City last time out, with Gary Madine partnering David McGoldrick in attack and David Prutton still sidelined through injury. Chris O’Grady had to be content with a place on the bench.

Both sides went into the game in confident mood and both made attacking starts. Wednesday had plenty of the ball but didn’t really threaten the home goal, while at the other end Anthony Sweeney headed the first chance of the game just wide.

Wadsworth’s side started to gain the upper hand, although Stephen Bywater in the Owls goal was relatively untroubled, but it was the visitors who found the breakthrough after the half-hour mark.

After defending well at the back, it was an Owls defender who provided what was to be the decisive goal. Ben Marshall hauled a long throw into the box and Reda Johnson rose high to head the ball beyond Scott Flinders, the United goalkeeper, and into the back of the net.

Just as Wednesday wanted to keep their lead in tact, the hosts almost got level immediately after the goal but Rob Jones was alert to block an effort from Gary Liddle inside the box.

It was as close as Hartlepool had come, but it was Wednesday who could have edged further ahead going into half-time.

Marshall saw a free-kick comfortably saved before the tricky winger then had another great chance to double Wednesday’s lead. But ‘Pools managed to hold out until the interval.

Half-Time: Hartlepool 0-1 Wednesday

And the hosts, not in the habit of losing games so far this season, upped their gear at the start of the second half, with Wednesday’s defence having to show their mettle in the opening exchanges of the restart.

The Owls back four were holding firm though, and ‘Pools only had a Sweeney effort, which he headed wide from a glorious position following a Nolberto Solano cross, to show for all their possession.

At the other end Gary Madine, in-form of late and eager to continue his goalscoring spree in the north east, had a good chance to extend Wednesday’s lead but he fired his shot over the bar.

The hosts were still a threat and they came a lick of paint away from the leveller when Andy Monkhouse saw his powerful effort come crashing back off the woodwork.

It was a warning of what was to come from the hosts, who poured men forward for the equaliser. Wednesday’s defence had to be in top form and they were just that, with Bywater enjoying a second clean sheet since his arrival at the club on loan from Derby County.

Liam Palmer did have a chance to add some gloss to the Owls’ result, but he failed to find the back of the net from an acute angler after rounding Flinders.

Full-Time: Hartlepool 0-1 Wednesday

Hartlepool: Flinders, Austin, Collins, Hartley, Humphreys (Poole 71), Solano, Murray (Horwood 46), Liddle, Sweeney, Nish, Boyd (Monkhouse 61). Unused substitutes: Rafferty, Lyuscombe.

Owls: Bywater, Buxton, Batth, Jones, R Johnson, Semedo, Lines, O’Connor (Sedgwick 84), Marshall, McGoldrick (O’Grady 59), Madine (Palmer 67). Unused substitutes: O’Donnell, Reynolds.


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  • Listening to Megson’s recent post-match interviews is like listening to someone read out my messages on this board. I kept banging on about needing to PASS the ball – a week later he says he’s doing PASSING drills in training. I kept banging on about us relying on set pieces to score goals – yesterday he says we’ve got to stop relying on set pieces to score goals. Coincidence??? WTID

  • Megson_Out putting WTID doesn’t mean anything if it is clear you only have anger and venom to direct at the team. I mean are you seriously suggesting Megson comes on hear looks at the comments of someone with a completely irrational and unnecessary hatred for him and then uses them to change his training techniques??? Can’t we all just say we have won 3 on the spin, we are 4th in the table and looking upwards and things are going really well the last few weeks! if you first judge a season 10 games in (as most pundits seem to suggest) after 11 it seems to be going pretty well (Stevenage game needs to be deleted from the collective memory but if it is the spur that has finally kicked us on i will take it!)

  • You’re wasting your time responding to anything Megson Out has to say. The name says it all. He’ll say he’s desperate for our club to do well and just wants a manager who can do that. We’ve got one and as far as I am concerned no real Wednesday fan would give himself such a stupid name and then try so hard to justify it, just because he has a “minority” of other clowns that think like he does on his side, and then make nothing but more stupid comments even when we win. I don’t care if he goes to every home and away game of the season – I don’t regard Megson Out as a fan and even if Megson does screw up somehow before the end of the season and gets sacked – this guy is not a Wednesday fan. As for humble pie, he won’t eat any because he made up his mind about Megson from the off so now he just make things worse by making stupid little points after we win so he doesn’t come across quite as stupid as he clearly is. Other than all that, he’s alright.

  • Could’nt agree more baldowl, i’ve always said he’s not a supporter of this club, i think he’s a pig or Bolton fan ?

  • on an unrelated note, Gary Madine should clearly have higher ratings then he currently does on FIFA 12.

  • Agree Padawan but he increases quickly in manager mode when hes banging them in like the goal machine he is!

  • Megson is slowly but surely starting to get in me good books! I think unbeaten till the end of oct with a win at scumhole lane then ill like him better than kps (as long as he gets us up)

  • The bloke deserves a hell of a lot of credit. I like Megson but I’ll be the first to say that I needed a bit of winning over. Do I go and boo every week? Of course not. I certainly won’t be now – Megson has come in and done a good job upto now, and as long as he keeps this up, we’ll be in a great position come May. UTO!

  • I have kept my opinion to myself since the appointment of Meggo, until now.
    i was sceptical at first, as I , as many other wednesday fans wanted a big managerial name to take us back to the premier league.
    With the squad he took over when he arrived he did the best he could at the time.
    He is now building a squad that wants to play in the blue & white stripes, although their has been a few ups and down, which we will have in the future,no doubt.
    Meggo is only human, as we are, we make mistakes, so will he, but its putting the mistakes right that counts.
    I think Megson_out should change his name to manager_out cos no matter who was manager he would have a dig at them.
    I put my faith in Meggo to get us where we want to be. ( and thank god we never got Steve McClaren).

  • Sometimes – and we’ve all been there – a bloke has to swallow his pride, step up and just admit… he got it wrong. But you can kiss my blue and white ar_se if you think this is one of those times. This is one proud Owl who aint suddenly turning giddy lil sheep just because we beat Yeovil, Exeter, Hartlepool, 3 clubs that have NEVER played higher than the 3rd tier of English footie. We are a masive club with masively low expectations because so many of ya have grown used to 2nd division relegation battles and 3rd division scraps for a play off spot. Feck that!! I’ll sing Megson’s praises when he’s earned it and we’re playing the kind of football that brings back those 5,000 we lost after the first game. When we start putting small town clubs from Feckknowswhereshire to the sword week in week out, and not just relying on set piece goals then defending like billyo, whe we start humiliating em, spanking their jumped up a-rses and playing them off the park, then I’ll come on ere and eat shedloads of umble pie, no shame would give me greater pleasure if Wedenesday are finally back where we belong. And Gary…. keep up them passing drills and here’s another good idea… shots from outside the box. Try it against the mighty, mighty Chesterfield. WTID & beyond.

  • So just to get it clear the requirements for eating humble pie will be thrashing everyone and their brother until we win the treble and the Champions leauge. In regards to the 5,000 that were only present for the first game… I’m not sure what is being said?? Clearly they are “glory supporters” it’s not a cost thing as they would be in the stands if we were winning with cricket scores every game. They aren’t SWFC true Fans… Fanatical is either “Filled with excessive and single-minded zeal” or “Obsessively concerned with something” if they are fan’s then they are fans of winning and winning alone. The squad and the Manager should only be concerned in rewarding the faithful we are the ones turning out week in week out win, lose or draw in the bitter cold, blinding sunshine and howling winds it is us that consider our ticket not as a choice but as a vital requirement. We are getting better if anyone says we are not then they are not being fair or just… Ok so Megson is doing things in stages and it may be frustrating but thats what he needed to do, we continue to improve… I for one think Gary deserves a pat on the back and then probably a slap round the head to keep him focussed on what he’s doing. To be honest what ever he does he’s wrongin the eyes of someone… if he plays ugly football and wins he’s a villan and if he tries to get the squad playing open, progressive passing football and losses he’s satin’s cousin. On here at the end of last season I asked for everyone to forget the past and look at our wonderous club as a finacially stable Leauge 1 team with a great chance of promotion and progression but not to get carried away and think it going to happen over night. The club, squad and moral was destroyed in plain sight over 5-10 years of mis-management and foolish business decisions… the reality of the world is though it always takes more time to build than it does to destroy. (In the same way it’s easier to be negative than find the positives and try and build upon the sparks of a recovery to encourage the flames of success!!) WAWAW WTID “IGNITE THE PASSION!”

  • I am starting to like Megson_Out. Sexually. Despite his old age and senility, he would be excellent to stick dildos at. We WERE a big team back in the day when you could get a hard-on, M_O. Now we are a 3-rd tier team and it will take hard work and a lot of support from the fans to go back where we were. This is what the reality is. Everything else is in your head, including moronic assumptions that Gary Megson reads your comments and decides his tactical play based on them. Until you change your account name you will get fresh insults from me quite often, sir. And trust me, I’m creative.

  • First thing I did when I started Fifa 12 was get rid of Morrison and replaced him with McGoldrick, oh and Lowe got an ankle injury in the 1st pre-season friendly, someone is also offering me £525k for Daniel Jones, very tempting!!! Anyway, this is virtual Wednesday but in the real world, very happy with the way things are going, 5 out of 5 at home and the away form is now improving, take out the Stevenage debacle which is looking more and more like a complete fluke for both them and us!

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