Date: 1st May 2011 at 12:00pm
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Wednesday’s good April form continued at the Memorial Ground on Saturday as Tommy Miller fired the Owls to a well-earned point from their final away game of the season.

Miller struck from the penalty spot after just three minutes before Will Hoskins did the same for the hosts after 12 minutes in a game which all-but relegated the hosts.

It could so easily have been Wednesday in relegation trouble just a month ago but an impressive run of just one defeat from seven games in April has left Gary Megson’s men safe in mid-table.

The Gas need a minor miracle to retain their League One status on the final day of the season next weekend, with a huge goal difference going against them meaning they’re all-but down.

Danny Batth returned to the starting eleven alongside Rob Jones at centre-back, while midfielder Liam Palmer was also given a start and Gary Teale returned on the wing.

Rovers simply had to win their final home match of the season but they made the worst possible start just three minutes in.

Owls striker Gary Madine was tripped inside the box by Danny Coles and the referee had no hesitation in awarding the penalty. Miller stepped up to drill home from 12 yards in emphatic fashion to give the visitors a superb start.

The Owls had enjoyed a thumping 6-2 victory over Rovers in the reverse fixture at Hillsborough last December but Rovers weren’t going down without a fight this time.

The leveller came after just 12 minutes when the hosts won a penalty of their own after Lewis Buxton felled Wayne Brown on the edge of the box. The spot-kick was given and top-scorer Hoskins made no mistake to get the hosts on level terms.

The goal gave Rovers a huge boost and they enjoyed more of the ball in the Wednesday half. Owls stopper Nicky Weaver was troubled too many times but the hosts came inches away from taking the lead after 22 minutes.

Byron Anthony powered a header from a deep cross beyond Weaver but the crossbar came to the Owls’ rescue as the ball bounced away to safety.

The hosts were enjoying a purple patch midway through the first half with Weaver becoming the busier of the two goalkeepers. The Owls did get back into the contest but Rovers’ on-loan goalkeeper Conrad Logan didn’t have much work to do.

Weaver was at work again on the stroke of half-time when he superbly denied Chris Lines from long range.

Half-Time: Bristol Rovers 1-1 Wednesday

The half-time team-talk for the Gas must have been one of an attacking nature – with three points vital in their quest for survival – and they came flying out of the traps at the start of the second half.

The hosts enjoyed large chunks of the possession and looked the most likely to gain the lead, although they didn’t trouble Weaver too much on the restart.

The Owls’ sluggish start prompted boss Megson to ring the changes with a double substitute. Jermaine Johnson and Chris Sedgwick were introduced in place of Gary Teale and James O’Connor.

And the changes seemed to change the flow of the game, with the visitors enjoying more possession and in-turn limiting Rovers’ chances of finding a way through the stubborn Wednesday defence.

Chances were few and far between for the Owls, but Miller did come close after Madine seized the ball from a defensive mix-up by the hosts and fed the Owls’ midfield man, only to shoot wide.

Rob Jones also came close with a header from a Miller free-kick as the game started to open in the closing exchanges, mainly due to the hosts looking desperate for the winner.

Hoskins forced a good save from Weaver before, at the other end, the Owls saw claims for a penalty waved away by the officials after Mellor fell under a challenge from Logan.

Weaver had to be alert to deny Lines late on, but the draw certainly suited Wednesday more than Rovers, who now look certain for the drop to League Two.

Full-Time: Bristol Rovers 1-1 Wednesday


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  • went yesterday thought we were very poor and proberly could have lost got to keep miller was are best player and rob jones was also immense. jj’s shot from the free kick was woeful but all in all a good point

  • Another poor away result where we let a team pin us back as we just attempt long balls all game. A draw with a poor side that we put 6 past earlier this season? We’ve proved we have enough quality to stuff them, poor Megson again…

  • To be fair it was another team fighting for survival, and giving us a good go, I don’t understand how you think we have a right to dominate these teams, and how you think we’ve got a good squad? And I personally think megsons going to do the buisness for us, big big changes this summer with a big clear out of the CRAP we’ve got.

  • Owl25 = Deluded. The “CRAP” we have beat them 6-2, so I expect a new manager who people assume is doing well to be able to do the double over them? Get a grip and stop lowering your standards.

  • Agree with all points! Yes, the crap we’ve got beat them comfortably early on in the season however, we do not have the right to just assume we can and will do it again! everyone needs to realise that we are not a big club anymore, FACT! Would be interesting to see how many points we’ve lost this season from giving pens away? A game does not seem to go buy where we haven’t given away one!

  • At the end of the day, games have to go into context. Bristol Rovers were physically scrapping for their lives at the bottom whilst we have bod all to play for, it’s completely naive to assume we’ll simply attack-attack-attack for 90 minutes solid. It’s not a case of lowering standards, but sometimes scenarios change and the Bristol Rovers side we beat 6-2 were a side in freefall, they’ve since had a change of manager, change of fortune etc. etc. I think you guys need to look into the result a bit more, because I think it could’ve been worse. UTO!

  • Sheffed93…not really sure why you think we should beat a team away from home that we previously beat at home? Different stage of the season, away from home and as pointed out by OWL25, they are trying to stay in the league! It’s all well and good saying we should beat teams in the bottom six, but we should have won this league by Christmas too and we sure as **** didn’t manage that. Point, away, not as bad as it could have been, playing poorly though, that’s just annoying and Megson needs to get us playing consistently well if we’re going to be contenders next season.

  • deluded Sw93, I think you’ve played champ manager too much, and as far as lowering standards, we ain’t that club you seem to think we are anymore, I’d say I’m more a realist and your the one thats actually deluded. Anyway your boring me now….. Roll on the summer clear out and Bring on the DERBY!!!! Uto

  • deluded Sw93, I think you’ve played champ manager too much, and as far as lowering standards, we ain’t that club you seem to think we are anymore, I’d say I’m more a realist and your the one thats actually deluded. Anyway your boring me now….. Roll on the summer clear out and Bring on the DERBY!!!! Uto

  • Balli, you thik we should be drawing with a side like Bristol? They are fighting for something but at end of day they are there because they have a squad that is not good enough in this league? they are now a League 2 side, our players are apparently playing for their contracts, at Wednesday so we should be able to beat a side like Bristol R.

    OWL25, Witty comments are sad and pathetic and if your a “realist” get real and back up your points? What club are we then? We are an under acheiving side no doubt, but Gary Megson has worn the club down to the point where idiotic fans like yourself hang on every word he says? We had a joint top 4 defence in the league up untill a month before he became manager? and suddenly we are the worst team in the world. A wrong appointment as manager then began to make slaugter his players, chucking people like Spurr out of the team who we have seen as a consistent player in the Championship. He consists to play players like Teale who I haven’t seen have a good game in months! he plays Potter on the right? Potter can’t even play central midfield, never mind out wide. Palmer on the wing? he’s a young creative midfielder who needs to play in the middle if he is to become the player everyone has hopes he can be, and then slaughters JJ even though he’s been consistent since the Colchester game and then drops him for the game on saturday. Draws with teams like Dagenham, Walsall and Bristol R are poor results based on the performances, not just the result, its that we’ve gone there and sat back and had the odd chance and just invite these poor teams to attack us! If we went to these places and made chances, played some good football I wouldn’t care and i’d be like fair enough at least we gave it a go, but when we go there and let them walk all over us I will be fairly enraged.

  • Sw93 we have players that struggled in the championship, the same players were relegated and have struggled in this league, you can’t polish a turd, were a big club yes the fans prove that year in year out, the players however do not live up to the reputation. How you think spurs and jj have been consistant is above me and no doubt others, he has no end product and when you need someone to create chances for are forwards he’s not the man and I dare say thheres another with the squad.
    Megsons doin tje best with what’s he’s got and of that means playing players out of position to do the job so be it, he’s been around long enough and got promotion with side before to know what he’s doing, give the man his own squad and time and then if he still fails fine show him the door, slate him bit you can’t do that till he’s been given a real chance. Anyway when’s the next champ manager out?

  • I said we’ve seen Spurr perform at championship level, but he can’t get in the team now when we know he’s good enough? And how is this the sane tean that we came down with? Irvine brought in 9 in the summer, 5 in January and Megson has brought in 3 on loan. There is clearly some quality in this tean to be going to places such as bristol and get a result, Surely if he’s the manager you are all saying he is he should be able to get the best out of his players, and I haven’t seen that I’ve seen long ball tactics which has got us a few results at home, JJ I will be the first to admit is the most inconsistent player and frustrating player to ever play for us but since Colchester he has got back which we have never seen before and is creating chances, you can’t tell me we have a better winger can you? Teale is consistently rubbish can’t cross, beat first man, can’t do a trick that he’s always trying and Sedgewick who amazes me to how he has ever become a footballer.

  • Sw93 do you not think that mm thought xxxx were in trouble this season and just gave megson the task to keep us up? He didn’t have the best start and sorry your quite right there was some big changes during the last transfer window, bit they’ve hardly been worth the trouble. Like I’ve said if were still playing this Way next season after 6-7 games then fine I’ll hold my hands up and I was wrong, but we need consistancy with our managers so he need to be given a chance. Let’s say we agree to disagree.

  • Agreeing to disagree is the result of honest and frank discussion especially when personal opinion is being voiced and it should always be encouraged. There are many things we can all agree and disagree upon in regards to our much loved club. I think we can agree that we weren’t good enough to stay in the second tier of the game, we have had a prolonged period or re-structuring and free-fall lacking in results in the third tier and I think we can all agree that there is a feeling of relief that the free-fall was arrested to avoid us dropping another leauge. The list of things that have gone wrong and have hampered us is long, the mistakes our club has made are numerous and the the unfaultering belief of the support has been shaken to the core. I’m left asking the same question… Will the club we have known of late with a closed season shake-up be the same upon it’s return? Things have been wrong all through the club and these things take time to fix, I for one at the appointment of Megson only wanted survival in the leauge this season as I genuinely feared the worst. My expectations have not and did not alter… survival was key to allow the changes that we needed throughout the club to bed in. I’m not diluded enough to think that it’s all better or even that it will be all fixed by the start of the next season. I know that there are still tough times ahead still but I can’t help but have the embers of my belief smoulder more into life day by day. Norwich have shown that’s it’s possible to fall apart and re-build so there isn’t a lack of inspiration. I for one wont list the mistakes or blame indivduals for our fall or the state of our play at this time as there is nothing to be gained or learnt. The line is drawn for me and my hope is restored… not in Megson, the playing squad or even Milan but in SWFC. WTID

  • … I thought I would just add to why I have regained some true hope. I don’t usually go into stats and the like but if we take the last 3 home and last 3 aways games we took 11 points out of 18 if we had carried form like that through the season we would be sitting pretty on ~84 points which would have us firmly routed in the play-offs. It may not be pretty but it’s been effective enough, we need results first… after results comes belief and with belief comes the football we all love to watch. UTO

  • in fairness to everyone saying JJ is consistent he is – it just isn’t a good think when you are consistently crap

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