Date: 7th July 2008 at 9:21am
Written by:

We here at Vital SWFC were wondering just what we could do to help our red and white friends from across town. No, really, bear with me..

You see, there’s a nice web page ready for Blades Favourite Moments right here, but they don’t seem to have any, which is strange. So I was thinking, in a pre-season spirit of bonhomie and goodwill, that we could perhaps suggest one or two favourite Blades moments of our own. We shouldn’t have to think too hard.

Akpo Sodje sidefooting the ball past Paddy Kenny, and our very well-meaning chant of ‘There’s only one Bryan Robson’ perhaps? Now that just has to be worth remembering, if only because it hastened the demise of the hapless United manager. You’ve got a lot to thank us for, guys.

Predictably, we could go back in time and suggest a few more: I mean we’ve already written about some really memorable Blades moments here and here and here, but, I know, they’re really memorable to Blades for the wrong reasons.

There are various hair-raising (or rather more accurately hair-losing) episodes we could suggest.. losing an eyebrow, now that has to be somebody’s favourite memory, better even than Alan Cork’s giant beard. Colin’s quotes are priceless.

Warnock himself: now there MUST be four million favourite things about him you could put on the Blades site, indeed we wrote about some of them here.

Or maybe, in desperation, we could help them out with some genuinely good memories.. Tony Currie waltzing through the West Ham defence and inspiring Motty (or was it Barry Davies?) to utter the immortal words ‘A quality goal, from a quality player’.. shame Currie went to Leeds of course but didn’t they all in those days? Shame also that no one from Vital SUFC remembers it.

So, come on you Owls, help where help is needed. Your favourite Blades moments?