Date: 17th August 2011 at 10:32am
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A total attendance of 5,219 with 2,618 Wednesdayites meant that Wednesday had the majority of the fans at Gigg Lane last night. Unfortunately this didn`t help Wednesday get over their travel sickness as the winless run away from home continued.

First half goals from the Shakers` captain Ryan Lowe and Damien Mozika saw Wednesday trailing 2-0 at half time.

A wonder strike from Chris Sedgwick early in the second half wasn`t enough to secure Wednesday one point let alone three.

Early rumours suggested Weaver and Rob Jones were doubtful, and that surprisingly Chris O`Grady would get his first start in the blue and white stripes. O`Grady, who had signed from Rochdale the week before, had yet to make a start as he was suffering from a heel injury picked up at Dale.

Weaver, suffering with a swollen knee since Monday, was replaced with Richard O`Donnell, but Jones did start along with O`Grady.

The early exchanges were tense, with a couple of near misses from David Prutton and Danny Batth, but it was Bury who scored first on the 7 minute mark.

A cross from the right by David Worrall was met by Ryan Lowe who directed the header into the top corner.

Jones was then replaced by Reda Johnson on 14 minutes, and Chris O`Grady was replaced, to the bemusement of the Wednesday faithful, with Jon Otsemobor just before the half hour mark.

Bury`s second was arguably down to an error on Johnson`s part. The young centre half was turned in the box, allowing Damien Mozika the chance to slot home.

Half time: Bury 2-0 Wednesday

Megson obviously had the hair dryer out at half time, as Wednesday emerged with renewed energy and optimism. David Prutton latched onto the end of Madine`s flick on, passed to Sedgwick on the left who curled a beautiful shot just under the crossbar to finally give the Wednesday majority something to cheer about.

Wednesday were lifted by the goal and could smell a comeback. Unfortunately, numerous missed chances, ruled out goals and penalty claims later, the game ended 2-1 to the ‘home` side.

Wednesday: O’Donnell, Buxton, Batth, R Jones (Johnson 14), Bennett, Semedo, Prutton (Uchechi 79), Lines, Sedgwick, O’Grady (Otsemobor 29), Madine
Unused substitutes: Cuff, Morrison

Bury: Belford, Picken, Skarz, Sweeney, Worrall (Cregg 90), Bishop (John-Lewis 89), Jones, Lowe, Sodje, Hughes, Mozika
Unused substitutes: Futcher, Branagan, Oyenuga


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  • What a load of rubbish! It matters not if they had no fans at the game. It’s the eleven men in blue and white that need to stand up and be counted. For me the jury and is still out on Megson.

  • Another season full of promise and already the rot has started only 3 games gone already.We as fans are loyal week in and week out and dont wanna watch s**t.
    I can tell all you fans out there now MM wants nothing but glory and if he has to keep making changes untill the glory days are back then he will.
    The Jury is still out on GM and he should be given a fair crack and half a season to prove his worth.So lets all pray and hope the the rot ends from today.I think he is a good coach but every season we just do not seem to gel week in and week out,(im just lost for answers)

  • I was merely pointing out the fans aren’t getting what they deserve Kettering. If you have an opinion, why don’t you write an article about it? 🙂

  • What a load of rubbish! .Was not aimed at you, But at yet another dreadfuly mis-managed outing. We are in this together and we all know everyone up’s their game when we roll into town, or when they come to play at league one’s equivelent to Old Trafford. We’ve got to get over it and show some Sheffield Steel. We need players who will go that extra mile. No room anymore for the lazy or half hearted. ALF’s looking good. I know he’s in league two now, but i think he could liven things up and maybe just maybe he could be the catalyst we need and the way to go ? ?

  • We need wingers, we have nothing out wide. I am hoping it’s just a confidence thing as players aren’t sure what the outlet is. Hit and hope to the strikers is no good though and isn’t doing them justice. I am not sure what chance Madine has with the service he is getting. I think O’Grady will be good when fit and would love to see ALF sign. A winger is the most important right now. This inconsistency is tiring. Every year we look good but defenders just don’t seem to concentrate, what is that? I like the look of the home shirt but refuse to buy it until we win 5 on the trot and I genuinely believe we are going to make a push. The manner of the performances in the last two games is what’s tiring the fans, not the actual results!

  • I wonder if GM is doing enough analysis of the opposition before the game – this was one of AI’s strengths. I might be over simplifying things, but it looks like we have started two games in a row with a slow strong team, playing against a weak fast team, and they are running rings around us. We have a decent mix of players (apart from pace) – why do we have to wait until half time before we figure out how to play against the opposition?

  • I went yesterday and saw Lines (who looks like a good player) pushing into the middle when it was obvious GM wanted him to play out wide. Needs must I suppose but its a big ask for a player on his first start to play with new team mates out of position. The result was a massive hole that Bury went through or 7 times. We need 2 wide players cas JJ is a impact player of the bench at best.

  • hahaha, can’t believe i actually thought we had a chance of going up this season. Losing to bury, thats what its come to. its crazy that we’re having to play teams like bury, but losing to them aswell. what is going on at this club. good team, but can never ever peform. we lost at bournemouth on saturday, maybe not all that bad, tough place to go to? stevenage went there and won last night. i dont know what needs to be changed, changed the manager, changed the players and we’re still a bag of s**t

  • Megson’s had opportunities other manager’s can only dream of with Mandy’s cheque book and a whole summer to instill some effective tactics but last night proved again he can talk a good game but can’t make it happen on the pitch. Can anyone give me constructive reasons why he should stay?

  • Megson_Out? Please check out the comments posted below your last repetitive rant (Bantams Clash..) and change the blooming record!

  • OurMaurice, I’ll keep the name if that’s all right with you, it does what it says on the tin. I read your post and fair enough you’re entitled to your opinion. But you’re not entitled to your own facts. And the fact is there are loads of examples of teams buying their way out of this division and the Championship. And teams that have gone up (and will go up) have long since abandoned Megson’s predictable 1980’s ‘kick n hope’ approach. They play passing attacking football, not just good to watch but effective in getting results. But this requires players comfortable on the ball, the kind of players Megson has proved incapable of keeping or attracting to our club. But I’m prepared to compromise: I’ll get behind the team if playing ugly brings results. But under Megson we don’t just play ugly, we play ugly and we lose, and we lose to clubs that haven’t a fraction of Wednesday’s support and Mandy’s spending power. Season in season out, I’m sick of being told to get behind the club. I’m Wednesday till I die. I’d get behind this club even if there were no Wednesday to get behind. But I’m tired of being taken for a mug by a manager who should never have been appointed in the first place.

  • 110% with Megson_Out. Fans are all for this getting behind them in the hope that we’ll win but at the end of the day the facts have been there since he became manager it’s become worse, Irvine’s problem was he could only get 45 minutes out of us, Megson can’t get 1. Sick of the excuses he offers he’s had 3 months to arrange a team to be capeable to win promotion. He is very well known for his long balls and has underestimated this league and given it less credit than it deserves, he came in saying we need to be physical, but teams who go out of this league usually have young quality passing football, I don’t really know a team who has gone up playing Caveman football?

  • Thanks lads, what we have here now is A DEBATE. Does Gary Megson advocate ‘caveman football’? Which I presume involves clubbing the opposition into submission (within the rules of the game, of course). Personally I think that’s a tad insulting to him but I doubt the term is meant to be taken literally. I never shared the view HW played kick and rush but those who criticized his style the loudest were usually the ones we’d just rolled over. I’m not sure GM is trying to replicate that style, it’d be hard without the same players but maybe it’s a workable blueprint, what do you think? HW struggled maintain that earlier success rate but that’s all history now. Performance is what made that style successful, consistency. Individually and collectively we’ve been found wanting there. TV pundits like to remind us that a game can be won or lost by either a mistake or else a touch of brilliance. Brilliance seems thin on the ground but there’s been mistakes aplenty by all accounts. It’s now the manager’s job to correct the situation and the players’ job recognize their responsibilities. Over to you…

  • Our Maurice, I think one of the problems we have is that players still around today i.e. Prutton, Jones, Morrison et al are aware of our history etc and still see us as being ‘that’ club! What we need is a group of players who see Sheffield Wednesday as ‘that’ club who have been hanging around the championship/league one for the last ten years or so? A lot of the teams outside the prem who play attractive football are often teams, with no disrespect, any significance in football teams! They’re just a good professional football club. The fans have no ‘real’ expectations (we do!), the players are not out under added pressure (ours are!) and their club as a whole has no real history (ours does!) There are too many external factors affecting our performance over the last decade or so and until these are addressed, as well as the obvious, we will forever be knocking around this level for a long time to come! But that’s just one of my opinions….

  • Look at the facts guys: 1. We played a team who were less supported than we were… I know coz I was there. 2. We played a team that unlike Wednesday are completely new to League One football. 3. We played a team who’s Manager (unlike Megson) is new to football management….Bury’s his first job ffs! 4. We played a team who unlike Wednesday couldn’t afford any new signings at all in the summer. And yet despite all these disadvantages, they played us off the park, not by hoofing it 60 yards hoping some static brick house might get a lucky head to it. And how many times has Megson served these crass tactics up? How many times does he think a ‘hair dryer’ team talk will inspire players before they do what we all do when the wife’s off on one….switch off! We need leadership not half time rants. We need possession football not kick and run. We need a Manager who believes in the modern passing game not pinning everything on set pieces. Only then will we get quality players wanting to come and play for us.

  • All opinions are valid in my book, Owls That! Is it reasonable to suggest that our expectations (as fans) are too high? I posted last week that everyone associated with the club EXPECTS us to offer a strong challenge and that’s always going to be the case. That’s just indicative of who we are. But win every match? The reason I took issue with me old mate Megson_Out in the first place was because he’s obviously got it in for the manager come what may (it says so on the tin, haha). Without suggesting any feasible alternatives it strikes me he’s just moaning for the sake of it. Now, three games into the new season, three points and a -1 goal difference, we’re facing major civil unrest if some of the comments I’ve read are anything to go by. I hope you’re all an outspoken minority but then I worry for the atmosphere in the ground come Saturday should Notts.Co score first. I mentioned performance and consistency, well add confidence too. Vital ingredients for success. And good fortune? Well God may be a Wednesdayite but I reckon Lady Luck turned her back on us years ago. It seems we’ll always have to do things the hard way!

  • Why don’t you support another team M.O and take SheffWed 93 with you, i personally don’t want to hear you on here criticizing our manager 3 matches into the season, you two really are pathetic.

  • Ecco its not just 3 games into the season, its a whole summer of garbage, decent players getting snapped up left right and centre and we didn’t even have a sniff at them! Its pathetic. He’s excused for the back end of last season as that was irvines rabble, but were no better off now. Everyone can see what we need and have needed for months yet he hasn’t. He’s to old fashioned, thinks that the same tactics used in the 80s are effective now, and thinks coz he’s a wednesday fan and can throw a few tea cups at half time, he’s good enough to be a manager! You have to have tactics, and the ability to change a game with one sub, he doesn’t. I mean o’grady off and semi on???? Really!

  • For once you’re right there Maurice, I have got it in for Megson because unless he gets smacked in the head by one of his aimless long balls I can’t see him EVER waking up to realise the beautiful game both internationally and domestically has moved on since his playing days. You talk as if he’s only had 3 games to prove himself. We know you dismiss facts for moans but here’s another FACT you can choose to ignore: he’s been in charge for THIRTY plus games not THREE (are you counting manderic?). That’s more than enough to stamp your authority and instill effective winning tactics be it long ball or not. So instead of name calling anyone who disagrees with your backing for Megson, tell us where we’ve made progress on the pitch since he took over? We’re tired of hair dryers managing Wednesday. We’re tired of being told to get behind a team that can’t or won’t do the Manager’s bidding. Wednesdayites are sheep! We’re not prepared to spend another season forking out £££ just because Megson’s a Wednesdayite. We just got beat by a team managed by a Wednesdayite! We need one of the modern breed of managers who even if they can’t afford to buy success they at least build sides around creative attack-minded players who KEEP posession and PASS the fecking ball. Megson’s had 30 games to impose this basic winning concept and if he hasn’t done it by now he never will.

  • Correction: Meant to say “Wednesdayites are NOT sheep”.

    Spot on Smiggyswfc and Shefwed93.

    Ecco Owl…no need for insults. We’re all just Wednesdayites avin a debate.

  • Ecco, I should stop criticising? I’m sorry but i’m not judging Megson on 3 games, i’m judging him on what he’s done since January, which is bring an abysmal style of football and 7 wins in 25 games and from what he’s had available i’ve seen no sign of a turn around. And with us aiming for top 2 I don’t see that happening, I don’t see us scoring so if you want to sit there in your heard of sheep and believe everything Megson says and that “things will turn around” and “he needs time” football is a different game and expectation is here, truth is he’s talked about winning promotion this season, he’s talked about how we need to win games and he isn’t doing the things he says so why should I sit there and accept this without any signs of a change around. More fans are getting sicker by the game.

  • I’m assuming SheffWed93 was a fan back in 93 so I wonder whether he supported the decision shortly afterwards to sack TF? I’m not being funny here, but I often lay awake at night trying to imagine where the club would be today if the board had given him the time he probably felt he needed to bed in new signings etc. Make no mistake, those were our glory years (in my lifetime at least) and they were wrecked by impatience. Over ambition led to gross mismanagement and the dream was lost. Maybe that’s a topic to chew over another time but we’re on the threshold of a new era now and I’d hate to think we’ve learned nothing. GM may not provide the success we all yearn for but for crying out loud let him have a fair crack of the whip.

  • Maurixe, what’s a fair crack???? In my opinion 25 games and a whole summer is! Are saying give him a full season, so we waste yet another year in this league being out classed by gash teams??? If there’s no significant improvement by end of sept he has to be out

  • OurMaurice you talk a lot of sense mate, unfortunatly you will always get idiots on here and other forums that think they know better than anyone.I’d like to bet that some of these people probably did call for T.F head and probably bood Sheridan as well, mind you they’ll never admit to it, call yourself supporters its not what i call you, just get off his back and support him. W.T.I.D.

  • smiggyswfc, that one has to be a wind up. You can’t seriously suggest about 20 games in charge of a side spiralling towards relegation, one pre-season and three league games qualifies as a fair crack of the whip! Dear oh dear. I’ll say one thing for Megson_Out, his arguments might be one dimensional and contain more holes than a lump of Swiss cheese but he doesn’t take the *****!

  • Ecco your ridiculous, because we don’t agree with you were idiots. Get real. And like I said maurice, what is a fair crack of the whip in your eyes??? Our transfers so far have been poor, I’m not happy with them at all, the style of football is dreadful. And yes I believe that is a fair crack, no improvement what so ever. Maybe even worse than irvine! Look at what mxdermott did with reading, they were below us when we went he took over, we went down, they were a point or so off the play-offs. Megson has just made us worse

  • Well said Smiggy. Siswfc, I think Manderic struck up a good personal relationship with Megson when they were at Leicester together, but Megson was only there 6 weeks before Bolton took him (and couldn’t wait to get rid). 6 weeks wasn’t enough time for Manderic to see what he can’t ignore now… Megson just can’t cut it in the modern game where possession and technique trumps long ball and physique every time and where players won’t respond to constant rants from the touchline and hair dryers at half time.

  • I was brought up to believe it takes a big man to hold up both hands and admit he’s wrong. Well I’m not ashamed to say Megson_Out? I’m sorry. I underestimated you. You do take the *****!

  • So all the people saying give Megson half a season, what if we did and we’re around 15th, 16th and we get a new manager in who takes us to up the league with but run out of games to go up? are you still going to sit here and go well at least we gave Megson a chance? No you’ll wish we got rid quicker? I’m all for building but we’re in league 1, Megson took us further down than we would have finished with Irvine, He came and criticised the players when they were low enough of confidence, the problem Irvine was they came out in the second half and then decided to play yet Megsons is they don’t show any form of football that will get us out this league? 7 wins in 25, thats a fact and football isn’t made of miracles do you just think we’ll miraculously turn around and not lose 8 more games this season? Fans are starting to see it, nothing he says in interviews transfer to the pitch which shows a lot, a big part of being a manager is having a good relationship with players and he’s stormed in and is clearly belittling them as players e.g Michael Morrison, are you really telling me someone who has got experience of winning this league and is currently playing in a squad that is pretty obviously going to win the league isn’t good enough for our squad? and yet more importanltly better than Reda Johnson? Come off it.

  • Well said 93. 25 games is long enough to stamp your authority and certainly long enough to change a style of play that failed under Irvine and instill new belief in the players. But I have that old familiar sinking feeling under Megson. Hope I’m wrong!!

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